WEDG Sunday Morning at Lakewood

Singles league July - October 2014 Canada / USA

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Sunday, October 5 @ 10:30am
Lakewood Park
Tecumseh, ON


Sep 28, 2014 · Top scores
Lakewood Park
League Play - Target Course (Entire 18), 18 holes
-4 51
Trevor Knapp
+2 57
Walt Wollison
-3 52
Chris Knapp
+16 71
Dwayne Lalonde
+7 62
Craig Robertson
Overall standings
1Trevor Knapp40
1Chris Knapp40
3Walt Wollison36
3Dwayne Lalonde36
5Craig Robertson24
6Ryan Hughes22
7Jeff Kennah20
8Erica Hart16
9Scott Robertson2
9Larry Muscarella2
9Stacey McLachlan2
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About this League

Singles league - 11 all-time players - 8 active players
$10.00 one-time player fee for this league
Handicap League - Beginner Friendly. We will be shooting to targets until baskets are installed.

Takes two weeks to establish an average. Once established, players shoot against their average and earn points based on how many players are beaten. Minimum of 2 points participation, with two points per player beaten. Averages change every week with each new score. Players high score is dropped every 5 weeks, and a low score is dropped every 8 weeks.

Until permanent baskets are in, no ace pool, it would not be 100% clear if it was an ace or not..

League News

Tiger Wollison   September 1 at 3:54pm

Sunday closest to the pin!

Sunday's league had a little extra excitement added to it with a closest to the pin contest on the 2nd hole with a disc provided by Jeff Kennah. The first ever CTP at Lakewood goes to.... Craig Robertson!!


Tiger Wollison   August 15 at 9:09pm

Nice Improvement Duayne!!!!

Nice Improvement Duayne!!!!

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Ryan Hughes   August 17 at 4:13pm

Could you fix my last name, as well? It's Hughes. Thanks.

Tiger Wollison   August 18 at 10:20am

Consider it changed as well

Duayne Lalonde   September 7 at 7:14pm

thanks threw a good game today for me anyways lol...just got to keep it it up lol....and all good on my name lol

Tiger Wollison   August 3 at 2:28pm

First Ace!!

Chris Knapp.... On the 11th with a Wraith...Way to Go!!!

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Scott Robertson   August 3 at 6:30pm

Nice... Congrats

Trevor K   August 5 at 4:36pm


Ken Kilbreath   August 9 at 1:19pm