Ladies of Climax, MI   October 8, 2009 at 8:38am

Guys Day

By next spring, Deb, Bree, and myself will have a concrete plan of attack as far as a points system is concerned. However, a vision came to me like Peter Pan in the night......

Once a month, let's say the first Sunday of every month, we will open up doubles to anyone who wants to come- guys I am talking about you. Here is the thinking behind this....

When I first started playing, there were people who would invite me to come play doubles, or a tournament. I never thought I was good enough, but also, there was a huge intimidation factor. I would see league happening, and think to myself- there's like 40 guys.... why would I, a female, be welcome, and, there is no way I am good enough..... About two years later, I broke my shell, went out there, and later laughed at how intimidated I was- for no good reason. I really was not as bad as I thought, and I was actually better then some guys who played. A lot of this is the purpose for forming a woman's league. But, I would like to get guys out there, because some of you are very impressive with your game. You have a lot to bring to the table, and if we could incorporate your talent I think the ladies would learn a great deal from you. This would create a "no pressure" atmosphere for the ladies who could possibly be intimidated, because at this point the guys would be coming to our turf. I think we could do the fees the same, but instead of a cash CTP, have that dollar go towards the club (we're women and we want your money), I would like to call this the Gender Tax.. However, I would still donate stuff for prizes so we could have CTPs.

In time I think this will get more ladies to come play league, and tournaments in the future. But, not only would this benefit the ladies, I also think we could get more guys out who are avid players, but still somewhat intimidated by league. I always invite my boyfriend to come play doubles (It would do wonders for his game to see how the pros do it, but I think that he thinks it is too formal of a thing, and he may not be good enough, he will never admit this though, and don't tell him I said that). When I ran this idea by him, he was all about it- I invited him to the ladies league- ha, obviously no intimidation by that. So, someone like him would get teamed up with a more experienced player, and he would probably learn a lot, and in time improve his game. The same goes for all of his friends- they are avid players and want to improve their games, but, they do not take the time to hunt down the best of the best (in the area) to learn from. Little do they know how much fun they are missing out on. Also, by only playing in the same group day after day, there is no real challenge, and their games kind of go stagnant.

I learned that with playing with new people, one's game can really sky rocket.

We could do pro/am doubles, pretty similar to the Saturday league that happens at Coldbrook....

As far as ace pool, maybe we could start up a separate one.

I want to hear some feed back, and I want your opinions, and ideas (I sure do ask for a lot)- please give it to me!