Manic Mondays Summer 2014

Singles league June - August 2014 New Berlin, WI

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Monday, July 28 @ 6:00pm
Valley View Park
New Berlin, WI


Jul 21, 2014 · Top scores
Valley View Park
Short tees, 18 holes
-12 42
Mike Harrington$5
-10 44
Bill Sieving$3
-7 47
Kyle Sparrow$4
-9 45
Nick Williams$3
-8 46
Brian Allender$5
-6 48
Shaun Kirchner$6
-6 48
Tyler Kollias$6
-5 49
Billy Barnes$7
-4 50
Shawn Nyquist$6
-3 51
Dan Ingebrigtson$4
-3 51
Disc Dog$4
+12 66
Nikki Nuchell$2
+32 86
Tracy England
+12 66
Trevor England$2
Overall standings
1Mike Harrington12.5
2Bill Sieving12
3Brad Weber11
1Trent Peters27.5
2Brian Allender26
3Josh "Big Deal" Davies16
1Shawn Nyquist33.5
2Brian Williams29.5
3Eric Knaak29
1Disc Dog10.5
2Dan Ingebrigtson7.5
3Greg "Lefty" Klein3
1Nikki Nuchell2
1Tracy England2
3Carrie Daubner1
1Gavin Ingebrigtson4
2Trevor England1
2Lucas Ingebrigtson1
2Ethan Stocker1
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About this League

Singles league - 52 all-time players - 52 active players
$6.00 player fee each session
$1.00 ace pool
Formats: Divisional Singles Week - Cards will be Pick Your Own Group. Regular league format. CTP Week - Cards are sent out by divisional ranking. Points are based on your score but payout is based completely around who was the closest to the pin on each hole. Skins Game Week - Cards are sent out by divisional ranking. Points are based on your overall score but payout is based completely on your score compared to your cardmates. If you have the single lowest score on any hole you win ...
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League News

Mike Harrington   6 days ago

Bounty Hunter, Aces, and Alternate Tees

So who felt the pressure to get the bounty scores? Who elevated their game and was motivated to hit those bounties? I know a couple people who walked away with cold hard cash in their pockets last night Josh "Big Deal" Davies aced #6 which is a really difficult hole to ace. I heard it from the 9th tee. Bill Sieving also aced #4 to split the ace pool with Josh. This coming week the format will be Alternate Tees. I will get to the course early to mark the locations we will be shooting from . ... more

William Sieving   6 days ago

It didnt bother me much since im trying to birdie every hole anyway and i certainly wasnt planning on getting double bounty on hole 4. I was actually talking about how elusive that little hole has been for me over the years just before I hit it.

Mike Harrington   7 days ago

$88 Ace Pool and Dog The Bounty Hunter

Who will go home with the biggest bounty tonight? Someone has to hit an ace tonight . . . it's been too long.


Mike Harrington   July 14 at 3:12am

CTP Week is upon us!

One of my favorite formats . . . why? . . . because anyone can win on any given hole. You might not be the best player in your division . . . you might not be the best player on your card . . . but even you (Yes that means You . . .anyone of You) can throw it under the basket. We will be going out by divisional rankings so you are on the same card as your closest competitors but don't think about that .. . just throw it under the basket and take the CTP!


Mike Harrington   July 8 at 12:44am

Stableford Points Versus Score

Open Brad Weber (-10) 67 points Mike Harrington (-10) 66 points Bill Sieving (-9) 65 points Kyle Sparrow (-9) 63 points Todd Farnham (-8) 62 points Larry Wright (-6) 57 points Advanced Trent Peters (-8) 60 points Shawn Kelley (-7) 58 points Brian Allender (-6) 56 points Jeremy Schloesser (-4) 50 points Matt Brody (-2) 44 points Adam Gonzales (-2) 43 points Intermediate Josh Davies (-6) 55 points Brian Williams (-4) 50 points Shawn Nyquist (-3) 47 points Mike Gallant (-2) 46 ... more


Mike Harrington   June 30 at 12:25am

It's time for 1 disc night

Leave your bags in the car . . .. just grab your favorite disc and let's see how good you can do. I am taking my Pro Pig AGAIN, despite throwing my worst round at Valley View in years last 1 disc night. It's going to be hot and that Pig is gonna smell like bacon after I am done with it.

What disc are you taking?

Eric Knaak   June 30 at 9:02am

Im gonna throw an Aerobie Epic!

Mike Harrington   June 30 at 10:34am

I dare you!

Eric Knaak   June 30 at 12:34pm

HaHa! I dont even own one of those crappers