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Bag Tag league December '13 - December '14 Michigan
This league is not active.
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Bag Tag league - 14 all-time players - 14 active players
No fee to play in this league
50 and over

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james-JOSH- russell   July 17 at 9:25pm

Another oldie but goodie.

Welcome Gerald Gulyas.


james-JOSH- russell   December 27 at 6:22pm

Wintertime match

Great time today out in way to much snow. Had to use ribbons.

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james-JOSH- russell   December 28 at 8:33am

Thats the way to start the bag tag challenges off. Good job Fred!

Fred McGill   December 28 at 7:23pm

Good competition is always a driver.............thanks guys!

Fred McGill   May 15 at 6:49pm

A tip of the hat to Josh and staff for that cool #20 tag I received. Love the little 'gator....Thanks!