Ypsi Dubs 2010/11 Winter League -={Church}=- Sundays   November 15, 2010 at 1:43pm

Nov 21st back to Rolling Hills - Church is in service once again...

Yes - The Park (Rolling Hills) is open once again. I stopped by this morning and besides the large back hoe blocking one side of the entry, while it tries to finish the grading of the dirt in the island, the park is open.

Note when you enter and pass the pay booth the road has changed. There is a big circle now so you have to head off to the right like your headed to the water park and then go around the circle 1/2 way to continue on to the disc golf course.

Right before the disc golf course and the main parking lot there is a dirt road headed off to the right - to the old Wireds property that will have new holes. This area will be worked on during the Spring - more paths, parking lot and more disc golf holes... More on that as soon as details are available.

So the park roads and paths have changed and been improved. Still a lot of landscaping to get the park back to looking serene and natural but the big work is all done and we can play again.

I also updated the Ypsi Dubs League plague that Steve Waite mounted on the wall of the lodge over the closure. Look to the right of the main door as you leave the lodge. Summer 2009, Winter 09/10, Both Summer 2010 league winners are now memorialized.

Hope to see everyone next Sunday at Rolling Hills - Peace be with you....