Sunnybrook Indoor Putting   February 27, 2010 at 11:13pm

Februaru 22, 2010 results...

Here are the results from last Monday’s (February 22, 2010) Sunnybrook Indoor Putting:

1. Joe Gabris / Dustin Hart ($70)

2. Josh Schulte / Jason Sweeney ($40)

3. Mike Henry / Jameson Gauthier ($20)

4. Lori Mullen / Ryan Herzog ($10)

5. Scott Bernie Burnham / George Sturm

6. Mitch Sylvain / Pete Starver

7. SkaBob Branch / Lance Bayliss

8. Ted Stoebling / Brad Frase

9. John Minicuci / Ryan Roche

10. Nate Buban / Nate Scott

11. Shawn Mascorro / Mike Rabin

12. Brett Uphaus / Stephen Moore

13. Krystal Fromm / Justin Lohr

14. Sophia Ashworth / Bill Sicora

The Excel file was a tremendous improvement. All 4 games were completed by 8 pm and the playoff brackets and 8 team brackets worked just as well. We were close to having jams playing and should have that fixed by next week. The Beer Towers were a common sight behind the scorer’s tables so it would appear that we are settling in with a good format. Now, if we can only get the Championship match played in the bar…

Like always, if you have any suggestions post them up in the Talk section…