Pot Belly

Mixed formats June - September 2014 Pennsylvania


Sep 14, 2014 · Top scores
New Brooklyn Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
E 57
Ivan C
Vic C
+2 59
par #
+9 66
Steve P
Wayne M
Overall standings
1Steve P13
2Vic C9
3Ivan C4
4Wayne M3
5par #
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About this League

Mixed league - 5 all-time players - 5 active players
No fee to play in this league
You get 1 pt for everyone you beat in singles.
You get 1 pt for a doubles win.
You get 5 pts for Ace.

League News

Victor C   6 days ago

Near PIN ?

Steve won but i cant give him a point unless I give Wayne one also, because its Dubbs and it wont let me. So eather both or none ? I vote none because its like everyone gets a 1 point and thats just pointless, and Wayne did nota, and its not like Steve really needs it anyway. The only other option would be to add it on as a seprate game. Might get confussing, I rather just use it in singles.

Victor C   6 days ago

You know, after thinking some more, i'm gonna just cut out Near Pins, not fair if you win a round and the person you beat gets one lucky shot, its even. So its done. Steve if you really need that point i'll figure a way to put it it.

Victor C   September 7 at 7:45pm

Tyler has a new technician.

Wayne is the new Technician !!! the Beast of the East, he played a good game, made all the right choices, got his sidearm flick working good and after a slight hicup on 17 he finished strong with a birdie on 18 for the win.

Steve P   September 8 at 10:50am

He did great. If only he knew how to view this post

Victor C   September 8 at 5:45pm

yes I gotta get my flick on but it hurts, think I broke somthing in my arm, I might have to take some time off and let it heal.