Saint Augustine Friday Evening- Doubles (SAFE-D)

Doubles league April '13 - March '15 Elkton, FL
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Walt Guttinger    2 days ago

Prime conditions for DG on this pre-Cracker Day edition of the SAFE_D Meeting. It was extra special for me to have my brother Greg (the other DoubleG) Guttinger throwing with us. Jason L was the bagger du jour, taking CTPs on holes 3 & 9 plus his half of the winners pay. James W got the CTP on 7, and provided those of us who stayed for a glow singles bag-tag round with a JohnE style comeback to force a playoff. The 'glow round' on this night was unlike many others because we used an 18-hole layout that played mostly under the lights.


Walt Guttinger    October 4 at 1:49pm

Getting used to umbrella Fridays lately. Last night has to be the wettest SAFE_D Meeting I can remember. 7 of us were treated to monsoon-like conditions at times. Good practice for DGers who plan on playing tournaments! Luke proved he was a real mudder after all; winning w partner JasonL, and bagging 2 of the 3 CTPs. DaveG got the other CTP.


Walt Guttinger    September 27 at 11:02am

Another damp Friday; this one ended in a three-hole playoff when James parked #3 with a tomahawk for the second time in one session. CTPs went to James(3), Nick (18) and Walt(20).


Walt Guttinger    September 20 at 9:47am

Some other facts about the 9/19/14 SAFE-D Meeting that are worthy of note: A) Of the 21 holes played, none went un-birdied. B) Of the 21 holes played, 15 were star frames. C) Not a single bogie on the card. Talk about a tough room!


Walt Guttinger    September 20 at 8:54am

It was POW/MIA Recognition Day yesterday, and our troop of 6 marched around the squishy course at the fairgrounds. We played holes #1-21 to finish before dark (did the sun set or did one group shoot all the lights out?) JoeC & DaveG birdied all but #6 & #16 and took no prisoners. CTPs went to JoeC #1 & 13, while JamesW claimed #6. With all sincerity though, I have great appreciation for the men & women of our armed forces, especially those who endured being missing or captured.


Walt Guttinger    September 6 at 10:32am

Rainy session of Wolf last night, and we had a blast. CTPs went to James (20), Walt (21) & Luke (23), which is reflected in the payout amounts. Score was not applicable since Wolf is a skins game, but I had to enter something in those fields. Next week we will probably have to play one of the 18 hole layouts to finish before dark if any of the doubles cards exceed four throwers.


Walt Guttinger    June 14 at 10:07am

Friday the 13th with a full moon won't happen again for 30 years or so, someone mentioned. All I know is, it was a great evening for disc golf. There were thunderstorms in most nearby towns, but the weather at the fairgrounds was dry and breezy. It was good to have throwers come from as far as Interlachen, Green Cove Springs & Port Orange yesterday. DanBus got the CTP on 7, we used two throws by Mason to get the CTP on 8, and I CTP'd 12. Mason saved his mulligan for a playoff, but there wasn't ... more


Walt Guttinger    May 7 at 10:58pm

Two spots left now, they will go to the first Pro (MPO,MPM,or MPG) or Jr Boy, Int or Rec Woman, Adv Master or Adv GrandMstr. ________ Contact thru message on this fb page if you are able to play in one of the above divisions and want a spot! ________ RecMen(20),IntMen(16),AdvMen(16) divisions are capped; each will have a perfect multiple of 4 players per card. There is a Waiting List but not enabled on discgolfscene registration, you must contact me in person or thru facebook message. Thanks!


Walt Guttinger    May 7 at 10:51pm

This Friday May 9 is the pre-tournament SAFE-D Meeting; I expect many throwers. Please come park near Tournament Central (aka the Exhibit Hall, which is the long warehouse-looking building). Please do not park by hole 1 as we often do.

Sign up ends at 5:00, then after several announcements we will Tee at 5:30 from the assigned pads, which may be far from Tournament Central . Late players will not be in on the action this week.


Walt Guttinger    May 3 at 12:27am

To those listening to the forecast last night, the weather sounded not unlike Jake from State Farm; hideous. It actually only rained a few brief times during our round. One of those sweet yet soggy nights where we had a small group and everyone hucked strong. James & Dan played great, each with several notable shots (James' rolling "leaners" on hole 1 for CTP & hole 4, Dan's valet parking on 5 / 6 / 7 come to mind). We were tied at the turn, but I had a V-splitting park job on 15 CTP and Clif ... more


Walt Guttinger    April 26 at 10:09am

Last week there were only two throwers present due to crappy weather (the FridayAceFund is not legit unless 4 players show). Last night though, we had throwers come from Marion, Volusia, Clay, Flagler and Duval counties, also several were first-timers. Playing all 25 holes we went right up into darkness.

I was the bagger evidently, partner DavidG and I won with 19 under & split the third shot CTP on 25. I also got the CTPs on 5 & 11. Every CTP was within inches, good thing I had that 25ft tape measure handy to validate.


Walt Guttinger    April 7 at 10:58am

Sorry I missed this one, sounds like a really fun round was had playing only on the South side of the course. Who says random-draw doubles never results in fair pairings? A three-way tie was decided in sudden death format as usual. Mason & Jonathan won it on the 4th hole of this playoff, congrats!


Walt Guttinger    March 27 at 3:06pm

SAFE-D Primary Friday Ace Fund (PFAF) now capped at $200.

If there are multiple aces in the same round, each gets a split of the primary ace fund. When nobody gets an ace, the fund rolls over to the next Friday game.

By member vote, the Reserve Friday Ace Fund (RFAF) has been established and is at $86 as of this writing. RFAF will only be on the table in the week following a SAFE-D meeting Ace or Aces.

Current StrongArm League members get the full Ace Fund payout; players who are not current members get half of any FAF win up to $50 (maximum non-member Ace payout is $50).


Walt Guttinger    March 21 at 10:31pm

Starting at 5:30 and playing one of the 18-hole layouts seems just right for finishing before dark this week because we had all foursomes. Both paid teams got birdies on 2, 5>6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 19, 20, 21. DanBus & MaxJ won 1st place with these birdies plus #s 3,11, and 16; WaltG & JasonL took 2nd with additional birds on 15 and 18. Max got the CTPs on 13 and 16, Walt got CTP on 17 tonight. BillyM and newcomer WillS earned visors tonight with a total score of 55. Last week we had a group of ... more


Walt Guttinger    March 9 at 6:47pm

Daylight Savings Time!

SAFE-D Meeting tee time is 5:30 starting on Friday 3/14/14. Please be ready to tee at 5:30, or call/text someone present if you are running a few minutes late so we can include you when drawing partners.


Walt Guttinger    March 8 at 9:01am

Soggy play yesterday evening, and the sixsome went right up to darkness. Time change soon & it will be a welcome thing so we can begin at a time that more people can attend....Welcome to the newest member of the StrongArm League, Roger Spidle (#43). Roger lives in PC and is fairly new to disc golf, but his enthusiasm for the game is evident!


Walt Guttinger    November 9, 2013 at 9:00am

I think it is prudent that we have two weekly SAFE-D Meetings starting 11/15/2013. With the days getting shorter, the upcoming holiday season, and schools in session, we would be well-served to exhibit twice the awareness & general precaution. So, next week we start at 4pm, then do another round starting after dark, around 6:15 most likely. This way, the players who don't enjoy playing at night are included, as well as those who have to work later on Fridays and can't make it by 5pm. I think ... more


Walt Guttinger    November 9, 2013 at 8:41am

Nov 8 SAFE-D Meeting played on south side of course due to rodeo on north side. CTPs #10 and #12 went to Walt, while Mason got #11. Billy & Frank earned visors, but Frank left too early to claim his. Newcomer to this league Tony also left early, leaving Ben to clean up 3rd place by himself. Four of us stuck around to play another glow doubles round on the north side (skipping #13 and avoiding close calls with the parking ladies this year). Turns out hole 13 was the only one on the north side th ... more


Walt Guttinger    October 19, 2013 at 10:11am

Oct 18 SAFE-D Meeting CTPs went to Max (1), Jim L (3), and Billy M (6). Sudden death playoffs under a huge orange moon for first place and last cash; last night was the first time I remember having a playoff for each spot...

Next week we'll play the back 13 all the way through once, then 14 and "The Nest" (18-21) again to make 18 holes total. Each player will get two chances at CTPs on 14 & 18, but only one shot at 23.


Walt Guttinger    October 12, 2013 at 8:04am

Oct 11 SAFE-D Meeting CTPs went to Billy M (5), Walt G (13), and Ben J (21). Cliff W & Jim Lewis shot lights out to claim the largest chunk of cash. Their play on holes 15, 16, 17 turned out to be the deciding factor; they came out of "The Stretch" 2 under. All five groups were proficient on "The Nest" section, finding 4 birdies each on holes 18-21.

Next week we play the front 12 all the way through once, then either 1-6, 7-12, evens, or odds on the front again to make 18 holes total.


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