Sunnybrook Indoor Putting   March 9, 2010 at 11:18pm

Results from Monday, March 8, 2010

1st - Joe Gabris / Lori Mullen

2nd - Mitch Sylvain / Jason Sweeney

3rd – Josh Schulte / Eric Roberts

4th - Dustin Hart / Jack Coucke

5th - Jameson Gauthier / Ryan Roche

Brandon Darraugh / Brad Frase

John Minicuci / Brian “Digital” Davidson

Justin Lohr / Mike Rabin

Mike Walker / Jeff Winkelbuer

Shaun Adkins / Brian Shevela

Ryan Herzog / Scott "Bernie" Burnham

Shawn Mascorro / Krystal Fromm

Bill Sicora / Matt Kora

Rob Stivers / Lance Bayliss

Derek Michalak / Ziggy Bierekoven

George Sturm / John Zane

Todd Griesen / Nate Buban

On the nicest day of the year so far we had 34 players show up for the Sunnybrook Indoor Putting league. We tried to separate the players into A and B pool’s which made the teams a little more competitive. At least that was my opinion. We paid out 5 spots and I think most people had fun. If this format worked well for the masses I think we will keep it the same for next week.

Thanks to Josh Schulte we had 8 good baskets.

Also, Dustin Hart made a copy of the key and has been getting to Sunnybrook around 4:00 pm setting up the place and getting in some practice. If anyone gets there early they can help Dustin get the place set up and maybe get in some side games while you’re at it. Thank you Dustin!

Next league night: Monday, March 15, 2010.

Last league night: Monday, March 29, 2010

First night of the Monday night Motor City Chain Gang league: April 5, 2010 (4 weeks away)