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Steve Moore    8 hours ago

I will not be able to attend Tuesday 2's tonight but would like someone to confirm if the tent camp is still set up behind hole 1 long position just across the creek and hole 2 basket area by creek. Also how is course looking since I quit my work there for time being. Any work done at all yet? Thank you and have a good evening all.


Steve Moore    3 days ago

As the days get shorter and fall and winter approches, I am putting out a call to CCDG and if they have any plans in place for the Woodmansee course as far as repairs and getting ready for winter weather. They should already be aware of needed items and general disc public should be aware if they have plans in place for the course. If not then I guess I will need to take charge again and see what can be done at this time. If so then will be happy for any and all assistance. Thank you and see what happens.

And yes I have tried to communicate with them with out much response.



Disc Monkey    September 1 at 3:39am

Stuck an Innova Leopard in a tree mid fairway to 9.

Easy to spot (wht). If you need an extra driver, knock it out and its yours!


Ricky Anderson    August 2 at 12:51am

Lost my lime green D3 today on hole 2. It went straight out from the pad and a little left. I think it ended up in some bushes but my friend and I could not find it. It has 2014 stamped on the front in purple and the (0) is a star. It does not have my name or number on it yet. If you find it please contact me on here. Thanks.


Jeff "MaxPsych" Heltsley    July 29 at 9:11am

A note for whoever is doing upkeep on Woodmansee baskets. The inner ring on 9th basket is broken loose and needs welding back in place. Noticed it yesterday (Monday 28 July) when I had my treatment group out on the course.

And a huge thank you to Steve and anyone else who has helped get Woods back into the current condition.

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THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   August 5 at 4:36pm

I may just use the power at the utility room. I have a key. Chains would not need to leave the park.

THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   August 5 at 8:23pm

I can't make it out to Woodmansee tonight, too sore. Maybe tomorrow.

ROGUE RIDER   6 days ago

how aboot tomorrow?

Steve Moore    July 28 at 10:10pm

Still waiting for a response from Capital City Disc Golf as to if they are going to take full responsibility for the proper continual upkeep into the future of Woodmansee course. If not then I will continue my efforts to see it happens some how even though it should be their responsibility. I just want this issue resolved for the best of all and so we don't keep having the same issue keeping course in good shape like last few years. It needs to be done with cooperation and approval from Parks ... more


Mark McKeever    July 19 at 9:25am

Update to my lost vibram unlace on hole 5, my name and number might be worn a bit but it was giving to me be my son as a gift and would really like it back so if found, please drop it off at Tiger discs.

Lucky .   July 19 at 10:07am

Im sure it will get returned. Nobody likes throwing a "pdga approved" stamped shoe sole. Lol.

Mark McKeever   July 19 at 10:45am

Nice one lucky, thanks for the morning laugh, were heading to wheatland this morning and it would make for a good mesquito swatter anyways.

Lucky .   July 19 at 11:56am

Ahh yes. I suppose that would be about the extent of its value. Lol.

Mark McKeever    July 18 at 5:35pm

I lost my green vibram unlace on hole 5 this morning, it went left past the tree in the middle of the fairway thats covered in ivy, searched for 2 hours with help with no luck even looked over the fence,I would love to get it back, my name and number is on it. thanks


Steve Moore    July 15 at 4:07pm

I won't be able to get there today for 2's but if someone could take a look at walkout post between 7 and 8 and see if still pulled out on ground for us. If so maybe it could get planted upright again if someone could take a shovel, otherwise if it could get picked up and held by somebody till it can get properly repaired. Thanks all and hope it is still there and have a good evening all.



Steve Moore    July 10 at 4:22pm

It has been sighted and reported to me that the walk out post between 7 & 8 is completely removed out of ground at this time. With this and tee sign repairs, acrylic and now couple of signs themselves, I was wondering if Capitol City was going to step up and get these repairs handled before post goes missing and just cause course maintenance needs to be done. I also do not appreciate whoever did all the tree and branch cutting on and around hole 6 basket and approach. This was not authorized ... more

Steve Moore   July 13 at 12:18pm

No comments or response to this issue. Guess maybe that says it all and still concerned and wondering if Capital City is going to deal with this or not. Thank you.

Steve Moore   July 16 at 11:22pm

So no one has been able to look into this yet for me or am I the only one that cares about things like this anymore. Capital City, are you going to take and accept responsibity for this vourse or do I need to continue doing it myself? Thank you and a response would be nice.

Steve Moore    July 9 at 7:38pm

Have received following from fellow disc golfer:

Looks like someone is fixin to steal the top portion of basket 7 at woods. The bolt is missing and there is a stick in it's place. Needs imediate attention!

If anybody has a chance to go by and look at and take care of I would appreciate it. May be couple days before I can get there, Thanks


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Ira B   July 10 at 4:21pm

Beam me up Lee!

ROGUE RIDER   July 10 at 4:45pm

always a pleasure to huk with ta IRA!!! ALWAYS! i have a good time losing to you anyways

ROGUE RIDER   6 days ago

...yeah what i said!

Mark McKeever    July 4 at 11:56am

Played a round last evening with some family and relatives , each time I play there it's more noticeable all the changes that have been made in the last couple of weeks. Didn't have a record round but did find and return a blue bolt to a fellow player and almost got my first ace on 5/16 was playing the alt. tees, bounced my disc of the top of the basket (damn it anyways) but lets all keep this course clean, keep seeing and picking up lots of trash. A trash can at the bridge would be nice that's ... more


Silas Prince    July 3 at 5:29pm

I just read that woodmansee was closed pending an investigation on a body found in the park yesterday. Does anyone know the status on the closure as of now?

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Silas Prince   July 3 at 5:54pm

Okay, thanks. Bummer to hear. Says possible drug overdose, but no one can be sure. I would think if they had released that statement prior to a toxicology report or even 24hrs investigation, chances are they've cleared out already.

Mark McKeever   July 3 at 6:25pm

I just talked to salem police dispatch and It should all be back opened now.

Steve Moore    June 30 at 11:40am

Woodmansee Tee pad #15 after reinstall new location. Good job to Barry and any others that were able to assist him with this project. I was not able to stay yesterday so went back this morning to get pictures to post for all to see.


Good job on the tee pad work, thanks from me.



Steve Moore    June 29 at 9:08pm

And what the Woods was looking like 2 weeks ago before being cared for


Hope it doesn't get like this again, let's all work together please, thanks



Steve Moore    June 29 at 8:21pm

New walkthrough pictures of Woodmansee DGC after cleanup work done, couple more projects yet to finish up with. Big thanks out to the parks department supervisor for meeting with me on course and allowing this work and future discussions about the course and it's proper maintenance.


Enjoy the course and no more complaints about lost discs in fairways please,

also if you want to help me in my further adventures in course upkeep, please let me know.

Thanks all



Steve Moore    June 26 at 4:27pm

Got holes and tee areas 8 & 9 this morning before minor equipment issue made me decide to call it for the day. That leaves mostly 6 and 7 to try and get to tomorrow morning all goes well. Got first few holes done yesterday. Enjoy it all as this is about as good as it gets for now. Will continue to try to work with parks on few other items for course before winter sets in. Will be looking for some people power later on for assistance with these if all gets approved.


Steve Moore    June 25 at 4:36pm

Woodmansee course is looking good as ever at this point. With the parks dept getting mowing done right after our talks and this morning I was able to start on the rest of it. Will be planning on next couple mornings to get done what I want and have agreements with parks folks at this time. Still interested in getting together some interested folks to help assist in keeping this course in good shape year round. I won't be around forever to do it and it will not be bad with a few dedicated fol ... more

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Steve Moore   June 25 at 11:03pm

Thanks for the offer, not sure what your schedule is but I'm looking at getting back there tomorrow from 9-12 or so unless heavy rains set in tonight. Be happy to talk with you then or we can figure something else out that fits your schedule. It's a great little course on small amount of land and cleans up pretty nice when cared for, got lots of time and effort into the course over the years

Dave C   July 10 at 2:37am

Steve, I can head to Woodz first thing in AM to take a look at #7 basket. Do you know about what size bolt it may be? I'm sure I have the fix here. Also still want to get together with you about the do's & don'ts at woodz. I'm off Thursday & Friday. If you are available. Also txt Kayla about Marion county Fair. I would like to volunteer Fri for a pm shift if you can use me.

Steve Moore   July 10 at 10:21am

Dave, problem resolved at Woods basket, thanks anyway dor offer. You will need to get hold of Kayla to volunteer for fair, I have nothing to do with that. I could probably meet with you at Woods Today or tomorrow if you'd like, prefer mornings. I will watch on here today to see if you want to meet. Rather meet before gets to warm if possible.

Steve Moore    June 18 at 5:38pm

*** Woodmansee Course Update *** Just back in from course walk thru with Parks Supervisor and assistant. We came to some verbal agreements for moment which will be turned into written agreements down the line after few more items worked out. I will be point of contact for now for this process of course maintenance agreement with Parks department. Short term this means beginning next week I will be allowed to begin doing some work, volunteers will need to contact me and get proper paperwork ... more

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Steven Winslow   June 19 at 3:40pm

It should be noted that John Kleeman, the City of Salem Parks Operations Supervisor, did not say that people need to go through Steve Moore. John approved a few specific tasks for Steve Moore and in no way gave Steve Moore approval authority on anything. No volunteers are required to go through Steve Moore for anything. Iu2019m sure Steve Moore would appreciate help with whatever heu2019s doing.

Steve Moore   June 20 at 12:34am

I deleted the last 2 comments as I felt they were straying from intention of this topic, can we try to get it positive and not personel. Thank you all

Steve Moore   June 20 at 12:38am

I find it interesting that for not being there someone seems to know more about what went on and was said then I do, and I thought I was there. Let's just get along and again if this had been handled properly 2 years ago after meeting with parks folks, we would not be wasting time and energy now on ... more

Brandon Zastoupil    June 18 at 11:03am

Lost my Trilogy Stamp Silver Thief on Hole 7, wasn't an errant throw but we couldn't find it for the life of us. please return if found

Brandon Zastoupil   June 18 at 2:29pm

went digging in the bushes for half an hour or so and finally found it! success.

Erik Gyllenskog   June 18 at 2:52pm

glad to hear it!!

Rick Saffeels   June 18 at 9:06pm

Nice work partner!

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