2014 Friday Night Discin @ Stony

Mixed formats March - September 2014 Shelby Township, MI

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as of April 11

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Friday, April 25 @ 6:00pm
Stony Creek Metropark
Shelby Township, MI

About this League

Mixed league - 56 all-time players - 56 active players
$25.00 one-time player fee for this league
$7.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool
2014 Friday Night Discin @ Stony - PROS Play singles for cash. - AMS Play random draw best shot doubles for plastic and merch. Entry fees: ALL PLAYERS $7 ($1 goes to the finals) SIDE BETS: $2 each - Ace pool - CTP - 50/50 post round CTP, Tournament of Champions fundraiser. - singles vs doubles in one big division. Winner(s) take all up to $40 - FREE weekly longest putt contest for all players ***New for 2014:*** - Due to popular demand, 5 more weeks of league. Late Marc ...
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League News

Jeff Bauman   18 hours ago

Week 4: Storm Damage At Stony

An executive order has come down from Team Stony headquarters this morning. Due to the recent storm and all the damage still out on the course, we will play a 14 hole loop that will play like this:

Holes 1 thru 4 longs then the back 9 longs including the super long on hole 25 (old 9's tee box to current hole 24's basket) and we'll actually shoot down the hill on hole 27. Then we will be a sweet temp hole from a tee box half way up the hill to a basket on top of the hill. Par 48.

Make sure you are signed up by 5:55pm.

See you later tonight.

mike walker   17 hours ago

is that tee box even still there on 25?that sounds more like a july thing when theres more light.

Jeff Bauman   17 hours ago

It's not. They broke it up for some reason. What a waste of time and a great golf hole.

Jeff Bauman   16 hours ago

*correction. Its old 9's tee box to current 25's basket not 24's basket...that would be just silly!

Jeff Bauman   2 days ago

Week 4: 18 Shorts

This is normally the week we start so its gonna be a race against time again. With cloud cover it may get dark a little sooner than 8:15. So our format may change depending on the weather. Right now 18 shorts is the game. Sunset is around 8:15 so we need to be signed up and drawing partners by 5:55pm. Pro's play singles. Am's play random draw best shot doubles. Side bets: $2 each - Ace pool is $140 and 3 league points. - Club CTP will be for a PAIR 2014 Team Stony CFR Champ Glow Firebi ... more

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steve sevonty   1 day ago

up that walk back ally from 27 to skill shot?

Jeff Bauman   1 day ago

Indeed long 1 long 2 long everything. Super long on 25! A very cool hole!

Jeff Bauman   18 hours ago

Sorry Steve didnt see your post till now...yes.

Jeff Bauman   April 11 at 11:01pm

Week 3 Results: A New Record!

It was a big night for the club founder and CEO of Team Stony. Winning $50 in singles and then $40 in side bets makes tonights total take home $90! That's gotta be some kinda league record for cashing without acing! Nice job...um...me! Side bet winners: -The Dubs vs Singles side bet was $56. So I took $40 shooting -5 and team Roberts/Nowicky split $18 shooting -3. -Club CTP for a Ch Gl Boss, 7-11 card, TGIF card, microfiber towel, club mini and 1 league point goes to Josh Ballinger. -50/5 ... more

Lori Mullen WPD   April 12 at 12:21am

o'bauman rules o'bauman rules!!!!

Jeff Bauman   April 11 at 9:53am

$15 for GStar ...Really?

That's right! Bring your duckets tonight for ridiculous deals on Innova plastic. Any disc, any # of discs, any weight, any plastic, color, I Dyed, as long as its in their catalogue and in stock. We are placing the order tonight.


Jeff Bauman   April 8 at 10:59pm

Week 3: Still Racing The Clock

Still trying to beat the sunset so Fridays layout will be the same as week 2, The Early April 13 hole loop. Short tees on #1 and #2, and then longs on #3,#4, then #19 thru #27. Pros play singles Ams play random draw best shot doubles - Ace pool starts at $70 (Thanks G Hart for adding $20 last week!) - Club CTP will be for a 172g Glow Champ Boss, microfiber towel, Club mini, $8 TGIF card and a free 7-11 Slurpee. Will be on the alternate #27 where we shoot backwards off the tee to a 100' a ... more

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William "Wilcone" Fretz   April 9 at 9:38am

Definitely not enough time with Ranger Rick on our ass

Shaun Adkins   April 9 at 10:10am

He didn't **** with us last Friday.

Jeff Bauman   April 9 at 10:34am

It's mainly me. I don't want to be rushing around forgetting stuff and messing everything up yo! Prolly 18 shorts next week.

Jeff Bauman   April 5 at 9:34am

Week 2 Results: HAGEN!

A very tight battle in both divisions except for Brett Hagen who destroyed us all by at least 4 strokes in the rain and wind and taking home over $70. Nice job Brett! Club CTP and 1 league point was won by John Hamel winning a Glow Champ Roc 3, Innova splash t shirt, club mini, free Big Gulp and a TGIF card. 50/50 TOC CTP was won by Shaun Adkins winning $21 and 1 league point. Longest putt contest was won by Chene Nowicki winning a DX Aviar and 1 league point. Singls Vs Doubles bet was won ... more


Jeff Bauman   April 4 at 11:06am

Can Someone Bring A Basket?

Were gonna play 1 thru 4 (shorts on 1 & 2, then the back 9 minus hole 27 downhill shot . Id like to set up a temp basket where we'll shoot backwards off of 27 tee box to a spot by the big tree behind the tee box. It would be a short little 100' ace run and a good place to put our ctp.

So if someone has a lightweight basket they could bring that would be great. If not no biggie.

Remember we draw team at 5:55. See you tonight.

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Jeff Bauman   April 4 at 1:42pm

It was partly my fault for starting a little late last week. That wont happen again. I heard 50 mph gust possble tonight so the heavier the basket the better. A skillshot may get blown away lol!

William "Wilcone" Fretz   April 4 at 1:43pm

lol 25mph tops!!

Ed Carpus   April 4 at 3:26pm

There are rings on the feet so you can stake it down...

Jeff Bauman   April 1 at 4:09pm

Week 2: Stony Emerges!

Layout will be TBA again but its looking real good out there. Were almost back baby! Singles for pro's Random draw best shot doubles for the am's Free longest putt contest on #4 for all players for a DX Aviar and donations. - Club CTP will be for a TS glow champ Roc 3, Innova Splatter t shirt, $8 TGIF card, free Big Gulp and a club mini. - 50/50 TOC post round contest - Ace pool is at $0 Registration ends at 5:55 tonight. If your late you have to play pro and with Mike Walker. You'l ... more

Jay B INSANITY DGC   April 2 at 9:26am

registration ends at 555 TONIGHT?? i think there may be a lot of people late by friday then lol

Tom Carpenter   April 4 at 8:00am

Gonna be interesting tonight, they are calling for big winds this afternoon. Gonna make the winds we had at brys feel like little breezes lol

Jeff Bauman   March 28 at 11:19pm

Week 1: Chef Starts Off Cookin!

Josh (Ace Hole) Schulte kills it in the season opener. Wins the open division, hits an ace and ties team Sicora/Nowicki at -4 to take the Singles vs Doubles side bet. He walked away with over $170 boom! 38 players total tonight came out to battle the 11 hole "Glacier Loop". It was tight but we pulled it off before dark with some help from Hamel, J Ride, Herzog, 2J. Thanks guys! Team Stony CTP was won by Ted Stoebling winning a TS Glow Champ Roc 3, club mini, Microfiber towel, Free TGIF foo ... more


Jeff Bauman   March 26 at 5:00pm

Week 1... And Awaaaay We Go!

Its gonna be a slightly shortened night but we'll still have plenty of bling! Entry fee: All players $7 ($1 goes to the finals) Singles for the pro's Random draw best shot doubles for the am's. Layout is TBA and may be a game time decision. Side bets: $2 Ace pool - starts at $15. Leftover $$ from some post season shenanigans. $2 CTP - will be for a disc of your choice from our inventory, club mini, an $8 TGIF card, free drink from 7-11 and a microfiber towel. $2 50/50 - TOC f ... more


Jeff Bauman   March 26 at 4:35pm

Welcome Aboard 7-11

Yep, Dave at the 26 and Mound 7-11 has just signed on with us for the 2014 season. Please stop in there and thank them for helping us out!


Jeff Bauman   March 25 at 10:57pm

2014 Club Memberships

$25 Team Stony membership this year will get you all this...

- Club shirt (thank you Team Luna Disc)

- Your choice of any club stamped disc we have OR any disc from the Innova catalog.

- 100% of the ace pool (non members get 50%)

- Playoff tie breaker.

If you don't plan on becoming a member right now, you can take advantage of the Innova disc deal. All league players can order any Innova disc(s) and pay the minimum suggested retail price. Ex. $7 DX, $13 champion, $14 Star & G Star. This deal wont last long and is available to anyone who shows up to play.

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Jeff Bauman   March 26 at 12:40pm


steve sevonty   March 27 at 1:43am

iappreciate all ypur hard work jeff

Jeff Bauman   March 27 at 11:16am

thank you sir

Jeff Bauman   March 23 at 10:38pm

Doubles Champ Wins A Mach X This Year... Oh Yes!

This year the doubles champion will walk away with a brand new Mach X from DGA. The basket that was used at the 2014 Memorial PDGA National Tour Event.

For the pro singles, your name could be the 12th name engraved on the infamous Stony Cup... along with a nice cash prize just for showing up and playing some golf!

The 2014 season is scheduled to start next Friday the 28th. If the course is still a glacier, Id love to hear some suggestions for week one. Postpone, move to Bends, play anyway. What do you guys think?

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mike walker   March 24 at 2:19pm

a shortened version would be smart.

Joshua Ballinger   March 25 at 8:50pm

what format are you thinking? I ask if you need someone to clear the pads

Jeff Bauman   March 25 at 10:34pm

Not quite sure yet. Those pads are so bad I was just gonna wait until a couple days before to decide. I'm gonna head up there tomorrow to check the t pads.

Jeff Bauman   March 8 at 9:22pm

2014 Team Stony Stamped Discs Will Be Here Soon.

Already getting lots of inquiry's on the 2014 discs. They're probably going to be here in two weeks. This is what we got coming...

Champ Glow Firebirds, Roc 3's and Bosses and Star Destroyers. Place your orders now cause they're probably gonna go quick again.

$17 each until March 29, the day after the first night of league. Then the champ glows will go up a bit in price.

Cant wait for the season to start! We begin March 28. BOOOOOM!!!!!!

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William "Wilcone" Fretz   March 8 at 11:34pm

Woop Woop

Jeff Bauman   March 9 at 1:21am

We got Star Destroyers this year. OOhhh baby!!!

Kevin Eggy Egnatoski   March 15 at 12:10pm

I ll place my destroyer order

Jeff Bauman   February 25 at 9:34pm

Thank God Its Friday...No Really!

TGI Fridays @ Schoenherr and M-59 has just signed on with us for the 2014 season. BOOM!

League starts in just over one month. March 28!!

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Ken Mango   February 26 at 12:54pm

Pipe dream really? That's kind of appropriate.

Jeff Bauman   February 26 at 2:30pm

It friggin snowed on us in April last year lol! Were so F'd! Just deal with it. You coming Mango?

Tom Carpenter   March 3 at 10:07pm

Cant wait! Snow or mud it will still be a good time!