Steve Moore  › Capital City Disc Golf Club   April 2, 2012 at 10:29pm

Spent nice sunny day out at Woodmansee today, 1st for a quick round and then rest of day trying to get things cleaned up after last winds came thru area. Lots of raking around tee pads and baskets as usual. Took longer then planned on so only got to about 1/2 of course. Looking pretty good again but as said before, lot's of barkdust to spread on trails and such, needs it bad in areas that were not done yet. Areas that I did get done are holding up much better then those areas not done.

It does not take a scheduled work party for people to go out and do this kind of work on any or all of our course that we are custodians of.

This can be done at one's convienence and sure would go along way in showing your appreciation for having courses this close to us.

Enough said on that for now and hope to see more folks involved.

Thank you,