Steve Moore  › Capital City Disc Golf Club   October 14, 2012 at 11:30pm

Hey Nate,

Hope you are doing well. Today was 2nd day of bag tag final and last round was at taloali. All I can say is talk to Chris Wilcox about if camp was informed we were coming, had told him couple times last few weeks that should be handled. I also know of that $13 in box that 3 of it came from me for my son and I, so that final number again was not good at all. The word was requested by me to talk about the box and it was put out at players meeting. Obviously most people payed no attention and that is a problem. If there was any lack of proper communication about event happening and the use of the day cover, from me I sorry, other wise again would be best if you talk to Wilcox about it to get it from the prez himself as it was his show.

Hope to see you next weekend Nate, been a while, gonna try to make it up there next weekend. I have a portable innova skillshot basket I got from you if you want or need it next weekend.

Take care of yourself and family,

Again from my end sorry about any problems created today. Communications is a problem in this area lately that needs to be worked on.