101 Summer Saturday Doubles   June 16, 2010 at 9:38pm

Saturday Doubles This Week

Saturday Doubles will be on this week at Independence Lake. We will play the long tees this week so bring your A game. Some areas of the rough are pretty deep out there right now so please take the time to send out that spotter on the longer holes. Weather is looking nice. and hot. That spray park (near Picnic hole #6) will feel nice after the round..

If you have the time and funds and motivation then check out the tournament at Rolling Hills on Saturday. Should be a fine time out there as well.

I've been messing around with a new league grading system. It is based on the percentage of players you beat. Here is how the Grades look for the Saturday Dubs players that have at least two league rounds. These may be used to break ties when determining who will play on the pro side.

Grade, Player

100 Howard, Ron

87 Calhoun, Ben

81 Chilson, Jerry

80 Mosier, Jamie

76 Ellis, Mark

74 Smart, Bob

71 Drukis, Eddie

68 Quiton, Jake

67 Birdsall, Aaron

60 Kind, Tyler

54 White, Scott

54 Frame, Mike

51 Howard, Mike

51 The Angry Lefty, Smitty

50 Tschirhart, Andy

49 Palnau, Luke

48 Daniels, Jim

47 MacDonald, Ryan

46 Fortunato, Mike

46 Duke, Nick

45 Stahlin, Daemon

45 Bawol, Andy

41 Arnet, Joe

34 Fallon, Brian

33 Mucker, Nick

32 Lavigne, Brandon

31 Anttila, Joe

30 Beerman, Chris

28 Swider, Matt

27 Steiner, Andy

27 Parks, Ken

25 Kind, Jon

24 Macaleer, Bob

23 Burner, Mike

18 Steiner, Jon

13 Drukis, Ian

10 Murray, Dan

3 Macintosh, Doug

0 Damusis, Kira

One more thing. Don't forget about Rolling Hills Church Dubs moving the time up to 9:00am this week as well as the double points league round down in Vienna at Noon. Have a great weekend discin! Cheers