2014 CDGA Summer League

Singles league April - August 2014 Charlotte, MI
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joe swix    August 19 at 2:35pm

Supposed to rain hard we playing tonight?

Jim Knudson   August 19 at 2:47pm

:) You're in a battle to cash. Bring your umbrella.

joe swix   August 19 at 3:30pm

Oh im ready just dont know if anyone else is showing up

tony lantz   August 19 at 4:32pm

It looks like it's going to slow down a bit, I'll be there

Dustin Burk    August 16 at 7:12pm

The topic was brought up about the future of the club. Who is all interested in stepping up and taking some responsibilities for the club? I am willing as long as we can get enough people willing to help out. We are going to need people willing to help with the tournaments, fundraising, and course maintenance. I am willing to deal with the city on issues with the park as well as help out where ever else needed. I think a meeting is in order to ensure we don't fall apart. What does everyone else think?


Luke Langkamp    August 16 at 4:29pm

2nd place for Am3 is on!


Michael Brooks    August 15 at 9:02pm

ok guys now my score I messed up what is going on. let me know! thanks

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Michael Brooks   August 16 at 5:23pm

kool thanks

Mike Kemp   August 17 at 8:24pm

Mike. What is it you think is incorrect with your score?

Michael Brooks   August 17 at 9:33pm

only 10 weeks show points and i went from 3rd to 1st and now 4th when i won league last week.trying to make sense of it all.

Michael Brooks    August 9 at 11:43am

thank you guys for all that you have done with the league. does anyone when the end of the year party is. need to take it off of work.

Mike Kemp   August 9 at 1:10pm

Sept 6th

Mike Kemp    August 8 at 8:40pm

I appreciate the thought however Josh did the work here. I know here have been a few bumps but the league staff is working so make sure your thanking Josh, Tony, Larry and Dan. My role here has been simply as a guide.


Michael Brooks    August 8 at 6:49pm

thank you for fixing the scores. mike


Chad Lantz    August 6 at 11:40pm

It should be impossible to have more than 120 points. Something isn't set right.

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joshua smith   August 7 at 12:12am

I will be changing that soon.

Michael Brooks   August 7 at 12:16am

kool thanks

Chris Smith   August 7 at 10:03pm

Fun fact, the scores in masters are currently 108, 107, 106. Can't get much closer than that.

joshua smith    July 2 at 4:26pm

At this time the ace pool stands at 197, so the winner will receive 98.50, which will be me haha!


joshua smith    June 25 at 8:13pm

Sorry for the late notice, but i will have scores up either late tonight or early afternoon tomorrow. I've been too busy today, and wanted to take the moment I had to let you folks know. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Dustin Burk    June 15 at 3:37pm

Lost a Disc on hole 12 today in the ditch or on crap around ditch to the west of basket.

It's a red Flick with a Custom bomb dye. Wind caught it and it was gone!! Keep eyes peeled please!


joshua smith    May 14 at 1:01am

I will make this clear, all score related topics are to be sent to me. I will be doing scores. Last week was finals week for my school, and I have already apologized to a few for being late on scores. For the rest of leagues, scores will be posted on Wednesday, if that changes I will send a message to league members. This topic is now closed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


tony lantz    May 14 at 12:45am

Didn't say I was cdga but lol


Chad Lantz    May 14 at 12:08am

Glad to see the new cdga is so professional....


tony lantz    May 13 at 9:07pm

Well if you want this ****ing duty again have at it, now of us said we could do better at it anyways well at least in didn't an I was told if ppl didn't step up to take control there wasn't going to be a league so I stepped up so we could have a summer league and if you don't like it gtfo


joe swix    May 13 at 5:22pm

Not to my knowledge


Casey Latchaw    May 13 at 4:16pm

Is the league cancelled for tonight?


Chad Lantz    May 9 at 1:19pm

I was just thinking the same thing. Remember last year when I was continuously hounded for not putting scores up in a timely manner?? I then decided to give this league overto those who said they could do better and ironically enough, it's Friday and the scores are still not up.


joe swix    May 9 at 12:17pm

Just wondering when scores will be posted