Robert Duck    February 19, 2012 at 6:52pm

Alpha Players Disc Golf League

* 11Am Start Time

* Last Sunday of March will be start up 25th

* Sponsored Players are at this Time Jeff White and I will evaluate for additional players as season moves forward.

* Every Sunday after 25th is League day

* $2.00 per week half goes to league and half goes to players CTP. $1.00 optional Ace pool, and this will be a roll over Ace Pool until won.

* Singles and Doubles league you can participate in both.

* Entry to League is $25.00 for 1 or $30.00 for both and there is NO CUT OFFS for amount of people who want to throw plastic with Alpha Players. We welcome everyone and only have a few rules when throwing with our league. 1st No alcohol, 2nd No Drugs, 3rd be respectful of others 4th League Day is League Day No make ups, Walt said he would talk to individuals on a make up if it was deemed needed.

Main Rule - Have Fun

* Banquet will include food and awards at end of season to be determined at end of season

* Players will need to leave comments about what type and what plastic they want for league discs this will be put to a vote for 1st month of league and discs handed out mid league.

* News - Alpha Players during one of the league days will be televising our league on WKTV and ask all league members if you dont want to be on TV please let us know prior to this broadcast date that is not determined yet but will happen.

* Courses This Year will be Cornerstone, JC, Old Farm 1st week March 25th at JC Park, You can come to Alpha Players and sign Up as of Today.

* Your League President is Walt smith and Your League Player rep is Robert Duck, and we will ask any sponsored player to help with League day set up and or preparations.

Thank you

Alpha Players

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