DGOD ARNIE  › DISC GOLF OR DIE   September 22, 2010 at 2:45pm

I have the below disc golf discs and bag for sale. Job loss forces sale. Make an offer.

-Discraft First Run Elite z Nuke - Almost new, orange, thrown a couple times, ink on inner rim, 172

-Innova Champion Boss - Almost new, yellow, thrown a couple times, ink on inner rim, 173

-Discraft Elite Z Buzzz - used but great condition, red with bar stamp, ink on inner rim, weight unknown

-Innova Champion Roadrunner - used but great condition, red with rainbow Stumptown stamp, ink on inner rim, 175

- Innova Champion Groove - Almost new, yellow with mini huk lab stamp, thrown less than 5 times, this disc has pro auotgraphs on the face: Nikko Lacastro, Greg Barsby, Dave Felberg, Avery jenkins, Ken Climo & Kyle Crabtree. I got all the autographs at the BSF 2010, weight 167

-Innova Pro Katana - used, light blue, ink on inner rim and back plate, 167

-Innova Eco Star Roc - used, black with red 20th anniversary stamp, no ink, 180

-Discraft ESP Zone - used but great condition, orange,ink on inner rim, 169

-Lightening Discs #1 Hyzer - used, orange, ink on back plate and inner rim, 167

-Discraft Elite X Avenger- used BRIGHT yellow, no ink, 174

-Innova Star SL - used but great condition, blue, ink on inner rim, 172

-Innova Champion Beast - 2003 Barry Schultz gummy beast, green awesome condition, green ink on inner rim, weight 170-175

-Discraft Crystal Z Stalker - BRAND NEW NEVER THROWN, greenish blue with 2010 Bad Monkey Open rainbow stamp, no ink, weight 170-175

-Innova Eco Star Xcaliber - BRAND NEW NEVER THROWN, orange with a Boondock Saints execution scene dyed on it, ink inner rim, 172

-Discraft First Run Elite Z Nuke - BRAND NEW NEVER THROWN, bright green with rainbow stamp, no ink, 173

-Innova XD - used, white, ink on back plate

-Discraft First Run ESP Nuke - used, bright green, ink on back and inner rim, 169

- Latitude 64 Pro bag, black and grey, used but almost new and has tons of life, has patches sewn on: red stumptown, black huk lab, big black flight crew and next adventure.

- Innova backpack straps