Doubles league August - October 2010 Portland, OR

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My first time at the DGOD Dub's. Great turn out and didnt get many pictures because I was having too good of a night. Congratulations to D.C. Dan. Took 1st place,hit the only Ace for $84 and won CTP. Playing Cali!! If you can make it on Friday night at 5 pm,its an awesome time and pretty damn good pay-outs..right D.C.? Chris S. and I shot -4.No money but a fantastic round of disc!!
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Kyle Rakoz and "Young Gun" Johnson plotting to take over the world...right after Dub's is finished.
Thomas "T" D. uploaded this picture.
Kyle Rakoz › October 4, 2010 at 3:31pm
And we really could... except we played horribly... -2 on short tees? WTF! We made a few mistakes but each of us made the same mistakes on the same holes. It was silly.
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