Ypsi Dubs 2010/11 Winter League -={Church}=- Sundays   March 3, 2011 at 11:29am

Ypsi Dubs Winter is coming to an end - soon.

Yes believe it or not Winter is coming to an end and although I can not tell you when our last snow day will be or when we will see 80 degree rounds we do know the date for the last Ypsi Dubs Winter league round - Sunday March 20th.

The Following Saturday (March 26th) will be the Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Winter Grand Finale at Independence (Whitmore Lake),

Now to help ensure Ypsi Dubs is well represented we will be offering another berth to the MiCPS-W to the winner of the Pre-round CTP this week again - Two throws for a buck - closest to the Pin - saves you the $25 entry fee to the MiCPS-W Grand Finale.

Since all Berths given away by leagues need to have the name submitted by March 12th - this will be our last Berth awarded. Ypsi Dubs is happy to have been able to award three berths this session - thanks for everyone's participation which made this possible.

Note for all the qualified Ypsi Dubs players who compete in the MiCPS-W you are also competing against each other for the Ypsi Dubs League Pool cash which should be at $200 by the Grand Finale. So there is additional money up for grabs for you at this event. If you have played 5 Ypsi Dubs league rounds during the Winter session and you compete in the MiCPS you will get a share of this money - some cash guaranteed for each Ypsi Dubs player just for playing. The amount is dependent upon your standing amongst the other Ypsi Dubs players during the MiCPS-W Grand Finale event. This is in addition to the MiCPS-W Payouts. Oh Thanks Mark Ellis when you see him as the League Pools idea was his idea - thanks for making it a reality. Let me know if you like how it turned out and if we should continue it for the Summer Session.

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MiCPS-W Finale Registration Close Date:

March 19th 2011 (1 week before the Finale)

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So there are only three Ypsi Dubs league rounds left before the end of our session and the MiCPS - Party On - I mean Play On.

I will have the plate made for the top three on the leader board and put it on the pepetual plague that hangs in the Rolling Hills lodge next to the door and etch the Ypsi Dubs Holy Grail trophy with the winner's name once the Winter league has wrapped up.

This Sunday we should not have to shovel the pads, probably be able to see the grass and discs and the temp will be above double points - sounds like another great round at Rolling Hills and Ypsi Dubs....

Remember your Mom wants you to going to Church this Sunday. Bring a friend - Show them the way. All are Welcome.

Peace be with you

MiCPS-W 2010/11 Grand Finale

Date: March 26th 2011

Location: Independence Park, Whitmore Lk

Cost: $25