RDGA Ladies 2013 Bag Tag

Bag Tag league February - December 2013 Nevada / California
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Tag updates Sunday, April 21
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Leah Feltenstein11
Jennifer Morgan22
Tanya Spence33
Mindy Carbajar54
Kristen Kirkland65
Gayle Baker76
Saturday, April 20
Pinto Lake
Regular tees, 18 holes
This is a combined score for both days
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stLeah Feltenstein12431
2ndJennifer Morgan12922
3rdTanya Spence13613
4thMindy Carbajar13875
5thKristen Kirkland13966
6thGayle Baker15457
Saturday, April 13
Carson River Park
Temporary course
Temporary layout, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJennifer Morgan7152
2ndLeah Feltenstein7233
3rdGayle Baker7665
4thKristen Kirkland7976
5thMindy Carbajar8227
6thAnn McLaughlin1071111
Tag updates Saturday, April 6
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Tanya Spence51
Mindy Carbajar72
Leah Feltenstein23
Kristen Kirkland17
Tag updates Saturday, February 16
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Kristen Kirkland11
Leah Feltenstein22
Jennifer Morgan33
Courtney Heyer44
Tanya Spence55
Gayle Baker66
Mindy Carbajar77
Jennifer Merrill88
Renita Dunn99
Saturday, February 16
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
We Actually played Somersett Golf Course in Reno, NV for this event
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stKristen Kirkland5731
2ndLeah Feltenstein5812
3rdJennifer Morgan5953
4thCourtney Heyer6344
5thTanya Spence6425
6thGayle Baker6576
7thMindy Carbajar6667
8thJennifer Merrill7488
9thRenita Dunn8599
Tag updates Saturday, January 19
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Leah Feltenstein01
Tanya Spence02
Kristen Kirkland03
Courtney Heyer04
Jennifer Morgan05
Mindy Carbajar06
Gayle Baker07
Jennifer Merrill08
Renita Dunn09
Saturday, January 19
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
We actually played 21 holes with a par of 64
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stLeah Feltenstein6500
2ndKristen Kirkland7300
2ndTanya Spence7300
4thJennifer Morgan7400
4thCourtney Heyer7400
6thMindy Carbajar7900
7thGayle Baker8000
8thJennifer Merrill8400
9thRenita Dunn9100