Drake's Bag Tag Challenge   December 8, 2010 at 10:12pm

Drake's Bag Tag Challenge

All Bag Tag Challenge participants who pay $20 will receive a medal bag tag with loop, hot stamped mini, and a brochure.

Drake’s Bag Tag Challenge will be teaming up with Love’s Discs for the final bag tag challenge. There will be a seasonal payout for 30% of the total pot for the year’s bag tag challenge. The final tournament will be a 60% payout where many of the participants will receive great payouts!

The tag you end up with at the end of the final tournament is the one you get to keep and put on your wall of fame, or shame, depending on how you did. We will start another bag tag challenge the next year!

Top 10 Bag Tags are gold!

Drake’s Bag Tag Challenge

will try to play all of the Nashville surrounding courses throughout the year.

Any questions or concerns:

Adam Drake (931)-265-1532