Jason "Rooster" Bruster  › Capital City Disc Golf Club   October 30, 2011 at 1:12pm

Update on Keizer Rapids Tee Pads.

The next Keizer City Council meeting is Nov 7 @ 7pm. On their agenda is a City Staff report about solid surface tee pads for Keizer Rapids Disc Golf Course. The council will hopefully approve the placement of the preformed tee pads. Please attend to show support of the project.

Also, as of Oct 31st the first of eighteen tee pads will be made at an offsite location (Advantage Precast). Kyle Groff and I will be the crew on this first pour. Advantage Precast is providing all materials, tools and the form for the tee pads. Advantage will mix the mud and pour the cast. Volunteer crews of 2 people provide the labor for screed and brush finish of the slabs.

Daily Volunteers: Volunteer of 2 people are needed to provide the labor for screed and finish of the slabs. This task will take less than 1 ½ hours. As of now pours will happen from 7-8:30 am Mon-Thurs. We are in need for 1 more crew leader that has some experience in construction, also we need 1 labor volunteer for each of the 18 pours total (no experience needed).

Weekend Volunteers: At the Keizer Rapid DG Course site preparation is needed. Pad locations need to be tilled and soil removed. A bed of sand and gravel placed and compacted. Anyone with or access to a large tiller, hand tools, and compacter would be helpful!

Please contact me at [email redacted] if you are interested in helping with this project

Thank you