Woodmansee Park

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Zac Teuscher    14 hours ago

Giving away THREE "Free Disc of your choice" Gift Certificates, compliments of Tiger Discs and Willamette Valley Chain Gang Disc Golf Club, tomorrow, 5/23/15! to be eligible you need to come help the Salem No Ivy Coalition for at least TWO hours, they will be at the park from 9 to 12, you would need to be there by 10am to meet this. you then need to play 9 holes (front or back). Scorecards will be provided and must be used to be eligible. Lowest score for the day will win a disc! ... more

Steve Moore   13 hours ago

Sounds good Zac and thanks Tiger Discs for stepping up with gift certificates for a good cause. Hope you get some folks out to assist you, I will be at Wheatland with High School tournement or would be there. Thanks for help on course today, we got a good chunk done. I'll try to have some more of the work done by midweek.

Justin "ugh massa" Stinson   13 hours ago

i don't have much planned this weekend so i will try and be there. free disc or not.

Steve Moore    2 days ago

I'll be at Woodmansee tomorrow Friday along with Zac getting some work done on course. 10 starting time if you can join us we would be happy to see you, plenty that can be done. We'll be weed wacking what the parks dept did not reach and cleaning other areas as needed. This is the start of renovation project including replacing tee signs back to way they were before damaged and a new basket pin location to be shared by hole 6 and 8. Woodmansee will once again become the gem and friendly place it should be. Thanks all

Justin "ugh massa" Stinson   13 hours ago

hope all went well old friend. thanks for all that you do

Steve Moore   12 hours ago

pretty constructive day by Zac and I. Got right side fairway finished up and will be back by mid week to do left side on 2 and some other work. Over next few weeks should be some more cleaning up and sign replacement. Time to ut this gem of a course back in shape like I had it couple three years ago.

Zac Teuscher    2 days ago

Be out at the course by 10am Friday 5/22 with a weedeater and other tools.
If you have any free time come by and lend a hand.

Steve Moore   2 days ago

Sounds like a plan Zac, that works for me as we discussed. Bring the walkout post and tee sign board with you please. Anybody else able to swing by we can find something for you to assist with. Trying to bring this course back to shape and then hopefully keep in shape. Thanks all.

Justin "ugh massa" Stinson   2 days ago

wish i could. gotta work mon-fri 7-5. weekends and evenings and i'll be there

Jim Costello    5 days ago

The course looks like it got the TLC it deserves in the last couple weeks. Thanks to the City of Salem & Zac Teuscher! Several baskets were moved, all the long grass is mowed, the fallen tree limb got moved on the fairway of 9/18. Looking sharp! Now if we can just get the Heshers out on the course to STFU while I'm putting and learn to let faster players play through... :)

Zac Teuscher   5 days ago

she does look pretty awesome! it was the busiest I've ever seen yesterday! thank you for your kind words! you are more than welcome and hopefully soon more amazing changes will take place too!

Zac Teuscher   5 days ago

Those Pac-West guys and gals are setting the bar pretty high with what they've done with Wheatland and soon Keizer! gotta keep up with them on Woods

Justin "ugh massa" Stinson   5 days ago

cant wait to play 2's tomorrow at 530pm and check it out!!

Zac Teuscher    5 days ago

First attempt: work in progress

Basket Location Board

Smaller letters
different color wing nuts
better paint job

Other suggestions guys and gals?

This, well not this one but one like it, would be on the big kiosk now (moved to new smaller kiosk once approved and installed)

Steve Moore   5 days ago

Lets meet and talk about this and tee signs redesign project. If new signs done right then they will be able to show location basket is in. Keep up your good work so far

Zac Teuscher   5 days ago

for sure. I like the idea of having them on the tee signs too. would be easier. this just another idea I saw and was playing with

Zac Teuscher    May 15 at 12:52pm

How awesome! Parks meeting last night and Todd is out mowing today!
#7/16 looks amazing right now!
Says he'll try to to #2 today or will be Monday!

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Zac Teuscher   May 15 at 1:33pm

it looks so pretty :-)

Zac Teuscher   May 15 at 1:52pm

Todd even push the fallen limb on 9/18 kinda out of the way!

Rick Saffeels    May 14 at 7:33pm

So I might be mildly tired or just losing my mind. I think I left me Glow Starfire with a Orange rim and Green stamp by the practice basket on Tuesday night after Dubs. I left very quickly to get back to my baby. Let me know if you have seen it as I would love to have it back and I will give a brand new disc for it's return.

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brian g   May 15 at 12:50am

those babies will break your brain!

Rick Saffeels   May 15 at 2:27am

Hahaha! Yeah one of my high school students had it haha

Jim Costello   May 15 at 10:26am

You are losing your mind. Welcome to fatherhood! :P And congrats, BTW. Beautiful little girl!

Zac Teuscher    May 13 at 2:07pm

Let me know if you notice any changes on 1/10, 7/15 and 17.. ;-)
work on the other's next week.

Also if you want to say "The City won't let (me) do that" go right ahead I'll take the challenge...
and I'll keep working to get the course the way you would like it with City approval!

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Zac Teuscher   May 14 at 12:11am

there is about 15 cans in the building not being used. even Cascades could use some more and they right there...

Steve Moore   May 14 at 12:25am

good find Zac, been nice of CCDG to have said something or be using them before now.

Jim Costello   May 15 at 10:26am

Solid work. I'll hit the course up this weekend and admire your efforts. :)

Zac Teuscher    May 12 at 3:05pm

Walked through with the City today...
they are going to:
bring in some dirt to back fill the tee pads
jack up and level the little bridge
MOW (next week)
Let us clean up location for and install 3rd hole for 6 and 8
Clear up the cedar tree on 17...

Maybe more too ;-)

Be work party coming up. Details soon

Steve Moore   May 12 at 3:53pm

Nice work Zac, The plan is coming together looks like after all this time. It's all good, and it will show.

Jason "Rooster" Bruster   May 12 at 9:41pm

keep up the good work Zac and Steve!

Zac Teuscher    May 8 at 4:13pm

After 4 long weeks (3 of those in storage in Salem) the practice basket at Woodmansee has returned!
And now there is also an extra sleeve that can be used for the third hole locations for #6 and #8!

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AGRO JACKSON   May 9 at 8:14am

u guys kick ass

Steve Moore   May 10 at 1:59pm

Well done Zac on all your efforts and follow thru after our discussions at my house while back. As usual PacWest thanks for your offers of assistance and support to Zac and other good causes, Well done all your efforts. If you are trying to do good for a cause, it's alot of hours behinf the s ... more

Zac Teuscher   May 10 at 2:08pm

you've done a lot Steve! thank you for all you do. got two parks meetings this week planned already! little more work and the right approvals and Woods will be an amazing course again

Zac Teuscher    May 8 at 2:20pm

Practice basket is in my car and being installed today! Be there about noon to do it if any one wants to help...
I got dibs on first toss at it though lol


Zac Teuscher    May 6 at 12:15pm

Weed eating time... I'll get the main obvious areas.
Anywhere else you guys/gals land often that needs cleared out a little? Lmk

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Zac Teuscher   May 6 at 6:13pm

you are all welcome! got the walk out posts, tee pads, tee sign posts and some trails cleared a little. got most of the middle #2 flattened out. gonna get a brush blade and really do some next week I think

Nico "Putta Smooth" Lagaso   May 6 at 7:46pm

you rock bro

Doug "Stronghammer" Morgan   May 7 at 3:03am

Nice, thanks for all the hard work

Zac Teuscher    May 6 at 12:29am

All baskets were moved tonight (except 5 and 6).. thank you Mr. Jackson! :-)
I hear the practice basket will be back tomorrow too!


Rick Saffeels    May 5 at 5:24pm

FOUND by my student on my disc golf team on Sunday: Star Roadrunner it has number and he had already called but asked me to post. Thanks!

Justin "ugh massa" Stinson   May 6 at 9:48pm

haha we found 3 that day. couldn't believe it

Zac Teuscher    May 4 at 5:36pm

Be out weed eating the tee sign posts, walk out sign posts, under neath baskets, and where ever else you all suggest tomorrow And Wednesday, if needed. hope to be there by noon.
Come help out if you can and/or leave a comment as to where and what needs weed eated..
and no I'm not weed eating 2/11 left side fairway... lol

But I am going to parks meeting on the 14th with pictures of the grass to attempt to get it cut quickly.

Matt Bressler   May 4 at 6:19pm

Good work Zac!

scotty don't- make putts   May 5 at 10:03am

they will not cut that grass tell end of summer it is that way every year do to a type of wild flower that grows in that grass patch

Zac Teuscher   May 5 at 11:53am

going to do the weed eating tomorrow guys, sorry... got a sick kid at home.

Rick Saffeels    April 20 at 10:32am

REWARD: Left my champion yellow/orange boss out in the open during doubles on Sunday on hole 9 in hole 8s fairway. Has my name and number on the rim. I will give a nice brand new disc and mini in it's return. Thanks!

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Rick Saffeels   April 21 at 6:32pm

Thanks man :) yeah I looked Sunday after church and it wasn't there so no worries :)

Josh Bowen   April 21 at 6:56pm

What church do you go to?

Rick Saffeels   April 22 at 12:29am

Salem Heights on Madrona and Liberty! I go to the 11am service

Tyler Franklin    April 20 at 12:29am

One of the welds on the cage on basket #5 has broken. Barry. Time to call your welding buddy again.


Steve Moore    April 19 at 11:36pm

Haven't been on course for awhile now, how are fairways looking as far as height of grass and need of mowing at this time. Also has practice basket found its way home from Cascade yet? Thanks and it's time we think about some TLC on the course. Anyone have contact with plastics shop to get some new acrylic covers made (all 18), if so I might be easily convinced to reprint the tee signs needed. Let's work together and get it done. Thank you

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Jim Costello   April 20 at 10:32am

I bet they have permission. I helped them a month or so ago when they had a big work party with Friends of Trees, and looks like they've been back several times since to tackle more ivy. It's looking really nice out there lately!

Zac Teuscher   April 20 at 11:06am

may 23rd 9 to 12 is their next official event

Steve Moore   April 20 at 11:19am

Yes thet have full support of the city and parks and would be nice if more disc golfers got involved in these activities as it upsout course out.

Rick Saffeels    April 19 at 6:03pm

Left my orange boss out in the open during doubles today on hole 9 in hole 8s fairway. I will give a nice brand new disc in it's return. Thanks!

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Rick Saffeels   April 19 at 7:33pm

Hahaha I appreciate Jim :) I just need a caddie following me to remind me to pick up my discs...doubles and Cali are the worst ;) haha

Rick Saffeels   April 19 at 11:47pm

I put up a sign on 7 walk out if it could be left up for a week that would be great and I will personally remove it.

Rick Saffeels   April 21 at 2:00am

Welp already gone :) hahaha

trent hughes    April 16 at 3:03am

lost a disc on hole 1- Blue Gstar Wraith
Has my number and name on it
Should be on the left side by and around the fence.
tried looking for it earlier today couldn't find it..