Steve Moore  › Capital City Disc Golf Club   February 17, 2012 at 9:40pm

Few more hours working on the course again today. More cleaning around basket locations and walkout trails. Also some more cleaning on yellow basket top rings. I must have missed the backsides of a couple of them last time I did them. I'd fire myself but the pay is so good as a volunteer.

The main thing still needed is moving as much of that barkdust pile till it's gone to areas needed. Needed areas are around tee pads, trails, and even a small circles worth around bottom baskets be nice.

As far as the bridge at 6/15 being out, no good news. Talked to people at number listed again and no update as to even when they may start doing anything. This is a big pain to both the regular park patrons and ourselves. Not sure what answer is at this time. The park patrons I've talked to while there have turned in calls, we need to keep hitting them with calls from each of us to show our concern also. May not change the outcome or time frame but at times grouping together like this with many calls from many folks can grease the wheels sometimes, shows concern of users.

Phone number if interested is 503-588-6336

Have talked to many players this last week there, some first timers, some out of towners. The comments are really like the course, signage, appearance, playability, except for the bridge which cuts the layout in half and ruins it. They understand it is nothing we can do at this time but it really distracts from the course at this time.

Hope we can find a solution soon.