Northside Rival

Bag Tag league February - September 2014 Georgia

Next league day

Tuesday, April 22 @ 10:00am
Sequoyah Park
Canton, GA

About this League

Bag Tag league - 30 all-time players - 30 active players
$10.00 one-time player fee for this league
Northside Rivals is a bag tag league focusing on play in 10 of North Atlanta's finest courses! This is a points and rounds played driven league that will run a 30 week season between Tuesday March 4th and Tuesday Sept 23rd 2014. *Northside Courses are Wills, ERP, Sequoyah, Alexander, Central, Oregon, Legacy, Suwanee, Little Mulberry and NGCT for 2014* Rivals will be limited to 30 players for 2014 (doubling from 15 players in 2013) *Player seeding will be determined by when payment ...
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League News

Dustin Penwright   April 7 at 10:56pm

Rivals Points Series through Week #5 (April 1-7)...

Rivals Points Series through Week #5 (April 1-7): **JPZ - 47 (League Round winner, took 3 of the first 5) **Chip - 43 **Allen - 37 **Versola - 30 (2 wins this week) **James - 29 **Mitchell - 27 **Adam - 26 **Al - 26 Greg - 21 **Jimi - 19 Dustin - 16 **Rome - 15 Keith - 11 **Chad - 11 Craig D - 10 Thomas - 8 Watson - 7 Ben - 7 Cody - 7 Bob - 6 Craig N - 5 Eatmon - 5 Voss - 5 Azimi - 5 Andy - 3 Harris - 2 Lee - 1 Shaun - 0 Steve - 0 Bobby - 0 **Qualify for Season Cha ... more


Dustin Penwright   March 17 at 11:16pm

Rivals Points Series as of Monday March 17th...

Adam - 20

JP - 18 *2 wins this week including league round*

Allen - 18

Chip - 16

Greg - 15

Jimi - 12

Versola - 11

James - 11

Keith - 10 *2 wins this week*

Dustin - 8

Al - 8

Rome - 7

Mitchell - 6

Craig N - 5

Ben - 5

Thomas - 5

Craig D - 3

Eatmon - 3

Bob - 2

Watson - 2

Azimi - 1

Cody - 1

(Everyone else is at ZERO points)

See everyone around the chains real soon....


Dustin Penwright   March 4 at 9:20pm

The 2014 Campaign is underway...

10 players came out to Rival this morning for Tuesday #1 at Wills Park! Congrats to founder Greg for throwing down a 47 to make the move from #22 to #4 ion the season opener.

Points will be updated and posted on this page and the Facebook league page on Monday evenings.

Keep those tags moving and I will see everyone soon!

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Dustin Penwright   March 4 at 10:39pm

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Points ties never crossed my mind!

Dustin Penwright   March 15 at 9:32pm

Allen, I have to retract my comment about not giving 1st place points to those tied for 1st in league rounds. It has come to my attention that I will need to award 1st place points to ALL those players that tie for 1st during any given Rivals round. This is due to our league NOT having tie breakers ... more

Allen Dumich   March 17 at 6:28pm

Okay, sounds good to me thanks for keeping me updated.

Dustin Penwright   February 18 at 9:50pm

2 weeks...

Tuesday March 4th is just 2 weeks away!

I have started to distribute tags but still need to get just over half of them out. I will be at Perkerson this Saturday the 22nd for the ITP course workday and will be staying to throw a round that afternoon. And I will be at FITW this Sunday the 23rd at ERP.

Any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to send me a message on here, Facebook or email to [email redacted]



Dustin Penwright   February 11 at 6:27pm

Tags are IN...

The Rivals tags have been delivered (thank you Greg and A-Ray) and have started to be distributed as of the Oregon Park Ice Bowl and man are they sweeeeeeet!

As a reminder, tags are NOT active till the league starts on Tuesday March 4th. You do not have to play on League Tuesdays for the tags to move but you will not earn the maximum amount of points if you do not attend.

Let's get ready to Rival players... 3 WEEKS FROM TODAY!!!


Dustin Penwright   February 4 at 1:15pm

4 week countdown...

The 2014 season is a mere 4 weeks away from today and we still have 6 of the 30 players to get money in for tags.

The following players need to contact me ASAP about their tags:

Brad Bowman

Brian Grundleger

Greg Pothier

Jeff Ruby

Lee Sjoholm

Mitchell Summers

*Wait List - Bob Williams, Sam Barfield, Jimi Hadley, Kevin DuBose, Christopher Wyke, Keith Bombelyn

I would like to be able to contact the players on the Wait List by the end of the week (2-7-14) in regards to them playing or not for this year.

Thank you to everyone in advance for the quick reply.


Dustin Penwright   January 10 at 3:39pm

Starting to accept reservation payments...

For those of you that want to go ahead and pay for your "reserved" 2014 Rivals tag, I am offering the option of getting me the money via PayPal.

$10 to - [email redacted] - through "Friends & Family"

No fee charged if you use your PayPal and/or bank account.

Please put your name in the notes or comment section when paying so I can keep track of who has paid and not paid.

Questions and or concerns feel free to message me.



james mcnaughton   January 25 at 12:04pm

payment sent

Dustin Penwright   January 26 at 8:02pm

Thanks bro!

Dustin Penwright   December 18 at 11:58am

2014 Rivals Season is fast approaching...

The 2014 season is guaranteed to the best Northside season ever! I am trying a couple different things this year to add a little more incentive to players coming out for Founder's Day play and those playing on Rivals courses!

Stay tuned for more info to follow!