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Bag Tag league March '14 - March '15 Minerva, OH
This league is not active.
The schedule may not be accurate.

About this League

Bag Tag league - 15 all-time players - 15 active players
$2.00 player fee each session
$1.00 ace pool
Mostly for fun and bag tags trying to get more people in the area to play were trying to grow the sport also looking to improve our home course minerva dgc

League News

Tristan Wilson   7 days ago

no league today

No leauge because of the tournament


Tristan Wilson   November 5 at 7:12am

time change

The league will now be at 130


Tristan Wilson   October 12 at 10:38am

just a reminder leauge at Wilson's woods

Send mea message on here for directions


Tristan Wilson   September 7 at 7:33pm

No League

were going to the dover ace rce


Tristan Wilson   August 4 at 9:30am

no league the 17th

no league because of our tournament


Tristan Wilson   June 27 at 12:00am

sunday 29th

no league this sunday

Lynndon Wentzel   July 2 at 8:46pm

u guys playin on the 6th?

Tristan Wilson   July 3 at 12:27am


Lynndon Wentzel   July 6 at 1:29pm

Rain or shine?