Brandon Merzlock  › NUDGA   May 8, 2012 at 5:24pm

Got this off of Disc Golf Heaven's Site. Thought it was good to pass along.

Change the Face of Disc Golf!

Let’s face it, the general public is mostly oblivious to disc golf, and the majority of those who are aware of the game and don’t play think all disc golfers are hippies, flipping a lid in a park, smokin’ a doobie. This globalization is obviously false, but the inaccuracy perpetuates a negative face for the sport. What a small number of golfers don’t seem to understand is that when the public sees a few people drinking (or partaking in other indiscretions), then everyone who plays is a druggie, and every course in their town should be closed immediately.

The opinion of the masses can only be swayed one person at a time, and YOU have a responsibility to play your part.

Here is what you can do to change the face of disc golf – and it is not difficult:

1. Never, and I mean never, let illegal activity occur on the course unchecked. Calling the police is not necessary and will only draw more negative attention. Do the people involved a favor and let them know that others are watching, even when they think they are out of sight – but be nice about it, getting in a fight only defeats the purpose.

2. Stop dropping F-bombs so the entire course can hear. You missed your ten footer, so what. Yes it is maddening, but does it REALLY matter when children in third world countries are eating rice for breakfast and dinner because there is not enough for lunch?

3. Be polite. I played yesterday with a gent who told the family in front of our group that we were playing through. After his demand and the ensuing shouting match over two holes, it was all I could do to apologize for him. How will we grow the sport if families can’t enjoy a walk in the park playing golf without being harassed? So you have to wait a few more minutes for the kids to play, so what? Use it as practice for those epic tourney rounds where you have to wait on the tee for 25 minutes!

4. PICK UP YOUR TRASH!!! Nothing is more disrespectful to our beautiful land than defacing it with cans, cigarette butts, and candy wrappers. If you can’t find the garbage, stick it in your bag until you can. And if you have the huevos, call out people who you see littering. Every tournament director should make intentional littering an automatic disqualification. Pack it in, pack it out, period.

Disc golf needs your help – now. Without it, we will never have major international sponsors – can anyone say Nike?