West Thompson Thursday Handicap Singles   May 22, 2009 at 11:47am


One of the best leagues yet! 13 players on a beautiful day.

Cheef takes first at his own league for the first time with a 48 after is 8 cap. Also good for the hot round straight up.

The Golfer Formally Known as Huge takes 2nd with a 52 after cap.

Dewey makes an appearance and takes 3rd with a 54 after his cap.

Jeff E. gets 4th with par after cap.


Dewey gets himself a DX '09 Dam Series Wraith on hole 3 donated by Cheef.

GFKAH wins a DX NoNo Roc on hole 9 donated by Cheef.

Paul Heaton won the Innova pack including a sweet Innova T-shirt donated by Choice Pools and a couple minis and sticker donated by Cheef. Hole 16.

I have a few more tags to sell now as well. Everyone should start being very careful about PI and ticks. WT is unforgiving when it comes to those things.

Oh yeah, new points leader. I heard that guy is a bagger.