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Recent Scores

63  -9 Regular tees, 18 holes Brandon"RedRum" Redmond
Sterling Heights, MI, USA
24  -3 Short tees, Middle Loop, 9 holes Douglas Simon
Arboretum-Spiker Park
Canton, OH, USA
53  -1 Regular and Alternate tees, 18 holes Tyler Rogers
Woodmansee Park
Salem, OR, USA
64  +10 Blues and Reds, 18 holes Thomas Proffitt
Woodsboro Regional Park
Woodsboro, MD, USA
54  -1 Red Tees Par 55 Ace Race Setup, 18 holes Dave Ferrell
Wood County Veterans Memorial Park
Parkersburg, WV, USA
34  +7 Original Nine, 9 holes Joshua Lynch
East China Township Park
Marine City, MI, USA
57  -1 New Layout, 18 holes Harold Fernando
Fitzgerald Park
Grand Ledge, MI, USA
30  +3 Original Nine, 9 holes Steve Lynch
Ira Township Park
Fair Haven, MI, USA
60  +3 Long Blue Tees, 18 holes Sean O'Reilly
Kitchener, ON, Canada
68  +6 Long tees to Long (Blue) baskets, 18 holes Patrick Treude
Toronto Island Park
Toronto, ON, Canada
73  +12 white tees to long baskets, 18 holes Bob Becker
Punderson State Park
Newbury, OH, USA
52  -2 Blue Tees (A - all pins primary), 18 holes Christian Waterman
Silver Creek Recreational Area
Harvey, MI, USA
50  -6 Short tees, 18 holes Madison Moretz
Lake Olmstead Park
Augusta, GA, USA
26  -1 Blue tees (long), 9 holes David Spilling
Montreal, WI, USA
Doubles · 50  -4 Deerfield Regular tees, 18 holes Spencer Gee
Deerfield Park
Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA
57  +3 Regular tees, 18 holes Paavo Stubstad
New Hogan Dam
Valley Springs, CA, USA
48  -6 Short tees, 18 holes Jay P
Gulf Breeze, FL, USA
60  +6 Regular tees, 18 holes jeremy woodward
Cornerstone University
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
57  +3 Regular tees, 18 holes Kevin Roberson
Vicksburg Recreation Area
Vicksburg, MI, USA
56  -2 Reds to Long Pins - Concrete, 18 holes Tony Rawley
Punderson State Park
Newbury, OH, USA
67  +13 Regular tees, 18 holes Brett-"Terb" Baese
Pier Park
Portland, OR, USA
Doubles · 23  -4 Regular tees, 9 holes Steve Simison
Seitz Middle School
Riverview, MI, USA
56  -2 DG 360, 18 holes Scott Campbell
Kent State University Rec Center
Kent, OH, USA
60  +6 Gold course, 18 holes Chris Trumbull
Starr-Jaycee Park
Royal Oak, MI, USA
53  -1 Regular tees, 18 holes Eric Best
Memorial Park
Frankenmuth, MI, USA
58  -7 Long tees, 20 holes Chris Utberg
Bonnie Brook DGC
Detroit, MI, USA
47  -7 Regular tees, 18 holes Ethan Blevins
Sparkman Park
Hartselle, AL, USA
55  +1 Regular tees, 18 holes David Creswell
Hughes Park
Hudsonville, MI, USA
50  -4 Regular tees, 18 holes Eric Brown
Shoaff Park
Fort Wayne, IN, USA
24  -4 Regular tees, 9 holes Chris Booker
Great Lakes Christian College
Delta Township, MI, USA
56  +2 Grass tees, 18 holes Auston Belka
Jolley's Ranch
Springville, UT, USA
56  +2 Grass tees, 18 holes Riley Risto
Jolley's Ranch
Springville, UT, USA
54  E Grass tees, 18 holes Seth Hejny
Jolley's Ranch
Springville, UT, USA
63  +6 Regular tees, 19 holes Don Thomas
Hudson Springs Park
Hudson, OH, USA
26  -1 Regular tees, 9 holes Jess 3
Lamar Park
Corpus Christi, TX, USA
80  +8 Regular tees 2x, 24 holes Jacob Mizer
Windsor, CO, USA
52  -9 White tees (mid) to "B" pins, 18 holes Josh Wood
Knob Hill Park
Warrendale, PA, USA
49  -9 New Layout, 18 holes Jim Knudson
Fitzgerald Park
Grand Ledge, MI, USA
44  -10 Regular tees, 18 holes Joel Cook
Knollwood Park
Kalamazoo, MI, USA
47  -10 Regular tees, 18 holes Ryan Waldhart
Macatawa Greenspace
Holland, MI, USA

Recent Aces

Stephen Galloway
Hole 6 at Log Cabin Course
Mt. Berry, GA, USA
Rob Rowe
Hole 12 at Riverside Park
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
SJ Gerstlauer
Hole 16 at North Charlotte Regional Park
North Port Charlotte, FL, USA
$450 Caleb Downs
Hole 3 at Vicksburg Recreation Area
Vicksburg, MI, USA
scott R
Hole 19 at Brys Park
St. Clair Shores, MI, USA
Just The Tim
Hole 1 at Civic Center Park
Auburn Hills, MI, USA
$50 Gabe "Sasquatch" Foster
Hole 1 at Sertoma Field
Walhalla, SC, USA
$2 Jayare Parker
Hole 7 at Vance Park
Gresham, OR, USA
$58 Nick Pacific
Hole 4 at Rolling Hills County Park
Ypsilanti, MI, USA
Edan Badajos
Hole 1 at Kenai Eagle
Kenai, AK, USA
David Burkholder
Hole 11 at J.C. Park
Kentwood, MI, USA
Ben Squires
Hole 12 at Flat Rocks
Lancaster, OH, USA
Anthony Wash
Hole 14 at Big Portage Lake
Grass Lake, MI, USA
$5 Josh Boggs
Hole 10 at Winstrom Preserve
Holland, MI, USA
$42 Robert Petkus
Hole 1 at Heritage Park
Adrian, MI, USA
Will Luther
Hole 14 at Quaker Hill Disc Golf
Fairfield, ME, USA
$55 Lou Dogg
Hole 5 at Sutton DGC
Sutton, AK, USA
Brian Merry
Hole 17 at Mary Beth Doyle Park
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
patrick cady
Hole 7 at Ellison Park
Rochester, NY, USA
DiscAssasin Guy
Hole 18 at Lustig Park
Janesville, WI, USA
Chris Murray
Hole 17 at Parmalee Park
Lambertville, MI, USA
Damen W
Hole 2 at Tootleville Park
Miltonvale, KS, USA
C. C.
Hole 2 at Polaris Park
Minot, ND, USA
$110 tim barham
Hole 14 at Atchison Park
New Hudson, MI, USA
matt w
Hole 18 at White Oak Park
Dallas, GA, USA
matt w
Hole 18 at White Oak Park
Dallas, GA, USA
David Heisner
Hole 9 at Scarboro Hills
Street, MD, USA
Zak Denny
Hole 6 at Hickory Hills
Traverse City, MI, USA
Dart Overfield
Hole 11 at Deerfield Park
Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA