2014 Carlisle Coyotes Tag League

Bag Tag league March - November 2014 Carlisle, PA
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Saturday, November 8
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Finale layout, 36 holes
THE 2014 TAG FINALE: Round 1 Howler layout, par 62; Round 2 Classic layout, par 59.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron12121
2ndEarl Frazier12212
3rdChris Lard12373
3rdZachary Anders12384
5thFloyd Houdeshell124165
6thTyler Hamilton12756
6thJamie Lepley127177
8thDan Zechman13038
8thMatt Hamilton13069
8thEric Nesbit1302410
11thChas Ford1312211
12thJonathan Gere1341113
13thMatthew Kiral1402014
13thDoug Myers1402615
13thJason Sullivan1403216
16thJoe Harker1443117
17thBill Boise1452818
18thDaniel Radosinovich146420
18thJeff Ross1463022
20thChris Turner1471024
20thMatthew Hench1471426
20thSteve Alspaugh1471528
23rdJosh Woodson1512929
24thBill Charron, Sr.157930
25thBob Eberly1631831
26thShannon Myers1731332
Tag updates Saturday, November 8
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Zachary Anders538
Bill Charron, Sr.459
Chris Turner4110
Shannon Myers3513
Matthew Hench5414
Steve Alspaugh4015
Floyd Houdeshell4416
Bob Eberly3818
Bill Boise5028
Josh Woodson5229
Wayne Trump Jr1635
Justin Weaver1838
Nick Russ940
Mike Sutherland741
Filipp Lassman1444
Matt Swartz1045
Frieda Eberly2850
Andrew Bankert1352
Rob Clements2953
Matt Brenner1554
Monday, November 3
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
8 dedicated Coyotes bagged work and showed up for the 3:30pm Monday tag round last night! The hot rounds went to Bill Charron with a 58 and Nick Russ with a 60 (kudos to Nick for turning in his tag though since he can't be at the finale on Saturday). Jamie and Chas shot 63 and 64 respectively, but beyond that there wasn't much positive to report. Thanks to everyone for giving it one last shot as we battled against darkness! See you Saturday!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron5822
2ndNick Russ60249
3rdJamie Lepley63917
4thChas Ford641722
5thEric Nesbit693024
6thJeff Ross702230
6thJason Sullivan704032
8thSteve Alspaugh713240
Saturday, November 1
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
all long #1,#6,#12, #13, #14,#15,#17, 18 holes
we played long 2 and 7. We welcome Gary Sheaffer to the tag league better late than never.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stEarl Frazier6611
2ndGary Sheaffer735412
3rdSteve Alspaugh781232
4thMatthew Hench793254
Tag updates Monday, October 27
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Joe Harker4931
Greg Brandt3149
Monday, October 27
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
6 Coyotes and a guest came out to get in one of the last tag rounds of the year before the Finale tonight, and we once again played the classic layout to keep pace of play on schedule. Bill C defended the 2 tag with a 60, and Dan Radosinovich matched his 60 to jump to the 4 tag, while Chas shot a solid 62 but fell to the 17 because there were no tags in the middle. Ouch!

We'll send out a message about next week soon, but DST ends this weekend, so Monday night may be a challenge. Stay tuned!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron6022
1stDaniel Radosinovich60304
3rdChas Ford62417
4thMatthew Kiral692020
5thEric Nesbit711730
Saturday, October 25
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJonathan Gere631111
2ndWayne Trump Jr691616
3rdJason Sullivan724140
3rdChris Turner725241
5thJosh Woodson9994052
Monday, October 20
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
11 Coyotes and a few guests ventured out to the early start time of 4:30pm to get in one of the last Monday tag rounds of the season. We played the classic layout, which promoted some very good scores. Bill C defended the 2 tag with a 59, but Mike "Suds" scored a PB 59 as well to retain his 7 tag. Chris Lard posted a nice 60 to move to the 8, followed by Lepley's 62, Alspaugh's 63, and Nesbit & Kiral's 64s. Congrats to Matt Kiral on his new PB last night as well!

It's definitely worth mentioning that it was awesome to see Mike Beshore back at the Hills last night, too. He made a huge impact on the course at Coyote in past seasons and it was good to have him visiting from Oregon.

Even 4:30pm was cutting it very close to dark last night, so it's probably inevitable that the next few weeks will be at 4:00pm. We apologize for those who can't make it due to work, but mother nature dictates this schedule for us. Hope to see as many as possible!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron5922
1stMike Sutherland5977
3rdChris Lard60128
4thJamie Lepley62249
5thSteve Alspaugh631712
6thEric Nesbit64917
6thMatthew Kiral643020
8thNick Russ66824
9thDaniel Radosinovich714130
10thJason Sullivan722041
11thBill Charron, Sr.764545
Saturday, October 18
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
Tag challenge match between two Coyotes on a Saturday afternoon! Love seeing this, would like to see more challenge matches happen next season.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stMatthew Kiral714130
2ndDaniel Radosinovich733041
Saturday, October 18
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
Five disc golfers made their way out to the hills. There were some interesting holes good and bad. Highlights of the round started on hole two Steve hit his 3. Still hot from hole two Steve takes a 2 on three. Wayne with the lone 3 on 6. Chas and Wayne 2 hole seven. Jason hits the only 3 on nine. Steve with a 3 on ten. Steve birds thirteen. Wayne takes a 3 on fourteen. Chas gets a 3 on sixteen. Chas and Steve end the highlights with 3s on seventeen. It was a close round up until the back nine. After hole fourteen Wayne "Freight Train" began to derail and Chas was able to hold together the round to save his gold tag!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stChas Ford6444
2ndWayne Trump Jr701616
2ndSteve Alspaugh701717
4thJason Sullivan722020
5thJosh Woodson824040
Monday, October 13
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
9 Coyotes and a guest (good to see you Owen) played as fast as they could and still didn't manage to finish before dark, but all 18 holes were completed. Some found the last few holes to be detrimental to their score due to the rush, so whining and excuses were prominent (at least by Eric), and final tag results were tallied by way of iPhone flashlight (thanks Bill). The top tag in play was the 2 of Billy C, which he defended easily tonight, proving neither rain nor darkness can stop him from the hot round of the evening. Mike "Suds" also had a nice round to jump a bunch of positions on the leaderboard.

A special thanks goes out to Steve Alspaugh, Doug Myers, Matt Hench, and Dan Zechman for their hard work running the stump grinder last week, doing a tremendous amount of clearing of all the tripping hazards in our fairways. It took a dedicated effort by a few to make those fairways amazing for all to enjoy!

Thanks also goes out to Dan "Rad" and Matt Kiral for some awesome new
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron5722
2ndMike Sutherland64307
3rdNick Russ6788
3rdEric Nesbit6799
5thSteve Alspaugh681717
5thJason Sullivan682020
7thDaniel Radosinovich71730
8thMatthew Hench773232
8thMatthew Kiral774141
Saturday, October 11
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
It was a slightly wet round on a nice cool Saturday at the Hills! Jason S and Wayne T. tried there best but couldn't muster up anything special. Lots of errant shots and really bad putts inside the circle. Jason carded two birds one on 3 and the other 7. Wayne's only bird came on 17. While out there we encountered 3 coyotes grinding away at stumps. We got to play hole 2 stump free and it looks great. Thank you to all the volunteers that put their heart and soul into the course. It shows!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stWayne Trump Jr711616
1stJason Sullivan712020
Monday, October 6
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
On a windy fall night we had 11 Coyotes and a guest come out to get all the disc golf in they can before the fall turns to winter in a couple short months. We took on the classic layout tonight to catch a break from the "Howler" we battled last week.

The apex of the night had to be Bill Charron's skip ace on 15 (by design), fulfilling the prediction he made just a couple week's ago that this would be the hole he got a skip ace on at some point in the future. Little did he know the future only meant a short wait. It was hard not to "Chas" him as the disc was in flight, but Eric and Dan (Rad) both started yelling "skip ace" as the disc was on line to do so the whole way. Thankfully we didn't "nice" his shot out of the basket, as it skipped back to the appropriate height and slammed about every chain on the right-center and dropped in.

Hope to see you all next week, although our 5:00 start is now coming under threat from darkness by 7:00pm.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron5622
2ndDaniel Radosinovich65207
3rdNick Russ6678
3rdEric Nesbit66229
5thSteve Alspaugh68817
5thJason Sullivan683020
7thJeff Ross69922
8thMike Sutherland701730
8thMatthew Hench704532
10thMatthew Kiral743241
11thBill Charron, Sr.834145
Tag updates Tuesday, September 30
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Bill Charron, Sr.4341
Caryn Shearer4943
Joe Harker4149
Monday, September 29
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
all long #1,#6,#12, #13, #14,#15,#17, 18 holes
Tonight we had 15 Coyotes brave the "Howler" layout, which included the proposed long tee position on hole 2. Despite the extra length on six of the holes Bill Charron & Earl Frazier shot hot rounds of 58. Dan Zechman and the Hamilton Duo had the next best showing, coming in very close to par. There were no aces made during tag play so $8.00 was added to the Ace Pot this week.

A quick reminder that as the season winds down and the days are getting shorter, we'll have to get started right at 5:00pm to get the round in (and we may not have time to play the Howler layout anymore this fall due to time constraints).

See you next week!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stEarl Frazier5811
1stBill Charron5822
3rdDan Zechman6473
4thTyler Hamilton6555
4thMatt Hamilton6596
6thNick Russ67147
6thJeff Ross67179
8thFilipp Lassman682214
9thMike Sutherland69317
9thJustin Weaver69618
9thDaniel Radosinovich694920
12thEric Nesbit711822
13thMatthew Kiral722032
14thBill Charron, Sr.764343
15thCaryn Shearer803249
Friday, September 26
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
Tag challenge match between three players, which featured Eric getting Howlered 3 times during the round! Not a lot of good to talk about here, but we had fun on a beautiful Friday evening.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stSteve Alspaugh68148
2ndNick Russ69814
3rdEric Nesbit711818
Friday, September 26
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDan Zechman5577
2ndDoug Myers712626
3rdShannon Myers733535
Tag updates Monday, September 22
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Bill Charron, Sr.5043
Daniel Radosinovich5349
Bill Boise4350
Zachary Anders4953
Monday, September 22
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
Fall was in the air with a slight chill and a pretty sizable breeze so we played the classic layout again to see how close to dark that put us when we finished. As it turned out, even with the new 5:00pm start time we were very close to dusk as we sat around the table posting scores. Bill Charron had the only hot round of the night, shooting a 55 to take the top tag available.

There will be no Saturday round this week due to the Ace Race!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron5542
2ndChas Ford6474
3rdJustin Weaver6526
3rdDan Zechman6567
3rdNick Russ65208
6thJeff Ross67817
6thEric Nesbit671718
8thZach Roach705319
9thMatthew Kiral711820
10thBill Charron, Sr.745050
11thDaniel Radosinovich751953
Tag updates Saturday, September 20
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Matthew Kiral1818
Daniel Radosinovich1919
Saturday, September 20
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
all long #1,#6,#12, #13, #14,#15,#17, 18 holes
Great competition on a beautiful late summer morning. Wind definitely played a role in today's game. Long holes, long round. Steve Alspaugh had the highlight of the game with his second approach shot into long 14. Tomahawk to lay in Birdie.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stSteve Alspaugh731414
2ndMatthew Kiral741918
3rdDaniel Radosinovich761819
4thMatthew Hench774545
Monday, September 15
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
B pin on #1, 18 holes
We had 13 Coyotes show up on a beautiful late summer evening. There were a few under par rounds but the highlight was the ace on 7 by Frieda Eberly. Way to go!!! She won $26.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stEarl Frazier5881
2ndJustin Weaver5922
3rdBill Charron6114
4thChas Ford6277
5thJeff Ross63198
6thSteve Alspaugh652014
7thEric Nesbit66417
8thDaniel Radosinovich681418
9thMatthew Kiral701719
9thNick Russ701820
9thFrieda Eberly702828
12thBob Eberly754538
13thMatthew Hench763845
Tag updates Monday, September 8
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Jason Sullivan3830
Matthew Hench4138
Joe Harker5041
Bill Charron, Sr.5150
Paul Wojcik5251
Chris Turner3052
Monday, September 8
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
reg tees but long 6, 18 holes
Played the red tee on #1 due to a baseball game, and long 6. Par 60. Back to a solid turnout after a few sparse rounds. The Hills was better than almost everyone today, with only Billy C finishing under par. Great to see some new faces as well! Earl forgot his tag and played as a guest, notching a 64. $4 added to the acepot payout. Next up: Saturday at 10AM - see you at the Hills!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron5811
2ndDan Zechman6476
2ndChas Ford64147
4thDaniel Radosinovich65614
5thMatthew Kiral681817
6thNick Russ703018
7thSteve Alspaugh715020
8thChris Turner731730
8thJason Sullivan733838
10thMatthew Hench745141
11thJoe Harker754150
12thBill Charron, Sr.792051
Tag updates Saturday, September 6
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Daniel Radosinovich186
Matthew Kiral5018
Steve Alspaugh5150
Matthew Hench5251
Paul Wojcik652
Saturday, September 6
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
We would like to welcome 3 new Coyotes. Matt K., Matt H. and Dan R. They joined today for their first tag rounds on a very hot summer day. Dan moved from 51 to #6 since Paul turned his tag in. That could be the biggest jump for the season. He doesn't want to give up his #6 gold rock. Ask him what that means. They said they are coming out Monday so lets welcome them Coyote style.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDaniel Radosinovich675218
2ndMatthew Kiral695150
3rdSteve Alspaugh701851
4thMatthew Hench795052
Tuesday, September 2
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
A rather anemic attendance today, as only 3 tag holders came out to play. Three other future Coyotes joined in for the round, but yours truly forgot his key to the shed and could not furnish the newcomers with actual tags. Big news from the round was a HUGE PB from Mr. Bill Charron the elder, who bested his previous mark by nine strokes on the way to notching a 66 and dropping quite a few tag ranks in the process! Mr. Bill didn't miss a putt inside of 20 feet, and his rescue tomahawk was dialed in all day. Congrats sir! Meanwhile his progeny was up to his usual shredding of the Hills, defending with another sub-par outing. And me? Well, I just suck. Next up: Saturday at 10AM. LET'S GET SOME FOLKS OUT TO PLAY!!!!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron5611
2ndBill Charron, Sr.664120
3rdJoe Harker692041
Monday, August 25
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
Although conditions couldn't have been any better, only 6 Coyotes came out to test their skills on the classic layout, par 59. Chas came in with a very solid 60 to gain a better tag, but Bill was able to defend the #1 yet again with a 58. The surprise of the night came from Eric, who shot a PB 58 to tie Bill, and take home the #4 tag.

Hope to see you next week, we only have a few more weeks at the 5:30pm start time before we have to bring it back to 5:00pm as we lose daylight hours.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron5811
1stEric Nesbit58144
3rdChas Ford601914
4thJeff Ross66419
5thNick Russ673030
6thJason Sullivan753838
Monday, August 18
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
all long #1,#6,#12, #13, #14,#15,#17, 18 holes
Hole 1 was played red-to-A pin due to a baseball game, par 62. The top 4 tags were in play, but only one of them put up a defense-worthy performance. Weaver was set to CRUSH the course at -8 through 8 (yes, he birdied every hole!) before coming back down to Earth a bit on the back. His 57 tied Billy C for the hot round, but Billy emerged with the red #1 due to a lower starting tag. Despite the ace rush that seems to have caught on locally, less than half the field funded the acepot. It stands at a $14 payout right now. Next up: Saturday at 10AM.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron5731
1stJustin Weaver57142
3rdMike Sutherland65243
4thJeff Ross66124
5thChris Lard67112
6thEric Nesbit693014
7thChas Ford70219
8thJoe Harker721920
9thFilipp Lassman732222
10thJamie Lepley76424
10thNick Russ763830
12thJason Sullivan772038
12thRoz Crandall774848
Tag updates Monday, August 18
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Dustin Sullivan3121
Greg Brandt2131
Tag updates Monday, August 18
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Dan Zechman87
Earl Frazier78
Saturday, August 16
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
reg tees but long 6, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stEarl Frazier5587
2ndDan Zechman66108
3rdMatt Swartz67710
4thWayne Trump Jr691616
5thJason Sullivan702120
6thGreg Brandt743521
7thShannon Myers822035
Tag updates Tuesday, August 12
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Jeff Ross1412
Justin Weaver1814
Steve Alspaugh3118
Dustin Sullivan2131
Nick Russ4138
Bill Charron, Sr.4341
Bill Boise1243
Monday, August 11
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
Thanks Billy C for running the round!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron5733
2ndJamie Lepley5984
2ndEarl Frazier5998
2ndMatt Hamilton59439
5thDan Zechman614110
6thJeff Ross641814
7thJustin Weaver65418
8thSteve Alspaugh673131
9thJason Sullivan691438
10thNick Russ701041
10thBill Charron, Sr.703843
Tag updates Sunday, August 10
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Dan Zechman4941
Zachary Anders4149
Saturday, August 9
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
3 tag members made it out to the Hills today. Jason had the front mastered shooting 2 over with Wayne at + 7 and Steve at +9. Jason hit the lone pars on 2 and 4 taking two strokes away from Wayne and Steve each hole. Steve and Jason hit 2s on 7. Heading into the back 9 Steve is playing the most consistent out of us at the point. Wayne cans a 2 putt just inside the circle on 12. Steve proceeds to hit the birdie 4 on 13. A lone par for Steve on 14. We all managed a 3 on 16. Steve hit the chastity belt going for the 2. Going into 17 Jason has a commanding lead. Steve is beating Wayne by 1! Wayne's drive makes it across Howler Valley and sticks. Steve's drive couldn't have looked any nicer till it hit a tree on the other side and put him inside the howler ropes. Jason's drive makes it safely. Jason and Wayne 4 Steve 5. Tied up on the last hole Wayne sends a flick roll left to right and fades left almost 50 feet away. Steve sends his comet down and comes up 15 feet behind Wayne. Steve appro
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJason Sullivan643114
2ndWayne Trump Jr681416
3rdSteve Alspaugh691631
Tag updates Monday, August 4
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Bill Charron43
Justin Weaver54
Tyler Hamilton105
Nick Russ1610
Steve Alspaugh1816
Chris Turner3017
Jeff Ross3118
Eric Nesbit3830
Jason Sullivan4331
Bill Charron, Sr.4938
Zachary Anders341
Dan Zechman4149
Monday, August 4
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
all long #1,#6,#12, #13, #14,#15,#17, 18 holes
The absolutely perfect conditions brought 11 Coyotes out of the den to challenge the long layout tonight. Chas Ford lead the way with a PB on the "all long" layout, shooting the hot round of 61 for the evening and moving to the #2 tag! Bill Charron, Justin Weaver, and Tyler Hamilton were in close pursuit but needed a few more putts to drop to challenge Chas on this night. Zach Anders and Dan Zechman surrendered their tags, so a tag update will be done after the scores are updated. $3 was added to the ace pot (Bill Charron aced #7 again today, but it was in a tag challenge match with Eric Nesbit prior to the official tag round). Hope to see you again next week!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stChas Ford61102
2ndBill Charron6224
3rdJustin Weaver6455
4thTyler Hamilton664310
5thNick Russ671816
6thSteve Alspaugh691618
6thChris Turner693830
8thJeff Ross724931
9thEric Nesbit74438
10thJason Sullivan773043
11thBill Charron, Sr.793149
Monday, August 4
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
Tag challenge match.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron5922
2ndEric Nesbit6744
Saturday, August 2
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
3 tag members made it out to the HIlls this weekend. On the front Chris took a comfortable lead ahead of Jason and Wayne. Letting them battle for the 13 tag. Chris had a number of highlights. 3 on 2, 2 on 6, Then Jason and Chris hit twos on 7. On the back the battle between for the 13 tag really lit up. Going into the back Jason 32 and Wayne 33. Wayne hit the lone 3 on 10. Chris hits lone 3 on 11. Chris 2s hole 12. Chris hits a 4 on 13 and Wayne was able to save a par after going into the right off the pad and pitching out. Wayne with the lone 3 on 14. Jason with an awesome 3 on 17. However it was not enough to catch Wayne. Both Wayne and Jason were left in the dust by Chris Lard. Come on out Monday for tags and don't be shy on Saturdays. We don't bite... hard!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stChris Lard6011
2ndWayne Trump Jr701414
3rdJason Sullivan743030
Tag updates Monday, July 21
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Steve Alspaugh1816
Nick Russ1918
Joe Harker1619
Monday, July 21
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
reg tees but long 6, 18 holes
It turned out to be a great night for play at the "Hills" and 8 players came to challenge a par 61 layout selection, which featured the classic design plus the blue tee on hole 6.

The top round was turned in by Chris Lard who shot a very steady 59 that appeared lower than that, as nothing really stood in his way tonight, and defended the 1 tag. Eric Nesbit recorded a new PB of 62 to collect the 4 tag, which is his first time in the top 5 (but had held the 8 & 9 in the last two weeks and greatly appreciates the advice from the experienced players). We also had an appearance from Gary Sheaffer tonight as well, thanks for joining us!

A special thanks to Dan Zechman, Joe Harker, and Eric Nesbit for putting in a few hours of weed-whacking prior to tags to keep getting the course ready for PA States this Sunday.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stChris Lard5911
2ndEric Nesbit6294
3rdJamie Lepley6348
3rdEarl Frazier6389
5thSteve Alspaugh691918
6thNick Russ701819
Saturday, July 19
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
reg tees but long 6, 18 holes
4 disc golfers chose a beautiful calm Saturday morning to play a tag round. Steve wanted to play Sorry Dude but was out voted. He proceeded to throw his first throw out of bounds waiting and hoping for someone to say sorry dude and he would have to re-throw. Hearing nothing he ended with a 7 on #1 still hoping all the while for a sorry dude. Not too much happened but Justin did have a practice throw easily go over the cell tower fence. He can't wait for States to make it again. He had an awesome putt on 8 for a birdie while yours truly laid up. Bill and Steve dueled it out but Steve gave it away on the first hole. Shannon had some great putts to go with some FudgePacker shots a word which Justin broke out with on #10. Justin owes us all a treat at Meadows Ice Cream for looking for his tee off on 18 which from the tee looked like it went 100 feet right. We looked for 10 minutes in crap up to our knees and when we gave up he yells out, "here it is in the fairway". Unbelievable shananigan
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJustin Weaver6155
2ndBill Boise671212
3rdSteve Alspaugh701919
4thShannon Myers802020
Monday, July 14
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
Four Coyotes braved the threat of thunderstorms and had to endure some rain for a few holes, but proceeded undaunted. Thanks Billy for running tags for us!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron5922
2ndBill Charron, Sr.713131
3rdChris Turner734038
4thJosh Woodson773840
Monday, July 7
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
all long #1,#6,#12, #13, #14,#15,#17, 18 holes
Tonight the "Howler" layout was tested by 10 Coyotes and a guest, and 2 red tags and 3 gold tags were on the table. Biggest news of the day was an ACE by 2013 Tag League Champion Bill Charron on hole 8. To be honest, I dismissed Bill's tee shot as being too short to watch the whole way in, so I had my back turned when we heard the chains. Charron himself didn't seem to think the disc had the right trajectory to stay in the basket, so he didn't get very excited (does that surprise anyone?). With the basket obscured from view until halfway up the fairway, we all tried to let Bill be the one to see it first, but he demurely ambled along and was the last of the group to confirm that his Firebird (which apparently used to be in the bag of our other recent ace-er, Justin Weaver) was laying snugly in he basket. But Billy hadn't paid the ace pot, which was essentially unfunded anyway since Weaver's 1, and so he left empty handed. Chris Lard's -3 60 took home the top tag. $3 added to the acepot
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stChris Lard6051
2ndBill Charron6122
3rdJustin Weaver6285
4thEarl Frazier6618
5thEric Nesbit68169
6thJoe Harker69916
6thNick Russ691818
6thSteve Alspaugh691919
9thJason Sullivan743030
10thBill Charron, Sr.823131
Monday, June 30
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
, 1 holes
Tonight's round featured random groups trying to go low on the "classique" layout, which was certainly accomplished by Bill, Jamie, and Chris, with Matt and Justin coming in at Even. But the highlight of the night had to be out of my group, as I witnessed firsthand Jamie "smelling an ace in the air" on our walk out of the trees from #11, which must have been coming from Weaver's bag, because he pulled the right disc and absolutely slammed it straight in. It had the right line the whole way and we were listening expectantly (as you know you can't actually see the basket this time of year), but the sound the disc made when going in was unmistakable! Congrats Justin! Unfortunately, the ace wasn't enough to supplant a PB from Jamie out of our group's play. Great play from many around the course tonight!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron5652
2ndJamie Lepley5724
3rdChris Lard59165
4thMatt Swartz6047
4thJustin Weaver6078
6thChas Ford651010
7thEric Nesbit67816
8thJason Sullivan683030
9thBill Charron, Sr.733131
Saturday, June 28
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
Another great day for disc golf. I wish I could recap all the great lines we shaped on the course, but Hobie and I would rather forget all the trees we are damaging.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJason Sullivan713030
2ndKeith Corn744242
Monday, June 23
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
Beautiful day for disc golf. 14 tag members and 1 guest, welcome back Jeff Ross, made their way around the hills. There were a lot of rounds in the 60's. Jamie lowered his PB by 2 strokes to tally a 58. Chris Turner vowed to not defend the 48 and made good on that.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJamie Lepley58172
2ndBill Charron6025
2ndJustin Weaver6057
4thChas Ford62710
4thChris Lard621016
6thMatt Hamilton633017
7thNick Russ653118
8thFrieda Eberly661628
8thJason Sullivan664330
10thBill Charron, Sr.694531
10thChris Turner694840
12thTyler Hamilton702843
13thBob Eberly714045
14thRoz Crandall731848
Saturday, June 21
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
all long #1,#6,#12, #13, #14,#15,#17, 18 holes
The rain held off, unfortunately we still got soaked searching for discs in the shule and having squirrels scramble in the above branches to drop water on us. This should also tell you not many fairways were in play. Steve initially was worried dropping down but it was evident early on that he would defend. A deer decided to watch us tee off on 12 but after I had finished had already turned away, telling me it was not too impressed. Hope to see most of you on Monday.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stSteve Alspaugh711919
2ndJason Sullivan774343
Monday, June 16
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
A pleasant, if somewhat muggy and buggy, evening for a round of disc golf saw 9 Coyotes scatter from the picnic table to try their luck at the "Classic" layout. Nothing particularly special to report on, save for Billy's 56 (which is awesome but somewhat expected by now), and a VERY respectable +3 from Nesbit. It certainly wasn't a good day for the Hamilton boys. $3 added to the acepot payout, next up: Saturday @ 10AM!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron5642
2ndMatt Swartz6384
2ndEric Nesbit63198
4thJoe Harker67309
5thSteve Alspaugh684319
6thTyler Hamilton69228
7thMatt Hamilton70930
7thJason Sullivan702843
7thChris Turner704848
Saturday, June 14
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
all long #1,#6,#12, #13, #14,#15,#17, 18 holes
Four disc golfers showed up for our saturday tag round. Two of them were Bill Ledgett and Ryan Davie. We decided to play longs to give Ryan an idea for what he would get to play in the Howler 2. Ryan took a 3 on hole one. Ryan and Steve hit birds on hole 5. Steve and Bill take 2s one 7 and i got howlered taking a circled 4. Going into the back 9 Ryan has 31, Wayne 34, Steve 35, and Bill 37. Steve hits a 40 foot putt for a bird on hole 11. Ryan takes a 2 on 15. Going into hole 18 Steve has three strokes on Wayne. Steve's drive comes out a little late kicks a tree into the rough. Wayne rolls hard left to right and is under the log with a 30 ft putt. Steve takes a few shots to get out of the rough all Wayne has to make his putt for a 2 to tie Steve. He misses thinking Steve would make his putt, but it hits the basket. Wayne takes a 3 and Steve a 6. There were definitely a good bit of strokes for the both that could have been shaved off Ryan shot a 62 and Bill had a 73.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stWayne Trump Jr731414
1stSteve Alspaugh734343
Monday, June 9
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
We played 1B, 6B, and 14B for a par 63 layout tonight. Three people managed to defeat the course for under par rounds! Great shooting everyone.

Hope to see you out on Sunday for the Coyote Howler II.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron5844
2ndChris Lard591010
3rdJamie Lepley611717
4thEric Nesbit662819
5thMike Sutherland681924
5thJason Sullivan684828
7thSteve Alspaugh712443
8thBill Charron, Sr.764545
9thChris Turner834348
Saturday, June 7
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
Great day for disc golf. Welcome to Zach Currier to the league. Matt S. scrambled all day. Zach had a great drive on 17 to the top of the hill leaving a 30ish foot putt for a look at a 2 but hit the top band. Wayne wished he putted better.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stMatt Swartz6188
2ndWayne Trump Jr691414
3rdZach Currier714839
4thJason Sullivan733948
Monday, June 2
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
The short layout was again challenged, and at least one Coyote met that challenge with vigor: Earl Frazier crushed it with a bogey-free 53!!!! Birdies on 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8 put him in the driver's seat heading to the back, where he got a little loose but didn't buckle, managing another birdie on 12 and a beautiful eagle on 18. Chris Lard's round featured more "impressive" shots, matching Frazier's birdie count and notching an eagle of his own on 13, but Lard struggled with consistency and added 7 bogeys to his card. He and Bill Charron the younger, who carded 5 birdies against 2 bogeys and a double, settled for 60s. Playing in that group, my 65 felt like a 90. Mike Suds rang up a PB 64, and Bill Charron the elder made an all-too-rare tag round appearance as well. Next up: Saturday at 10AM. Acepot payout increased by $3.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stEarl Frazier5341
2ndBill Charron6014
2ndChris Lard604510
4thMike Sutherland641919
4thSteve Alspaugh643024
6thJoe Harker653930
7thNick Russ692431
7thJason Sullivan694239
9thKeith Corn713142
10thChris Turner721043
11thBill Charron, Sr.774345
Saturday, May 31
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
There were only five Coyotes who came out to enjoy a stroll down the fairways (mostly) for Saturday tags, so we decided to play a 5-some round. After a few weeks testing out "all longs" we ventured through the original layout, playing all regular tees at a par 60.

Eric started his round -1 through 5 holes, showing that there might just be a disc golfer inside the trained ball golfer, but he quickly faded back into normalcy throughout the round. However, the highlight of the day is definitely the fireworks display put on by Bill Boise at the end. He sat E thru 14, and then pulled off the unthinkable to close his round - birdie, birdie, birdie, eagle! None of those were lucky shots either. Drive parked on 15, drive into the grass on 16, 2nd shot to the log on 17, and drive to the log on 18. Boom! It was fun to watch! A PB score of 55 for Bill Boise. Congrats!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Boise551412
2ndWayne Trump Jr651214
3rdEric Nesbit673028
4thSteve Alspaugh692830
5thJason Sullivan724242
Tag updates Tuesday, May 27
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Bill Charron21
Tyler Hamilton52
Justin Weaver175
Jamie Lepley1917
Mike Sutherland3919
Joe Harker4239
Jason Sullivan4542
Chris Lard145
Monday, May 26
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
all long #1,#6,#12, #13, #14,#15,#17, 18 holes
Tonight's tag round doubled as the second round of the 2014 Memorial Day Player's Championship. A huge gap in starting tags made for dismal prospects of moving up against a pretty solid field. Chris Lard's surrender of the red #1 put that tag in play, and it was Billy taking home the top tag for the first time since late March. $2 added to the acepot payout. Next up: Saturday at 10AM.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron5852
2ndTyler Hamilton59455
3rdJustin Weaver64217
3rdJamie Lepley641719
5thMike Sutherland694239
6thJoe Harker721942
7thJason Sullivan773945
Monday, May 19
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
all long #1,#6,#12, #13, #14,#15,#17, 18 holes
A beautiful spring evening saw 14 Coyotes again attempt to tame the newly christened "all longs" par 63 layout. A little shuffle at the top, as Lard pulled away from the field with a stunning 6-under front 9 and then held steady through the back to finish two strokes ahead of Earl, with both well under par. Lots of other and far bigger tag swings took place elsewhere on the leaderboard, as scores can easily get away from you on this layout. Many of us are finding "all longs" to be a humbling score-wrecker, but the good scores are out there to be had. The course is "greening in" by the hour it seems, and lanes are closing up fast! Next up: Saturday 10AM, and good luck convincing folks not to play "all longs" again. Seriously, who does NOT love long 6??????
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stChris Lard5841
2ndEarl Frazier6014
3rdBill Charron6155
4thMatt Swartz64428
5thMatt Hamilton65199
6thJonathan Gere691111
6thBill Boise692814
8thJoe Harker703019
9thSteve Alspaugh71928
9thEric Nesbit711430
11thKeith Corn723131
12thJason Sullivan743939
13thMike Sutherland75842
14thBill Charron, Sr.784343
Saturday, May 17
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
all long #1,#6,#12, #13, #14,#15,#17, 18 holes
MIke brought a guest, Grant who shot a 92.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stEarl Frazier6311
2ndMike Sutherland70398
3rdSteve Alspaugh73269
4thDoug Myers74826
5thBill Boise79928
5thJason Sullivan792839
Monday, May 12
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
all long #1,#6,#12, #13, #14,#15,#17, 18 holes
After a little rain around 4:30, the weather provided us a fantastic evening to play. The course looked phenomenal coming off the WGE/Howler from the weekend, and we decided to play the par 63 long layout tonight for a new challenge in tags.

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed time to working on the course this spring!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJustin Weaver5942
2ndChris Lard6224
2ndBill Charron6255
4thEric Nesbit641914
5thMatt Hamilton661419
6thNick Russ672824
7thSteve Alspaugh722426
7thJason Sullivan722628
9thKeith Corn743131
10thMike Sutherland764339
11thBill Charron, Sr.773943
Wednesday, May 7
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
Some of the local women made it out for a practice round for the Women"s Global Event.
REC tees.
Fun was had by all, even though I think everyone but Frieda got howlered.
Tammy on #3
Roz and Shannon on #17
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stFrieda Eberly641816
2ndRoz Crandall681618
3rdShannon Myers752320
4thTammy Manatt772023
Tag updates Monday, May 5
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Bill Charron, Sr.4039
Bob Eberly4240
Matt Swartz3942
Monday, May 5
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
B pin on #1, 18 holes
We had a great turnout for our 5:30 round tonight, with 15 people trying to better their position. The layout selected included long 1, and the debut of long 6 (par 4), for a par of 62. Regular 14 was used on the back. All new Howler rules were in effect as well, although not many people have really been in trouble, proving that good shots still produce good results.
Congratulations to Doug Myers for shooting a PB this week!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stChris Lard6022
2ndZachary Anders6133
2ndJustin Weaver6194
4thChas Ford6247
4thDoug Myers6288
6thBill Boise6579
7thJamie Lepley661717
7thFrieda Eberly664018
9thEric Nesbit692419
10thSteve Alspaugh701824
10thJason Sullivan702626
12thKeith Corn781931
12thDereck Jadro784237
14thBill Charron, Sr.803740
15thBob Eberly813142
Saturday, May 3
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
, 1 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stChris Lard6122
2ndJonathan Gere721111
2ndEric Nesbit722424
2ndJason Sullivan722626
Tag updates Monday, April 28
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Doug Myers108
Chris Turner2410
Eric Nesbit2824
Nick Russ3028
Joe Harker3130
Bob Eberly3831
Josh Woodson4038
Frieda Eberly4140
Dan Zechman841
Monday, April 28
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
We couldn't quite avoid the rain, but nothing significant hit us until most groups were on their finishing holes. Welcome back to Chris Turner and Josh Woodson, 2014 Coyotes #40 and #41. 5 of the top 10 tags were up for grabs (including the surrendered #8, thanks DZ), and their holders performed admirably, with the top two flip-flopping and the rest defending. An unofficial tag round PB for Doug Myers (pending a stats update) and a !hot! 54 on the short layout for Chris Lard - a tied PB too, right? Mulch piles are out in all the usual places - LET THE SPREADING BEGIN!! In the next two weeks, it'll be all hands on deck to get The Hills ready for her 2014 tournament debut!!! Hope to see you out there!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stChris Lard5432
2ndZachary Anders6023
3rdBill Charron6155
4thBill Boise6377
4thDoug Myers631010
6thChris Turner654024
7thEric Nesbit673028
8thNick Russ683130
8thJoe Harker683831
10thBob Eberly752838
11thJosh Woodson764140
12thFrieda Eberly792441
Saturday, April 26
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
all long #1,#6,#12, #13, #14,#15,#17, 18 holes
The weather rewarded those that came on Saturday morning with great conditions, and two of the top 10 tags were in play for everybody to shoot for. The groups were random and we played long 1 and long 14 for a par of 62.

Justin Weaver opened his round with a solid birdie on long 1, a putt of only about 10 feet needed to secure the 3, but after needing some "turd polish" to get through the chute on hole 2, he probably knew it was going to be an up-and-down day. From my vantage point in the group, there were a lot of birdies being made to look routine by Mr. Weaver, but on just a few holes the turds just couldn't be polished enough and it lead to some big numbers that held him back from going low. Roz and Steve turned in very respectable rounds on the long layout, and Eric rounded out the group with an undesirable score but a couple of those moments that keep you coming back for more (absolutely parked on 5 for a drop-in birdie, and a miraculous birdie on 16 from about 90' away - a
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stChas Ford6494
2ndJustin Weaver6549
3rdRoz Crandall663516
4thSteve Alspaugh671618
5thJason Sullivan693026
6thEric Nesbit701830
7thGreg Brandt732635
Tag updates Tuesday, April 22
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Earl Frazier31
Chris Lard303
Bill Charron315
Jason Sullivan3730
Nick Russ3831
Bill Charron, Sr.3937
Joe Harker138
Matt Swartz539
Monday, April 21
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stEarl Frazier5853
2ndMatt Swartz60395
3rdChris Lard62330
3rdBill Charron623831
5thJason Sullivan673137
5thNick Russ673738
7thBill Charron, Sr.713039
Friday, April 18
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stEric Nesbit671918
2ndKeith Corn723119
3rdJason Sullivan781831
Tag updates Tuesday, April 15
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Joe Harker41
Justin Weaver74
Bill Boise117
Jonathan Gere1611
Steve Alspaugh1816
Jason Sullivan1918
Eric Nesbit2619
Greg Brandt3126
Keith Corn3731
Bill Charron138
Monday, April 14
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
B pin on #1, 18 holes
Yesterday at the Bash, Bill Charron surrendered the #1 tag due to an ankle issue that might keep him out for a few rounds. And so the red #1 was up for grabs as 9 Coyotes took on the Hills and the strong winds that twisted across the open areas of the course. Just so happens that this was the night that yours truly had the best round of his young-but-going-nowhere-fast career. Nothing magical or extraordinary, just smart golf on a night where almost every shot flies exactly the way you knew it could. Still, a PB -3 on the par 61 layout (officially, we played alt 14 rather than long 1) was made even sweeter by being able to take home the #1 tag for the first time ever. So I'll say a public THANK YOU to Billy, whose club-spanning commitment to keeping the #1 tags in play as much as possible, even if that means giving them up, made it happen! (And also to Weaver for having an off night.) $4 to the acepot payout, next up Saturday at 10AM!!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJoe Harker58194
2ndJustin Weaver6347
3rdBill Boise66711
4thJonathan Gere671116
5thSteve Alspaugh721618
5thJason Sullivan722619
7thEric Nesbit731826
8thGreg Brandt773131
9thKeith Corn803737
Saturday, April 12
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
all long #1,#6,#12, #13, #14,#15,#17, 18 holes
Just regular #13- par 62.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stChris Lard6533
1stJonathan Gere651211
3rdWayne Trump Jr701112
4thSteve Alspaugh721616
5thGreg Brandt753131
6thAndrew Szabat783434
Friday, April 11
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
Bill Boise PB(for a tag round) at 2 under par with 6 birdies!!! Great round, Bill;)
no tags exchanged
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Boise5877
2ndDoug Myers631010
3rdShannon Myers832323
Saturday, April 5
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
A VERY blustery round saw 12 Coyotes in pursuit of Chris Lard's #3 tag, including the 2014 debuts of John Wojick, who became Coyote #36 for 2014, and Wayne "Freight Train" Trump Jr., who earned his tag at the Ice Bowl but played his first tag round today. Conditions clearly favored the players most able to adapt to the wind - only the most skilled among us had scores unaffected it. $4 added to the new ace pot payout. Next up: Monday 5:30PM start time!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stChris Lard5833
2ndChas Ford66129
3rdWayne Trump Jr671111
4thJonathan Gere69912
5thSteve Alspaugh701616
6thJoe Harker711919
6thDustin Sullivan712821
8thFrieda Eberly732124
9thJason Sullivan782626
10thBob Eberly793128
11thGreg Brandt802431
12thJohn Wojcik853636
Tag updates Saturday, April 5
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Wayne Trump Jr2011
Tammy Manatt1120
Tuesday, April 1
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Boise6077
2ndDan Zechman61108
3rdDoug Myers67810
Monday, March 31
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
B pin on #1, 18 holes
A fabulous evening of disc golf with plenty of highlights!! See the tag round report on the message board (register for the board at: sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/CVDGACC/ ). A great win from Billy C, an ACE!!!!! from Caryn, top 5 tags in play... what a beautiful night at the Hills!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Charron5451
2ndZachary Anders5842
3rdChris Lard6023
3rdJustin Weaver6034
5thEarl Frazier6315
6thMatt Hamilton671414
6thSteve Alspaugh673016
8thEric Nesbit691918
8thJoe Harker692419
10thFrieda Eberly712621
11thFilipp Lassman721622
11thGreg Brandt722924
11thJason Sullivan723426
14thRob Clements731829
15thBill Charron, Sr.773330
16thCaryn Shearer822132
16thDonna Griest822233
16thAndrew Szabat823234
Tag updates Saturday, March 29
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Dan Zechman1510
Matt Brenner1015
Saturday, March 29
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
Welcome back Greg Brandt and Matt Brenner, Coyotes #34 and #35 for 2014. With many of our low tag holders at a nearby tournament, it was Bill Boise with the #7 tag and a target on his back. Well, if there was pressure, Bill didn't feel it, notching a PB 59 on the par 60 layout. Then it was Jonathan Gere coming into form, after struggling the over last few rounds, to card a +1; good enough to capture the newly-vacated #9 tag (thanks Roz! Hope to see you at the Hills soon!) Matt Brenner also notched a tag-round PR 62 while playing in his first disc golf round since early last fall. $4 added to the acepot payout. Next up: Monday at 5PM (probably the last time before switching to 5:30 from now until fall.)
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBill Boise5977
2ndJonathan Gere61299
3rdMatt Brenner623410
4thDan Zechman63915
5thJamie Lepley661017
6thJoe Harker691524
6thGreg Brandt693229
8thSteve Alspaugh722430
9thAndrew Szabat763032
10thJason Sullivan801734
Tag updates Saturday, March 29
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Dan Zechman109
Jamie Lepley1510
Joe Harker1715
Jason Sullivan2417
Steve Alspaugh2924
Jonathan Gere3029
Andrew Szabat3230
Greg Brandt3432
Matt Brenner3534
Roz Crandall935
Tag updates Wednesday, March 26
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Chas Ford1712
Joe Harker1217
Monday, March 24
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
A chilly and blustery round continues to find everyone in early-season form. The #1 tag made only its second appearance of 2014, and its "undefended" streak continues. Zach Anders made a late charge to challenge Earl Frazier's lead, setting the stage for what Chas Ford called one of the most legendary finishing holes in recent tag round memory. (Perhaps Mr. Ford might share some eye-witness details on the board.) With the match square, Frazier answered Anders' epic drive on 18 with an even more epicer (yeah I made that up) drive of his own to secure his first claim to the red #1 for 2014. In the bottom group of this ranked round, Joe Harker established a nice little cushion through the midpoint of the round, but faltered to the steady Bill Boise. The Coyotes welcome back the elder Bill Charron with the hopes that we'll see him out for a tag round every now and again. $6 added to the acepot payout, next up: Saturday at 10AM.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stEarl Frazier5971
2ndZachary Anders6014
3rdBill Charron6145
4thBill Boise66197
5thJoe Harker68512
5thChas Ford681217
7thEric Nesbit731719
Tag updates Monday, March 24
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Joe Harker205
Wayne Trump Jr520
Saturday, March 22
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
B pin on #1, 18 holes
Beautful day at the Hills saw 5 new tags purchased! Welcome to the 2014 Coyotes Matt Hamilton, Earl Frazier, Frieda Eberly, Bob Eberly, and Dustin Sullivan!! Today's story was more about struggle than it was triumph. The only one disappointed by the arrival of Earl and Matt was Steve Alspaugh, who saw his hopes of defending the #7 slip away before he even set foot on the course; the pressure was too much for him as he dropped strokes all over the course. Dan Zechman was knocking on the door for awhile but couldn't turn the corner and close out the round. For every sweet shot Bill Boise threw, he matched it with a sour one to follow. Jonathan Gere joined the highly exclusive club of Coyotes who've actually been Howlered on 17. The Champ had an acceptable 2014 debut, and Earl was splendid with a 59 in his first outing. $5 added to acepot payout, next up Monday at 5PM!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stEarl Frazier59297
2ndDan Zechman631010
3rdMatt Hamilton642814
4thBill Boise651419
5thJoe Harker691920
6thFrieda Eberly713026
7thDustin Sullivan723228
8thSteve Alspaugh73729
8thJonathan Gere732030
8thAndrew Szabat732632
Monday, March 17
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
B pin on #1, 18 holes
A chilly day at the Hills! Low tag in play was Chris "I'm awesomer than I thought!" Lard and the #2. Lard was trying for his second straight defense of the red. He succeeded easily, with his next nearest challenger a whopping 5 strokes away. His 58 was his second of the young season, though this one occurred on the "long 1" par 61 layout. Steve Alspaugh turned in a fine performance, dropping 10 tag positions to get his hands on some gold. $4 added to the acepot payout. Next up: Saturday at 10AM!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stChris Lard5822
2ndBill Charron6374
3rdSteve Alspaugh64177
4thDan Zechman66410
5thBill Boise671014
5thEric Nesbit671917
7thJoe Harker681419
8thJonathan Gere722020
9thJason Sullivan742424
Saturday, March 15
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
A windy but otherwise beautiful day at the Hills saw 12 Coyotes vying for the low tag, which in this case was put in play for the 2014 tag debut of Justin Weaver: #3 in the tag league, #1 in your heart! We were also graced by the Llama Legend, the Shepherd of Quaker's Challenge, Mr. Wonderful Paul Wojcik, who bought in for the #27th tag of 2014. The wind did all sorts of crazy things to plastic today, but Weaver's scorching 58 defended the red 3 from a smooth-throwing Wojcik, whose 2 on hole #10 (featuring a buttery pure backhand anny that never touched anything until it hit the ground 5 feet beyond the cinders and a putt that was never in doubt the entire way to the chains) was part of a solid 61 to take the gold 6. Doug and Bill B were strong as well, with Doug dropping down for a taste of gold himself. Fillip continues to challenge the boundaries of the tasteful use of profanity on the course, and dropped from gold to green for his sins. $6 added to the acepot payout. Next up: Monda
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJustin Weaver5833
2ndPaul Wojcik61276
3rdDoug Myers65158
4thBill Boise66610
5thJoe Harker672614
6thJamie Lepley681615
7thFilipp Lassman691016
8thSteve Alspaugh701417
9thJonathan Gere71820
10thJason Sullivan721724
11thAndrew Szabat792026
12thChris Johnson852427
Monday, March 10
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
A smaller field than Saturday's witnessed the 2014 Coyote tags debut of defending tag champion Bill Charron. Grouping for today's round was semi-random, with a few adjustments made to allow for better rate of play (which didn't end up working out anyway), and we once again played the short par 60 layout. In the lead group, Charron and Chris Lard were within a few strokes of each other throughout the round, and the lead changed hands frequently before Lard capitalized on a dismal final 4 holes by Charron to defend the #2. $3 added to the acepot payout. Looks like next Monday's start time can easily accommodate a 5PM start.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stChris Lard6022
2ndBill Charron64267
3rdJason Sullivan721917
4thRob Clements73718
5thEric Nesbit751819
6thJoe Harker771726
Saturday, March 8
Middlesex Township Park
Coyote Hills
Regular tees, 18 holes
A tremendous showing to start off the 2014 Coyote Hills tag season!! Probably the largest tag round in Coyote history! New Coyote Zach Anders set the bar pretty high with a hot round of 54 on the short par 60 layout. Joining him under par were Chris Lard and Dan Zechman. Bill Boise, finally off the DL, kicked off his 2014 campaign with a par 60. Great to see lots of new faces, and the return of some familiar ones, out at the Hills! $10 added to the acepot payout! Monday start time has been moved to 4:30 now that DST is here.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stZachary Anders54211
2ndChris Lard5812
3rdDan Zechman59204
4thBill Boise60196
5thRob Clements62137
5thJonathan Gere62258
7thFilipp Lassman651210
8thChas Ford662212
9thAndrew Bankert67613
10thSteve Alspaugh68814
10thDoug Myers681815
12thJamie Lepley70216
13thJoe Harker74417
13thEric Nesbit74718
15thJason Sullivan761019
16thAndrew Szabat801420
17thCaryn Shearer812321
17thDonna Griest812422
19thShannon Myers831723
20thChris Johnson851524
21stVictor Schwartzmiller931625