2014 A3disc hudson mills league

Singles league May - October 2014 Dexter, MI
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Floyd Hampp    October 3 at 8:25am

Hey, all you golfers out there! Just because the Summer A3 Leagues are over, doesn't mean there isn't fun, competitive golf to play! Please consider joining our new league, the 2014 Fall Doubles Bag Tag League! Read more about it at www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/2014_A3Disc_Fall_Bag_Tag_League. There is only a $15 buy in, and $5 gets you all in every week. The $3 ace pool is already growing, and it pays out 100% to bag tag holders! This is a traveling league, so we're probably playing at ... more


William Gilbert    October 2 at 1:24pm

League party is this saturday the 4th signup for doubles i understand is at noon. doubles play starts at 2PM i understand.

League awards start at 4PM.


William Gilbert    October 2 at 1:21pm

Misc awards:

Lowest Average: Kenny Sailler 49.941 $20

Most Consistant: Jared Utke .889 variance $16

Most Improved: Elijah Sharp -8.793 $25

Rookie of the Year Spencer McMichael $20

Most Consistant Prior Year: Jacob "Executor of Awesome" Belmas .334 now award but gotta mention the Executor of Awesome!!!


William Gilbert    October 2 at 1:20pm

Mantis Division:

1st Place Mike Franklin 107 pts $60

2nd Place Spencer McMichael 99 pts. $25

3rd Place Terry Wiltse 86.5 pts. $14


William Gilbert    October 2 at 1:20pm

Crank Division:

1st Place William Gilbert 89 pts. $60

Tie for 2nd Place Rob Loechel and Mark Wiltse 82.5 pts $20 each

William Gilbert   October 2 at 1:20pm

Yes my average dropped to the point i was pushed up to the middle (Crank) division.

William Gilbert    October 2 at 1:19pm

League Results:

Hudson Mills League Final results

Nuke Division:

Winner Kenny Sailler 115 pts. $26


William Gilbert    September 21 at 2:27pm

logged all scores and caught up.


William Gilbert    September 17 at 10:47am

i will be at league tonight theresa


William Gilbert    September 17 at 10:45am

theresa wiltse i have a disc of yours found at birthday classic. a blizzard teedevil i think


Brad McMillin    August 26 at 8:06pm

Found a WestSide King on monster hole 18. I remember seeing a old post from a few weeks ago about it.


John Reifschneider    August 26 at 7:38pm

League Awards:



William Gilbert    August 6 at 8:56am

Full names on cards goes without saying, but as people are not doing this i guess i should mention it again. it needs to be readable of course. Most of the cards without dates or other missing information i have tracked down and logged and are upto date here. Do note all scores logged here are done manually and can be wrong. the official scores will be up on our website hopefully this week.


William Gilbert    July 29 at 10:08pm

Cards must have 3 current league members on them or they will no longer be accepted. Dates, numbers and totals for 18 hole rounds. no dashes, slashes, +1 +2 +3 etc, totals must be 54 58 60 etc. not +4 or -4.


William Gilbert    July 29 at 10:05pm

Cards with no dates on them: 4 cards for Carlsen, Wash, Hutchins, Snyder. 2 cards Utke, Sailler, Flores, Labay. Tubbert. Howard. 4 cards for Kay's, Hilliard, Plumber, Dingman. Pasquesi-hill, tuttle, montville.

Track me down either at CJ's in the AM i work till 2PM tomorrow or find me at league while i am not playing to correct the dates.


Joe Wander    May 30 at 8:35am

They're only playing 18s at DGLO (non-locals in charge) so the courses will be clear earlier than usual on a tournament day.


William Gilbert    May 29 at 11:38pm

Note anybody hoping to get in make up rounds this weekend will find it very difficult as the courses are closed for DGLO.

Scores are upto date including this wednesday.

Players in DGLO note that CJ's will open at 630AM saturday morning for your needs