Wrecking Crew Wed @The Oz

Doubles league July - October 2014 Willoughby, OH

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as of September 5

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Wednesday, September 24 @ 5:45pm


Sep 3, 2014 · Top scores
Osborne Park Disc Golf
9 twice through, 18 holes
-7 47
Bob Drabik
willie w
-4 50
Jerome borris
brad Bama
-3 51
brian lyons
Dave "music man" H
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About this League

Doubles league - 33 all-time players - 28 active players
No fee to play in this league
Scrambles with A and B players

League News

Bill "The Ninja" Savage   September 10 at 4:00pm

weds scrambles cancelled

just got home and is raining pretty good and no signs of letting up, see you all next week!


Bill "The Ninja" Savage   September 5 at 10:02pm

Weds Scrambles

congrats to Willy and Bob for taking 1st, Jerome B and Bamma taking 2nd and Music Man and Bryon L comming in 3rd! Welcome new commer Andy! remember 515 see you next week.


Bill "The Ninja" Savage   September 2 at 4:18pm

Weds Scrambles

Just a reminder tomorrow and the rest of the league we will be starting at 5:15


Bill "The Ninja" Savage   August 14 at 8:31pm

Weds Scrambles

Another windy as hell night with Sam I Am/Bryon Lyons taking 1st followed by Drummer/Mickey taking 2nd and the Ninja/Bob D taking 3rd. Hole 3's Chains were crushed by Sam I Ams' metal crushing ace for a 129 bucks! Dan Kunc got the random bag tag draw for a nice Virbram putter. See you all next week!

Mickey Anderson   August 14 at 8:48pm

More pics added tag yourself

Bill "The Ninja" Savage   August 7 at 4:59pm

Weds Scrambles

alt tees again did not stop Willy and Mickey from taking 1st with a close one for 2nd with Greese/ninja putting their skills together with a nice drive on 7 and a 50 foot putt for the bird by the keeper of the key "Greese' taking away the chance for Perry/Bryon who wound up taking 3rd. Hope to see everyone next week for the Random bag tag drawing and the after party @ Lakeshore to see Florida Tim off.


Bill "The Ninja" Savage   August 2 at 12:18pm

Weds Scrambles

First night of some crazy alt tees and a few sacrifices to Lake Erie Lead to a throw off for 1st between Rasta Yaddi/Sam I Am and Bill"Bagger"Perry/Bryon the Lion with Yaddi and Sam taking 1st. Welcome Sam and Tim K. Random bag tag drawing in two weeks for a sweet disc!


Bill "The Ninja" Savage   July 24 at 7:46pm

Weds Wet Scrambles

It was'nt raining but you were getting wet! The mist from the waves was hitting the players on fives' tee. A super windy time did'nt stop Chicken Wing Bruce and Scuba Steve K from taking 1st with a throw off for second place between Willie/Joe and Muscles/Mike Ray with Willie and Joe taking it.See you all next Weds


Bill "The Ninja" Savage   July 17 at 6:54pm

give me time I will learn this computer crap!

Great first night with Bill Perry and Fairway taking 1st, throw off between Austin and Willie against Larry Bright and Tom L with Austin and Willie taking 2nd and Larry and Tom taking 3rd and another throw off between Mike Ray and Sean"Ninjas Daddy" against Ninja and Brian Lyons which Ninja and Brian won for 4th. Was a great turn out hope to see everyone next week! Some great alt. tees in play next week!


duane koczan   July 15 at 6:54pm

Scrambles 7/16/2014

This is a continuation from our handicap league, so come on out and enjoy a round of scrambles!