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Singles league April - October 2014 Michigan
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Sep 21, 2014 · Top scores
Cascade Township Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
AM 1
-4 54
Rex Loveless 3rd
+1 59
Rex Loveless
+1 59
Chuck White
AM 2
-4 54
Antonio Banda
+1 59
Josh Berens
+2 60
Frank White
AM 3
+1 59
Seir "Jim" Monroe
+2 60
John Wisswell
+3 61
Walt Smith
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About this League

Singles league - 26 all-time players - 0 active players
$25.00 one-time player fee for this league
$3.00 player fee each session
$1.00 ace pool
Fun Sunday League, meet new people, get involved with a Group that is #1 in community efforts in rebuilds, park clean ups, and has company sponsors to make your season well worth it.

League News

Walt Smith   October 5 at 3:48pm

The Finale week.

Well its all over people, it was a great season. A list of all winners is as follows: 1st place AMIII is John Wisswell, 2nd place is John Rainwater, 3rd place is Mike Zylstra. 1st place AMII is Randy Shidler, 2nd place is Frank White, 3rd place is Corey Alberda. 1st place AMI is Rex LovelessIII, 2nd place is Rex Loveless and 3rd place is Chuck White. Our finale money winner was Mike Zylstra. If you want hoodies please post on this story with color size and quantity. $20 each, I will chec ... more

John Wisswell   October 5 at 4:44pm

Two 2X hoodies. One in black and the other in MSU green.

Walt Smith   September 21 at 6:57pm

What, Walt got the scores up already!

Just thought I'd get these up right away this week. I do apologize for last week wasn't feeling well and just couldn't get the motivation. Next week we will be at Heritage in Grandville, hope to see you all there. The league will be winding down shortly, so it would be nice that everyone who signed up would make an effort to show up the last couple of weeks. It would be nice to see you all again. Our CTP winner this week was Antonio. With the wind we had today it was an amazing throw. See you all next week.


Walt Smith   September 19 at 9:23am

Sorry about the delay

Sorry about the delay this week guys, I've not been feeling well. I will get your scores up. We will be at Cascade this week for best shot doubles. I want to let Amy and Chris know that you are both in my prayers. Amy lost her Mom this week. I hope to see you both soon.

Robert Duck   September 19 at 9:45am

That is sad, from our family to theirs our prayers are with them. Let Amy and Chris know for me Walt we are saying a prayer and thinking of them. As you know Walt I am in Arkansas just a simple reminder that I cant make it. On a good note in Cherokee Village where we are at visiting has a Disc Go ... more

Walt Smith   September 7 at 4:58pm

Back at Old Farm

Well we were back at Old Farm this week, it was nice to see you all. Our winners for last weeks tournament were Josh Berens and Sier Monroe. Congrats to you both. Our CTP winner this week was Rex the third. Now I put it out this week that we will end the league either the 1st or 2nd week of October. I will make sure the league ends at Old Farm, we will have a round of Golf and a lunch, we will cook for you. Next week we will be at JC, hope to see you all there. Now I want to address an ite ... more


Walt Smith   August 31 at 6:42pm


Fallasburg was a great time. I want to thank all of you who showed up this week. It was a good time out there, the disc were good the lunch was good and the players were good. Our CTP winner was Seir Monroe. This was his first CTP ever. He got $14. Next week we will be at Old Farm. Hope to see you all there. Again thanks to all of you who were able to be there, I'll let you know next week who won the Annual Labor Day Tournament. See you all next week.


Walt Smith   August 24 at 4:40pm

Cascade was a blast

Well some of us showed up and we had a blast at Cascade this week. I have got to say that the people on my card helped make it one of my best weeks ever. Saw some excellent drives and some even better birdie shots..(My 2nd shot on #9 was something of beauty) Out CTP winner was Andrew and our Long Putt winner was Doug, both got $14. Now Next week we will be in Lowell. It will be a best shot doubles again and lets all bring a dish and make a day out of it. I'll bring hot dogs you all fig ... more

Amy Markel   August 25 at 5:45pm

Sorry that we'll miss you guys being on our home course. We have the State Finals this weekend.

Robert Duck   August 17 at 1:36pm

Walts Not Here.....

Jc Park was amazing for some of us, Weather was perfect for Disc Golf, Josh Berens won the $28.00 CTP and we had No Ace so $14.00 went into the pool for next week when we are at Cascade for flip doubles. So I was ask why the CTP was so high? I responded Walts Not Here lol Thanks to everyone who was there this week pass the word Flip doubles next week.


Walt Smith   August 12 at 12:09am

Tournament went well

Well the tournament went well, it was nice to see you all there. I will try to get the scores latter this week, John Rainwater please help me with this. Next week we will be at JC and I will not be there. Mr. Duck will have to take over for me. Hope to see you all in 2 weeks.


Walt Smith   August 3 at 1:56pm

Happy August!

Well another fine day for golf. We had another ace this week, Rex Loveless the 3rd. He got $45 for his throw. Our CTP winner was Alex Rodriguez, he won $15. Congrats to you both. It was put out this week that for Labor Day we have league at either Lowell or Hastings. Let me know what you all think and we can do a Best Shot Flip Doubles for that week. The tournament will be next week at Old Farm, please spread the word, I hope to see all of you there next week. I also mentioned league ho ... more


Walt Smith   July 27 at 4:24pm

A new member AND the disc are in!

Well another good week, we have a new member joining us. His name is John Lager, Welcome to AP! Also those of you who were there know that the disc have arrived, those of you who were absent I'll have them again next week. I will also have around 10 extras to sell for $10 each. Let me know if you want one. Please let people know about the tournament we are hosting, we need more people. Next week I will make an announcement about league hoodies, if this is something you want please let ... more

Robert Duck   July 28 at 12:12am

Had a great day today so much fun, Made some huge shots, and just seemed like everyone was in the spirit of the game today. Thanks for a good outing that was fun

Walt Smith   July 20 at 5:13pm

Doubles was Nice!

Well it turned out a beautiful day, hardly any wind and another day on the coarse. A. Rod got the CTP and Rex Jr. got the long putt. Next week we will be at Old Farm, back to normal. I've decided that each time we are at Cascade we will play flip doubles. Now I need to address an issue this week, when we are out on the coarse please remember that each person plays a certain way. Please be respectful of each other out there. Some people want you to be quiet when they throw and others ... more


Walt Smith   July 13 at 5:30pm

And our winner was....

Amy Markel. A big congrats to Amy on winning the Annual 4th of July Tournament. She got $20 for her win. Now on to this week, we have yet another ace, Mike Zylstra. He won $40 for this ace and he also got the CTP this week for another $22. Now I'm glad that Mr. Zylstra is getting aces, I'm just saying that Mike needs to let someone else get an ace. Now its up to all of us to get the ace pool money so Mike has to share. :) Next week we will be at Cascade and it will be best shot flip doubles. Hope to see you all there.

(By the way Mike, congrats to you...keep it up)

John Wisswell   July 13 at 6:19pm

And that's my favorite Sidearm hole at JC. Nice skip ace.

Robert Duck   July 15 at 9:41pm

Its Nice to see a new player win Money, and get those Aces in front of a crowd. Nice job Mike

Walt Smith   July 6 at 3:34pm

3rd Annual 4th of July Tournament.

Well we had our tournament today, you all didn't even feel the pressure huh? That's the way to do it ya know? I'll let you know who won next week, still haven't figured it out yet, but I will. Our CTP winner was Brendon Crowe, he got $21. Next week we will be at JC, yes I looked at the schedule this week. Hope to see you all there.


Walt Smith   June 29 at 4:11pm


Next week we will be at Old Farm. Make sure you are there.


Walt Smith   June 29 at 4:09pm

We had our first ACE!!!!

Well it finally happened, our first ace, also as I hear it, its Mike Zylstras first ace ever. I don't think Mike will soon forget this one. We all remember our first ace right? Well Mike gets to remember that his first one netted him $195. Congrats to you sir. Our CTP winner was Rex Loveless JR. He got a $25 gift card donated by John Rainwater. Heritage turned out to be a decent course, might throw it in the loop again. Next week we will be at JC. New ACE pool starts. Hope to see you all there.


Robert Duck   June 25 at 3:01pm

Old Farm Park Fundraiser

We are getting closer to the event dates to be set in stone. There will be a basket to raffle off, ctp holes, ace pot and much much more. If your a store and or no somebody who is a owner and they want to get involved have them contact Rob Duck at [email redacted] Logo Discs will be given out to the 1st 100 registered at the event. The cost will be $25.00 entry, all proceeds above and beyond costs are going towards remodel of course and tee pads. Hope to see all of you for this 2 day event at Old Farm Park.

John Wisswell   June 28 at 4:10pm

Do we have a rough idea of a date range and or what weekdays it will fall on (ie. friday & saturday, saturday & sunday etc.) Just want to get an idea for taking time off work if needed. Thanks

Robert Duck   June 29 at 6:25pm

Aug 9th and 10th its posted on scene AP/KPR Old Farm Park Funraiser

Walt Smith   June 22 at 5:05pm

We had a "little" wind.

The wind wasn't too bad for Cascade. The CTP winner was Antonio Banda. Pretty sure he should have had an ace but an almost ace is a birdie. Better luck next week all. Next week we will be at Heritage in Grandville. If your not sure how to get there look it up on DiscGolfScene. We will give all the ace pool away next week. 9 holes, if no ace 9 more. All aces will split. Hope to see you all next week. Good luck in advance.


Walt Smith   June 15 at 6:03pm

Happy Fathers Day All!

It was good to see you all on this Fathers Day. I hope we all had a great day. Our CTP winner wan Chris Markel with Corey Alberda winning 2nd place. OK here is what we're gonna do. Next week we will be at Cascade, if no one gets an ace we will have an ace race the following week at Heritage Park in Grandville. I hope to see you all next week.


Walt Smith   June 8 at 3:15pm

How do you like the shirts?

Well the shirts finally came in and Chris, Amy and Justin please don't worry, I am holding shirts for you. I do have extra shirts if anyone is interested in buying an extra one. $8 for the large and x-large, $10 for the xx and xxx-large, let me know. And little miss Lindsey, I'll see what I can do for you. As everyone can see we still have no ace for the year, if we don't get one soon I will Schedule an Ace Race round. I want input on an alternate course. If you are willing ... more


Walt Smith   June 1 at 4:05pm

Doubles was Great

Well all, it seems that we all liked the best shot doubles, we all had fun. Now I'm not saying that my score would have been better if I had a partner. Might happen next time, sound like a plan Mr. Duck? Now as I said out there the shirts will be in next week, I will have some extra if you want to purchase a 2nd shirt. We had multiple winners today for both CTP and long putt. Our CTP winner was Rex Loveless ($21), runner up was Frank White (Christmas ornament donated by John Rainwater) ... more

Robert Duck   June 1 at 11:21pm

Way to make me feel any worse then I already am. Working my Ass off on trying to get these courses and admininastrators to see clear to help us help them fix them up, not to mention catch up on all my work. Sorry Walt I am trying.

Walt Smith   May 25, 2014 at 4:46pm

What happened to all the scores?

Well just to get it out of the way I removed all old scores and put you all in your divisions, please do not worry I have everything on paper backup as I am keeping track of all scores from the start. It was beautiful week out there for the 3rd annual Memorial Day Tournament, like I said I'll let you know who won and what formula I came up with for it next week. Now if you think someone shouldn't ne in a division they are in please remember that I used all scores from the past weeks ... more

Robert Duck   May 25, 2014 at 8:36pm

I will add that Kentwood Parks and Rec was there and saw how we all act and perform when we are there. It was a very nice compliment. I will be helping out at Old Farm next week to try to figure out who or what group is involved in the Hole #9 yet again. Anyone having information to the theft, pl ... more

doug smith   May 25, 2014 at 10:20pm

why does it keep happening on hole 9? is it not being put in right? or just easy access?

Robert Duck   June 1 at 11:19pm

combination of wrong basket type, wrong construction, and Hole #9 is a walkway to either parking lot of course or apts security not good there. However any information leading to the arrest of these indavidules there is a reward being posted. Please submit information to [email redacted] Thank You

Walt Smith   May 18, 2014 at 4:28pm

Hello all!

Well it was a little windy, but hey when isn't ? It was good to see you all. Now I know next week is a holiday weekend so if you can make it, it will be good to see you. If your busy we'll see you when your able to be there. Now I want to address an issue with you all. I want everyone to have fun out there, but I really need you all to be respectful of each other. If you are driving please be sure your not driving towards any other player. Also I would like all members of a group ... more


Walt Smith   May 11, 2014 at 7:17pm

Happy Mothers Day!

It was nice to see you all today, especially the 3 new players. It was a little windy out there today as well, as it always is at Cascade. But at least DiscGolfScene adjusted the par for us. Next week we will be back to Old Farm, hope to see you all there. Also Chuck White was out CTP winner this week. See you all next week.

John Wisswell   May 11, 2014 at 9:41pm

Yeah, nice meeting everyone. Looking forward to next Sunday

Walt Smith   May 4, 2014 at 6:14pm

Good to see you all

Well it was another good week, it was good to see you all. Again we had some new people, very nice to see you. Now next week is Mother's Day and as I said, any one bringing their mother, I will provide a gift to. Sorry Lindsey you have to bring "your" mom, I know that you are a mother. I hope I got the issue with the scores posted, I think someone came in and changed a mistake I made and saved incorrectly. I won't say it was Rob, but it may have been. We will be at Cascade next week, hope to see you all.

Robert Duck   May 4, 2014 at 9:58pm

I did change a score per a message I recieved from Randy but if I did something in the save option Sorry was just trying to help.

Walt Smith   May 7, 2014 at 12:46am

not a problem

Walt Smith   April 27, 2014 at 6:31pm

A little windy, huh?

Well it was a windy day, but a good day also. It was our first league day and it was good. It was nice to see you all today, the past players as well as the new players. As I said earlier today, this will be a score only league this year, no points. So I do encourage good play, please remember I want all of you to have fun. Over the next couple of weeks I will adjust the AM divisions. I will leave them as AM 1 for now to determine where you belong. Next week we will be at JC, hope to see you all there.


Walt Smith   March 29, 2014 at 6:51am

Weather looks good

Well it looks like we're gonna have a good day tomarrow 3-30-14, if anyone interested I'm going to be at Old Farm around noon. Hope to see some of you there


Walt Smith   March 23, 2014 at 11:03pm

The 20th and27th

Yes we will be at old farm for both weeks. see you there

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Walt Smith   March 27, 2014 at 12:49am

official start is 27th 11am as always

John Rainwater   March 30, 2014 at 7:28am

so what was the april 6th date

Walt Smith   March 30, 2014 at 2:41pm

Rob just put stuff out before anyone knew what dates were, I'll fix it

Walt Smith   March 16, 2014 at 5:45pm

League Starts

OK, looking to start on Sunday April 20th, 11 AM Let everyone know and I'll see you all there.

Walt Smith   March 16, 2014 at 10:19pm

I mean the 27th, the 20th is Easter, I will be there anyway that day for all who want to show>

Robert Duck   January 3, 2014 at 11:36pm

League Sign Ups have started

Welcome 2014 Disc Golf Alpha Players has opened up their league sign ups at their store location @ Alpha Players 4318 S. Division Ave. Kentwood MI 49548. Singles - $25.00 each person Need your name, address, contact number, e-mail. You receive a league disc at the end of season banquet, that includes prizes and dinner. the weekly dues are $3.00 $2.00 of the 3 goes towards the CTP each week, while $1.00 goes to the awards and banquet at end of season. There is an Ace Pool which cost $1.00 ... more