Bag Tag Challenge 2k10   September 17, 2010 at 1:32pm

Leverich Park 8/15 Summary

We had allot of fun out there at Leverich this week. With the Pirate theme I could hear Arr's from afar.. And our 1st official GrillMaster BBQ day. Many thanks to Kerry, Keep up the good work. Bring Meat every week & he will grill it.

Little Mikey took home bagtag #1 with the best score, followed by Travilin Mike & Jimbo.

Mikey won some movies & a mini, Mike took the CTP for a nice wicker lunch basket & Jimbo with Ghost Busters. :)

This weeks most improved player goes to Cam & Krissy - good job!

The second round doubles was a bit blurry due to too much grog, Mikey & Shaggy won with a -11 NICE!

See you all next week, bring something to BBQ & keep an eye out for some new exciting changes to the format of Wednesday.

Thank you all! Chadwick