Trader Joe  › Acerbinky Disc Golf Club   July 25, 2012 at 11:53pm

Monday I sent a few e-mails to my Disc Golf Scene "friends", who are also some of my reality friends. It surprised them that they received the e-mails to the address links listed for them in Disc Golf Scene profiles.

1. actually, I never thought of posting here under "talk" originally, but I don't mind, unless it is a "secret", then you will have to trade me something to find out!

2. I need to post somewhere to verify that I am participating in the "bag tag" game. I think this posting verification should be loosey goosey, that is, if it rumored I played for a tag, then by Odin's beard, so be it! Seems boring to list every game where I got my ass whipped by tag number one, or number 99, or number I forgot.

Normally, I don't give the name of the winner/loser except to say: "I am now tag 50." It might be a little kid that took my tag.

I am proud to say that "I don't remember the number" beat me Tuesday, because Shaggy is pretty good.

How the hell do you guys verify?