Jason "Rooster" Bruster  › Capital City Disc Golf Club   April 21, 2012 at 11:17am

Letter to the City of Keizer concerning the elevation of the current set tee pads. We will not be resetting the tee pads... We are moving forward to new pads on the next work party. hole 5,16, and 1 are next!

Subject: Keizer Rapids DGC Tee Pads

I apologize for missing the last Parks Board meeting; my work schedule has been daunting the past few months. I understand there were concerns brought up about the elevations of the two tee pads placed at Keizer Rapids Disc Golf Course at Hole 6 and Hole 8.

In the process of developing the plan to install tee pads at Keizer Rapids DGC, I provided the city staff a certified arborist recommendation for the installation of the tee pads within the wooded areas of the disc golf course. The recommendation asks to minimize excavation in areas that would affect the root systems of the large diameter trees, if a root system needed to be cut the effected wounded root would need to be treated.

In the case of Hole 6, we excavated 4” of soil from the area and came across a root from a 36”dia old growth tree. I opted to not damage the root system, since the pad elevation would be nearly grade with the nearby trail. The pad will be backfilled with soil from the trail to the pad to level the grade between the tee pad and the trail to prevent trip hazards.

In the case of Hole 8, for the safety of all park users, the tee pad was raised in elevation to provide better visibility from the tee pad of the trail that parallels the hole. The raised elevation does not affect any trails due to the pad location being set back into an alcove. This tee pad will also have backfill around to create a level grade.

Each tee pad will have to be evaluated on a case by case basis; some can be set level to the existing grade while others may have to set a top the existing grade and backfilled to level the grade to the pad. The City of Keizer graciously provided funding for the materials for the tee pads, but the labor is being provided by Keizer Parks Volunteers along with volunteer groups. I believe the end product will prove to be positive to all users of the park, I would ask for your patience and confidence in the volunteers and city staff involved in producing the project.

Factors involved in consideration of location and elevation of a tee pad:

1. Safety for all users of the park

2. Protecting the natural resources provided within the park

3. Functionality of the location and elevation (Reducing pooling or standing water on tee pad)

4. Esthetically pleasing for all park users

I hope this answers the concerns or questions posed. If anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Jason Bruster