Michigan Intercollegiate Disc Golf Challenge Series 2010-2011   December 5, 2010 at 8:03pm

Date for Finals Set - New Format Announced!!

Mark your calendars. The 2010-11 MIDGC Finals will be played at Bluegill on Saturday, April 30th.
This year, the format will include the first ever, Michigan Match Play Championship Bracket. The top 12 players in the points race will have the first choice of playing in a true match-play bracket with $400 added cash ($50 entry fee and a top cash prize of $500 to the winner!). The top 4 colleges in the points race will have the option of designating a player to compete for the Match Play Championship (entry fee covered by the MIDGC). Those four players will "round out" a Championship bracket of 16 players and will compete against each other in their own seeded bracket (1 of 4, 4 player brackets with #1 v #4 and #2 v. #3--guaranteeing the college individual match play champion a place in the "final four.")

Players in each of the 4-player "regionals" will play two, back-to-back, 12 hole matches, beginning play on a randomly assigned hole). Players will be "seeded" in brackets according to total points scored throughout the regular season. The first 12 hole match winners will then compete against each other, while the losers compete against each other for the second 12 holes (competing for "match play" win cash!). Should any match be tied after 12 holes, play will continue until the match is decided. Players will not keep score for every hole....Once the winner of a given hole has been decided, players will pick up and move on!.

After the two, back-to-back match-play rounds have been completed we will break for lunch. Following lunch, the 12 losers will play 21 holes of random-draw, best shot doubles for a top prize of $200, with second taking $100.

During the doubles round, the "final four" will play back-to-back rounds once again for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place, paying $500, $200, $120 and $80 respectively.

All players not in the MP Championship bracket of 16 will play a round of 18 singles match play the first round (handicapped as per play throughout the season), and a round of 18 hole doubles match play the second round, also handicapped as per play throughout the season, with points earned doubled and applied to the Season Championships points total!

This is really going to be fun!