2011 Thomasville Bag Tag League   April 27, 2011 at 10:16pm

Please Pay Attention To Detail When Posting Matches


Please pay close attention to detail when posting matches!!! There are some things that I can catch very easily when I verify a posted match and somethings that I can't. Ideally if we all double check the posting before submitting the match the tags will stay in order and my job will be much much easier. I have had people post wrong times, wrong names, wrong scores, wrong dates, and some have posted the new tag numbers instead of the total scores from each player. Please, please make sure that you know what time you start, the date you played, and the first and last name of the players that you play with so that we can reduce or totally eliminate posting errors. Write these details on the scorecard so that you will have things right when you post the match.

It can take alot of time for me to fix some of these errors and if everyone will take a little more time to make sure things are right it will be a huge help. Also, PLEASE POST MATCHES THE DAY THAT THE MATCH IS PLAYED SO THAT TAGS STAY UP TO DATE AND PEOPLE CAN SEE EVERYONES REAL TIME TAG #!!!

Thanks a ton,