Steve Moore  › Capital City Disc Golf Club   April 23, 2012 at 9:00pm

I would like an official announcement of who the new board of directors are and what they are responsible for in advancing this group and it's goals.

I still do not believe in putting people into positions and them and us not knowing what they will be responsible for beforehand. I feel all paid members have the right to know this so we know who to turn to for different items. I tried to bring this up many times before this all happened and now want to know, along with others, what direction the group is headed and what the new board officers plan to do to make this happen.

I feel that a emailed newsletter should go out to all paid menbers that have provided email and we need to be kept in the loop better.

I also feel very stongly the communication in this group leaves a lot to be desired.

These are my opinions and may or may not agree with others opinions but I only want to see what is best for group and believe my dedication last few years in many ways should account for something and be heard occaisionly.

Thank you,

Steve Moore

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