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Bag Tag league March - November 2011 Devens, MA
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Wednesday, October 26
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
A - Luke $5.00
B - Tim $1.00
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stAlex Gula5655
2ndDonnie Phillips572720
3rdDoug Callaghan593224
4thLuke Adolph622427
5thRob Walker642032
6thTim Seiger694949
Wednesday, October 12
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
2 non taggers:
Travis Millem A Pool - 58
Brian St. Denis B Pool - 65

CTP A Pool Rob Walkers $12.00
CTP B Pool John Buonsanto $3.00
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stKen Gary5051
2ndFrank Strauss5264
3rdAlex Gula5545
4thTaylor Maslowski58276
5thRob Walker592420
5thJohn Buonsanto593823
5thLuke Adolph594124
8thDonnie Phillips62127
8thDoug Callaghan623532
10thDan Nakamoto632035
10thJosh St Denis632338
12thJohn Rodenhizer673241
13thTim Seiger704949
Wednesday, October 5
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
4 Non Taggers -
Bob Burdett 57 first place A pool (forgot tag)
Luke Adolph 61 third place A pool (forgot tag)
Brian St. Denis second place B pool
Jaime 74
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDan Nakamoto583520
2ndJosh St Denis622023
2ndRob Walker622424
2ndDoug Callaghan623835
5thJohn Buonsanto642338
6thSteve Walker735353
7thNat Fairbanks755555
Wednesday, September 28
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
2 Non Taggers - Jaime 75 / Nick - 89

CTPS - A Pool Alex Gula $8.00 & B Pool Bob Kulchuk $8.00
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stAlex Gula5444
2ndFrank Strauss5866
2ndPete Tolvanen58128
2ndBob Kulchuk583812
5thJosh St Denis602120
6thSam Misuraca613521
7thJohn Buonsanto624923
8thDan Nakamoto632335
8thDoug Callaghan634138
10thLuke Adolph64841
10thBob Burdett642045
12thTim Seiger735349
13thSteve Walker744553
14thNat Fairbanks755555
Saturday, September 24
Hunt's Mean 18
Regular tees, 18 holes
Hunts Tournament
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDonnie Phillips10511
2ndDaniel Marcus10622
3rdKen Gary10955
4thFrank Strauss11366
4thLuke Adolph113188
4thAlan MacLean1132818
7thRob Walker1174524
8thPete Nevius1182428
9thJohn Rodenhizer1223232
10thDoug Callaghan124841
11thBrian McNulty1254142
12thSteve Walker1454245
13thNat Fairbanks1535555
Wednesday, September 21
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
3 Non Taggers -
Dan Fox - 59 Won $6.00 which was donated to course
Brian St. Denis - 70
Christine - 110
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDonnie Phillips5341
2ndAlex Gula5414
2ndFrank Strauss5466
4thDoug Callaghan55358
5thPete Tolvanen561212
5thLuke Adolph561818
7thDan Nakamoto59823
8thSam Misuraca623835
9thBob Kulchuk642338
10thJohn Buonsanto664949
Wednesday, September 14
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
Pat Laffen - No Tag 63
Dan Nak - No Tag 68
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDonnie Phillips51204
2ndFrank Strauss5346
2ndDave Richardson5367
2ndAndy Duquette531111
5thPete Tolvanen551812
6thLuke Adolph563518
7thBob Burdett571220
7thBob Kulchuk575323
9thTaylor Maslowski58727
9thPeter Bean582330
11thJohn Rodenhizer592732
12thDoug Callaghan603235
13thRob Walker623045
14thJohn Buonsanto654549
15thTim Seiger684953
16thNat Fairbanks785555
Wednesday, September 7
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stAlex Gula5041
2ndFrank Strauss5614
3rdTaylor Maslowski57277
4thDan Nakamoto6088
5thSam Heller621919
6thDonnie Phillips64720
7thJohn Rodenhizer652027
8thNat Fairbanks765555
Wednesday, August 31
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
Steve Walker shoots a personal best & career goal at Devens, congrats steve!
7 Non taggers:
Travis Millem 56
Bert Ackly - 58
Joe Collins - 60
Brian St. Denis - 64
Bill Coor - 64
Dan Fox - 70
Jaime Newcombe - 81
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stFrank Strauss5381
2ndAlex Gula5514
2ndDonnie Phillips5577
4thDan Nakamoto56188
5thPatrick Johnson58410
5thBob Burdett583012
5thDave Mallen583614
8thPete Tolvanen591218
8thPete Nevius591424
10thTaylor Maslowski621027
11thRob Walker644230
12thErik Lindgren665336
13thSteve Walker675442
14thJohn Buonsanto692445
14thTim Seiger694549
14thBob Kulchuk694953
17thJim Robinson702754
18thNat Fairbanks745555
Wednesday, August 24
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
5 non taggers:
Pat Laffen 57 - won B pool 12bucks
Doug Callaghan 60 (injured, didnt play for his tag)
Brian St. Denis 67
Nate Pickering 78
Christine 104
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDaniel Marcus5122
2ndDonnie Phillips52147
3rdFrank Strauss5388
3rdTaylor Maslowski531010
3rdPete Tolvanen532112
6thJohn Borelli561813
7thPete Nevius57714
7thArty Graustein571315
9thDan Nakamoto584218
9thSam Heller584519
11thJohn Rodenhizer591520
11thJosh St Denis591921
11thJohn Buonsanto593524
14thBob Burdett611230
15thLuke Adolph623035
16thSam Misuraca642438
16thRob Walker643842
18thTim Seiger655245
19thBob Kulchuk662049
20thShane Mackay684952
21stSteve Walker725554
22ndNat Fairbanks845455
Wednesday, August 10
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stAlex Gula50321
2ndDaniel Marcus5222
3rdPete Nevius5417
4thFrank Strauss5578
4thTaylor Maslowski551510
6thAndy Duquette56811
7thBob Burdett581912
8thDonnie Phillips591014
8thJohn Rodenhizer592115
8thJosh St Denis593019
8thBob Kulchuk593420
12thPete Tolvanen621421
12thSam Misuraca622724
12thJim Robinson624227
15thLuke Adolph631130
16thDoug Callaghan642432
16thAnthony Parente644534
18thDan Nakamoto651242
18thAdam Stander654944
20thSam Heller662045
21stShane Mackay694449
22ndChuck Tammaro715151
23rdTim Seiger725252
23rdErik Lindgren725353
25thAlex Lee775656
Wednesday, August 3
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDaniel Marcus48102
2ndFrank Strauss5127
3rdDonnie Phillips53710
4thLuke Adolph541111
5thDan Nakamoto553512
6thTaylor Maslowski564915
6thJohn Borelli565318
8thSam Heller583020
9thJohn Rodenhizer591221
9thPeter Bean592423
11thDoug Callaghan603824
11thSam Misuraca604227
13thJosh St Denis611830
13thAlex Gula612732
15thBob Kulchuk624534
16thJohn Buonsanto651535
17thRob Walker662038
17thJim Robinson665642
19thAnthony Parente673245
20thAdam Stander682149
21stChuck Tammaro725151
22ndTim Seiger732352
22ndErik Lindgren733453
22ndNat Fairbanks735454
25thSteve Walker745555
26thAlex Lee795256
Tag updates Wednesday, August 3
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Pete Nevius11
Frank Strauss22
Derek Brazauskas33
Patrick Johnson44
Ken Gary55
Dave Richardson66
Donnie Phillips77
Andy Duquette88
Jason JayBob Johnson99
Daniel Marcus1010
Luke Adolph1111
John Rodenhizer1212
Arty Graustein1313
Pete Tolvanen1414
John Buonsanto2015
Gregg Fritchey1616
Mike Clement1717
Josh St Denis1818
Bob Burdett1919
Rob Walker2120
Adam Stander2321
Alex Gula (lost)2222
Tim Seiger3523
Peter Bean2424
Ben Stevens2725
Jim Bobka2626
Alex Gula2527
Alan MacLean2828
Donnie Phillips (lost)2929
Sam Heller3430
Dan Fox3131
Anthony Parente3232
Bradley Arnall3333
Erik Lindgren4134
Dan Nakamoto3035
Dave Mallen3636
Kevin Fox3737
Doug Callaghan3838
Tim VanBlon3939
Alex Graves (lost)4240
Brian McNulty4341
Sam Misuraca4742
Jamie Salamone4443
Shane Mackay4544
Bob Kulchuk4945
Alex Graves4646
Adam Dennison4847
Dennis Kearney4048
Taylor Maslowski5049
Jim Jackson5150
Chuck Tammaro5351
Alex Lee5452
Nat Fairbanks5554
Steve Walker5655
Jim Robinson5256
Drew Tammaro5757
Wednesday, July 27
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stPete Nevius50231
2ndDonnie Phillips5617
2ndDaniel Marcus56710
4thArty Graustein622013
4thJohn Buonsanto623520
6thRob Walker631021
6thAdam Stander635323
8thTim Seiger645035
9thErik Lindgren655541
10thSam Misuraca661347
11thBob Kulchuk685649
12thTaylor Maslowski702150
12thJim Jackson704951
14thJim Robinson715452
15thChuck Tammaro734753
15thAlex Lee735254
17thNat Fairbanks754155
18thSteve Walker795156
Wednesday, July 20
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
Some tags got screwed up tonight.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDonnie Phillips5581
2ndFrank Strauss5622
2ndDaniel Marcus56107
2ndAndy Duquette56218
5thRob Walker571310
5thJohn Rodenhizer571812
7thSam Misuraca592313
7thJosh St Denis593018
9thTaylor Maslowski61721
9thPete Nevius611223
11thAlex Gula62125
11thAlan MacLean624028
13thDan Nakamoto632530
13thSam Heller632834
13thJohn Buonsanto635735
16thDennis Kearney653440
17thChuck Tammaro665347
18thJim Jackson684749
18thTim Seiger685250
20thAlex Lee705052
21stAdam Stander713553
21stJim Robinson715554
23rdErik Lindgren735455
23rdBob Kulchuk735656
25thDrew Tammaro774957
Wednesday, July 13
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stFrank Strauss5222
2ndTaylor Maslowski55127
3rdDaniel Marcus561010
4thPete Nevius57712
5thJohn Rodenhizer591818
6thSam Misuraca622523
7thDan Nakamoto633025
8thJosh St Denis652330
9thDan Fox663631
9thDave Mallen664736
11thNat Fairbanks704541
11thShane Mackay705345
13thJim Jackson714147
14thDrew Tammaro745249
15thTim Seiger753152
16thChuck Tammaro824953
Wednesday, July 6
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
Another record turnout tonight with 30 golfers. 21 played with just two discs and did pretty damn well! Alex G shoots a 50 and Donnie aces hole 9!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stAlex Gula50521
2ndFrank Strauss5322
2ndDonnie Phillips5388
4thDaniel Marcus54110
5thLuke Adolph551611
6thTaylor Maslowski561012
7thRob Walker571113
7thJohn Borelli571215
7thGregg Fritchey575116
10thJohn Rodenhizer601518
11thArty Graustein612020
11thPeter Bean612424
11thSam Misuraca612525
11thBen Stevens612727
11thSam Heller613028
16thDan Nakamoto633430
17thDennis Kearney652834
17thDan Fox653636
19thDoug Callaghan671338
20thBrian McNulty683843
21stJamie Salamone694844
22ndDave Mallen701847
22ndAdam Dennison704948
24thChuck Tammaro784349
24thSteve Walker784751
26thDrew Tammaro814452
Wednesday, June 29
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDaniel Marcus5221
2ndFrank Strauss5562
3rdDerek Brazauskas56163
3rdDave Richardson56256
5thDonnie Phillips5718
5thTaylor Maslowski571410
7thRob Walker582711
8thJohn Borelli60812
8thDoug Callaghan601513
10thPete Tolvanen61314
10thJohn Rodenhizer611115
12thLuke Adolph621316
13thPeter Bean631224
13thSam Misuraca633425
15thJim Bobka642426
16thBen Stevens682827
16thDennis Kearney684828
18thDan Nakamoto691034
19thDan Fox702636
20thJim Jackson724441
21stChuck Tammaro734143
22ndDrew Tammaro765044
23rdNat Fairbanks774745
24thSteve Walker784547
25thJamie Salamone814348
26thAlex Lee843650
Tag updates Wednesday, June 29
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Luke Adolph1413
Taylor Maslowski1314
Doug Callaghan2615
Arty Graustein2720
Dan Fox1826
Rob Walker2027
Wednesday, June 22
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDan Nakamoto551810
2ndJohn Rodenhizer581511
3rdTaylor Maslowski601413
4thLuke Adolph611314
5thDave Mallen631015
6thDan Fox654118
7thDoug Callaghan671126
8thBen Stevens692628
9thAlex Lee722836
10thChuck Tammaro743641
10thJamie Salamone744943
12thDennis Kearney755048
13thAdam Dennison774349
14thDrew Tammaro934850
Wednesday, June 15
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDonnie Phillips53101
2ndDaniel Marcus5512
3rdPete Tolvanen56113
4thFrank Strauss5726
4thPete Nevius5777
4thJason JayBob Johnson57159
4thDave Mallen571810
4thDoug Callaghan573411
9thPeter Bean581412
10thLuke Adolph59613
10thTaylor Maslowski59914
10thJohn Rodenhizer591215
13thDan Nakamoto601318
14thAndy Duquette62321
15thJosh St Denis634723
16thBen Stevens652126
17thSam Misuraca662334
18thDan Fox672641
18thAdam Dennison674843
20thJim Jackson694144
21stSteve Walker714445
22ndNat Fairbanks774547
23rdDrew Tammaro824348
Wednesday, June 8
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stFrank Strauss5322
1stLuke Adolph53116
3rdPete Nevius54257
4thTaylor Maslowski55359
5thDonnie Phillips57910
6thPete Tolvanen59611
6thJohn Rodenhizer591012
6thDan Nakamoto591213
6thPeter Bean591414
10thDerek Brazauskas60716
10thDave Mallen602318
12thSam Misuraca611623
12thDave Richardson611825
12thDoug Callaghan614434
15thAdam Stander653435
16thAlan MacLean671340
17thAlex Graves (lost)684042
18thSteve Walker754244
19thNat Fairbanks794545
Wednesday, June 1
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
Low turnout due to tornadoes cutting through the state.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDaniel Marcus5311
2ndJohn Rodenhizer571010
3rdDan Nakamoto581212
3rdBen Stevens582121
5thArty Graustein604527
6thTaylor Maslowski613535
7thDoug Callaghan622744
8thNat Fairbanks814445
Wednesday, May 25
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stAndy Duquette54113
2ndPete Tolvanen55166
3rdDerek Brazauskas5637
3rdDonnie Phillips56189
3rdJohn Rodenhizer562710
6thLuke Adolph572011
7thDan Nakamoto601312
7thAlan MacLean601913
7thPeter Bean602614
10thSam Misuraca612516
11thDave Richardson62718
11thBob Burdett622819
13thRob Walker631220
14thBen Stevens642121
15thPete Nevius651025
15thDan Fox651426
17thDoug Callaghan66927
18thAlex Lee714228
19thTaylor Maslowski72635
20thChuck Tammaro783636
21stJim Jackson794441
22ndSteve Walker823542
23rdNat Fairbanks834144
Wednesday, May 18
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
Another ace! Adam Stander on 10 at his second league night ever!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stFrank Strauss5222
2ndTaylor Maslowski54106
3rdDoug Callaghan56269
4thPete Nevius57610
5thDan Nakamoto591313
6thDan Fox602114
7thDonnie Phillips61918
7thLuke Adolph611820
9thBen Stevens622021
10thSam Misuraca633625
11thPeter Bean641426
12thJohn Rodenhizer652727
13thAdam Stander663434
14thChuck Tammaro674236
15thKevin Fox682537
16thAlex Graves (lost)724040
17thAlex Lee743742
18thDrew Tammaro794343
Tag updates Wednesday, May 18
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Dan Nakamoto3313
Bradley Arnall1333
Wednesday, May 11
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stFrank Strauss5262
2ndPete Nevius54146
3rdJohn Borelli5528
3rdDonnie Phillips55379
5thTaylor Maslowski561610
5thPeter Bean562014
5thPete Tolvanen562616
8thLuke Adolph58918
8thAlan MacLean581019
8thBen Stevens582120
8thDan Fox583021
12thAlex Gula (lost)60822
12thDoug Callaghan603226
14thJohn Rodenhizer611827
15thBob Burdett642828
15thSam Heller644030
15thAnthony Parente644132
18thDan Nakamoto651933
19thAdam Stander694234
20thSam Misuraca702236
21stAlex Lee723437
22ndAlex Graves (lost)754340
23rdNat Fairbanks772741
23rdChuck Tammaro773342
25thDrew Tammaro843643
Wednesday, May 4
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stFrank Strauss5666
1stAlex Gula (lost)56168
3rdLuke Adolph57259
4thPete Nevius581414
5thTaylor Maslowski60816
5thDan Nakamoto602219
7thBen Stevens62921
7thSam Misuraca623222
9thKevin Fox631925
10thDan Fox663030
11thDoug Callaghan672132
12thChuck Tammaro693633
13thAlex Lee833334
14thDrew Tammaro953436
Wednesday, April 27
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
Another ace - Ben Stevens
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDerek Brazauskas56363
2ndFrank Strauss5736
2ndDave Richardson57327
4thTaylor Maslowski5888
4thBen Stevens58189
4thAndy Duquette582111
4thBradley Arnall582513
8thAlex Gula (lost)59616
8thJohn Rodenhizer59718
8thDoug Callaghan592221
11thDan Nakamoto61922
11thLuke Adolph612625
13thPete Tolvanen621126
13thBob Burdett621328
13thDan Fox621630
16thSam Misuraca643032
17thAlex Lee743333
18thDrew Tammaro763534
19thSteve Walker782835
20thChuck Tammaro813436
Wednesday, April 20
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
Alan MacLean aces hole 18!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDaniel Marcus50311
2ndJohn Borelli52292
3rdFrank Strauss5413
3rdAlex Gula (lost)5476
5thJohn Rodenhizer5667
6thTaylor Maslowski57188
7thDan Nakamoto58229
8thAlan MacLean59210
8thPete Tolvanen591011
10thBob Burdett601113
10thDan Fox601316
12thBen Stevens61818
12thKevin Fox61919
12thDoug Callaghan611922
12thBradley Arnall613025
16thLuke Adolph631626
17thDonnie Phillips (lost)65329
17thSam Misuraca652530
19thTim Seiger752631
Wednesday, April 13
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stFrank Strauss5511
2ndJohn Rodenhizer56186
2ndBen Stevens56198
4thBob Burdett60811
5thTaylor Maslowski61618
6thDoug Callaghan621119
7thDan Nakamoto662222
8thTim Seiger762726
9thNat Fairbanks782627
Wednesday, April 6
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stFrank Strauss5361
2ndDonnie Phillips (lost)5433
3rdTaylor Maslowski5616
3rdAlex Gula (lost)56117
5thKevin Fox58239
6thPete Tolvanen601310
7thDoug Callaghan61711
7thDan Fox612113
9thJason JayBob Johnson621515
9thLuke Adolph621916
11thMike Clement631817
12thJohn Rodenhizer641718
12thBen Stevens642219
14thAndy Duquette65921
14thDan Nakamoto651622
16thDave Mallen671023
17thSam Misuraca692525
18thSteve Walker782828
Wednesday, March 30
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stTaylor Maslowski55161
2ndDonnie Phillips (lost)5673
3rdFrank Strauss5816
4thDoug Callaghan59107
4thDave Mallen591210
4thAlex Gula (lost)592511
7thRob Walker621912
7thPete Tolvanen622813
9thDan Nakamoto641116
9thJohn Rodenhizer641717
11thMike Clement652018
12thLuke Adolph66319
12thPeter Bean661320
14thSam Misuraca671825
15thSteve Walker80628
Wednesday, March 23
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
Sam gets the first ace of the year (and his career).
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stFrank Strauss5411
2ndAlan MacLean5522
3rdLuke Adolph5633
3rdDonnie Phillips (lost)56167
5thAndy Duquette57109
6thDoug Callaghan581710
7thDan Nakamoto592011
8thPeter Bean601113
9thJason JayBob Johnson611515
9thTaylor Maslowski612116
11thJohn Rodenhizer63917
11thSam Misuraca631318
13thRob Walker66719
14thMike Clement671820
14thDan Fox671921
Wednesday, March 16
Devens DGC
The Hill
Regular tees, 18 holes
First night of the WW.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stAlan MacLean5632
2ndLuke Adolph57103
2ndKen Gary57135
4thBob Burdett61118
5thJohn Rodenhizer6229
6thAndy Duquette65910
7thPeter Bean66511
8thDave Mallen671212
9thSam Misuraca69813