March 15, 2010 at 11:53am

HCC Bag Tags and news

Greetings everybody -

HCC bag tags are available for a fee of $15. See me to purchase one - there are 4 left of the original 10. If none are available at the time of purchase I will be making more as needed. Money generated from tag purchases will go to making a map of the course and installing it near hole 1.

We hope to establish a weekly tag round as well later this spring. It is slow going at the moment due to work schedules and trying to figure out the best day for all interested.

Also, Jay Ducharme informs me that tee pads are on the distant horizon. It may not be this year but we can all hope they arrive sooner rather than later as many of the tees are currently pretty sketchy at best.

We will also try to organize a course cleanup day(s) in the near future. There are lots of downed branches scattered around the course and trash can always be picked up. Stay tuned for updates on this.....

Hope to see you on the course sometime soon...thank you.

- michael