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Felicia "The Barefoot Flea"    June 22 at 8:53pm

I again want to thank you all for a wonderful and totally wacked out night. Thank you all for signing the disc that i will forever cherish. I am still going to miss all of you bloody pirates. Hope you all have great rounds to come. I still want to hear all about how you all are doing so keep me informed please. See you all eventually.

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Anthony Voss   June 23 at 8:56pm


Felicia "The Barefoot Flea"   June 23 at 10:30pm


Swervy Werby   June 24 at 7:54am

Hope all goes well in Florida flea. Glad I got to throw with ya when I did. CHA!

Jesse Whitlock    June 21 at 7:11pm

Ya'll are nucking futz!!! CHAAAA!!!

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samuel Samsquanch smith   June 22 at 8:05am

they were hugging it out

Dan Whitlock   June 22 at 2:08pm

I was unaware of it but Werby told me that it was free hugs from behind day yesterday, that could explain it.

Felicia "The Barefoot Flea"   June 22 at 8:50pm

lol yeah that made for an interesting night glad i kinda went through it in a daze.

Miah IT'S NOT THAT FAR Swain    June 21 at 8:57am

For all those who can't bother to scroll back or haven't been paying attention tonight we set sail for Lakeshore (sure to be the last time for a while) to see off one of our own on her last night aboard the ship of shame. Come out tonight and celebrate one of our own shipping off to far off shores with one last great round. TONIGHT!!! Lakeshore DGC 5:30 meet and greet 6 PM T-off. Fun for all and free for all shinanagins. Make it one to remember (even though it will be hard to recall by the end I'm sure)

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Bo Fought   June 21 at 10:36am

All depends on what time my dog gets done at the Vet today, 50/50 chance, will text the Admiral once I know for sure. CHA!

Robert Shaffer   June 21 at 10:46am

bo text me 7346799754 admiral will be running late also

Bo Fought   June 21 at 11:33am

Can do, thanks Shaffer.

Dan Whitlock    June 21 at 2:12am

Damn... didn't realize this league cashed out points for aces. Looks like you're gonna have the top spot for a long time Miah, unless someone else gets an ace of course.

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Hunter S. Dotson   June 21 at 3:05pm

I forgot to mention KC banging an ace out at Bando

Dan Whitlock   June 21 at 3:25pm

Hope I add my name to that list soon.

Hunter S. Dotson   June 21 at 3:54pm

assss do eye

Swervy Werby    June 20 at 9:25am

Big thanks to the people that showed up last night for my birthday and thanks again to the people that called and got their messages to me through the grapevine much love I had a blast and jimmy jean were coming to the west side of the state to raid the courses and take all your friends loot it's gonna be a great weekend can't wait.

Jimmy Jean   June 20 at 11:10am


Felicia "The Barefoot Flea"    June 19 at 2:32am

Lakeshore 11

Mills 5


Ben Ross    June 18 at 11:28pm



Jesse Whitlock    June 18 at 10:52pm

Can I throw a vote for Lakeshore... CHAAAA!!! lol


Felicia "The Barefoot Flea"    June 18 at 4:33pm


Lakeshore 8

Hudson Mills 5

Ryan keesey   June 18 at 5:18pm


Cassidy Mayne   June 18 at 6:20pm

I already voted but LAKESHORE!!!

Matt "The Spider" Swider    June 18 at 4:02pm

Lakeshore. @ John, you can always come late for **** tax. And we won't have gotten far anyway. Tee at 6pm


Felicia "The Barefoot Flea"    June 18 at 1:53pm

So we have

Lakeshore 7

Mills 5


Abby Calhoun    June 18 at 1:47pm

Voss votes for Lakeshore too.


Abby Calhoun    June 18 at 1:40pm

I vote Lakeshore

Hunter S. Dotson   June 18 at 1:42pm

Kelly should be coming out tonight for the Ladies league.

Abby Calhoun   June 18 at 1:47pm


Felicia "The Barefoot Flea"    June 18 at 1:37pm

So tie city

Lakeshore 5

Hudson mills 5


Hunter S. Dotson    June 18 at 1:25pm

LakeShore - Free range pit bulls, exposed electrical wiring, Gopher holes the size of my first apartment, the ghost of a old dead guy on putt green of #2 and other noted awesomeness.

Mills - Across the street from where we played last week, nominal car fee for those not living within the county, rattlesnakes and the chance of getting a phone call for ransom from a scavenger when they retrieve your lost disc 6 years later.

Tough call... I vote Lakeshore and a slow dance in the pale moonlight.

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Felicia "The Barefoot Flea"   June 18 at 1:59pm

or my laughter scared them away. lol.

Hunter S. Dotson   June 18 at 2:09pm


Miah IT'S NOT THAT FAR Swain   June 18 at 9:56pm

You forgot to add being shot by 9s at lake shore or shot guns at Mills

Felicia "The Barefoot Flea"    June 18 at 12:23pm

Lakeshore 4

Mills 5

Mills is in the lead.


Eat More Tacos    June 18 at 12:13pm



Felicia "The Barefoot Flea"    June 18 at 12:05pm

Well Mike looks like you get your wish with somewhere other than ypsi. I just don't know if i am going to make it now.

Mike "Papa Par" Even   June 18 at 12:11pm

I didn't "wish" anything. Polls close on Wednesday, there's still 24 hours left

Felicia "The Barefoot Flea"   June 18 at 12:12pm


John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan    June 18 at 11:57am

Mills for me. Only one I can make in time with getting off work at 5


Felicia "The Barefoot Flea"    June 18 at 11:36am

Lakeshore 4

Mills 3