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Most popular courses on the Disc Golf Scene:
Favorite of 1319 players
Hudson Mills Metropark
Dexter, MI, USA
Favorite of 1224 players
Kensington Metropark
Milford, MI, USA
Favorite of 1208 players
Flip City
Shelby, MI, USA
Favorite of 928 players
Pier Park
Portland, OR, USA
Favorite of 814 players
Cass Benton Hills
Northville, MI, USA
Favorite of 774 players
Firefighters Park
Troy, MI, USA
Favorite of 770 players
Stony Creek Metropark
Shelby Township, MI, USA
Favorite of 720 players
Rolling Hills County Park
Ypsilanti, MI, USA
Favorite of 696 players
Horning's Hideout
North Plains, OR, USA
Favorite of 622 players
Holly Woods
Holly, MI, USA
Favorite of 608 players
Milo McIver State Park
Estacada, OR, USA
Favorite of 601 players
Oshtemo Township Park
Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Favorite of 580 players
Mason County Park
Ludington, MI, USA
Favorite of 574 players
Ypsilanti, MI, USA
Favorite of 561 players
Addison Oaks County Park
Leonard, MI, USA
Favorite of 549 players
Grand Woods Park
Lansing, MI, USA
Favorite of 510 players
Independence Lake County Park
Whitmore Lake, MI, USA
Favorite of 508 players
Fallasburg Park
Lowell, MI, USA
Favorite of 502 players
Dabney State Park
Troutdale, OR, USA
Favorite of 501 players
Cold Brook Park
Climax, MI, USA
Favorite of 487 players
Hickory Hills
Traverse City, MI, USA
Favorite of 486 players
River Bends
Utica, MI, USA
Favorite of 458 players
Earl W. Brewer Park
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Favorite of 441 players
Timber Park
Estacada, OR, USA
Favorite of 421 players
Leverich Park
Vancouver, WA, USA
Favorite of 391 players
Deerfield Park
Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA
Favorite of 382 players
Fitzgerald Park
Grand Ledge, MI, USA
Favorite of 371 players
Goldenrod Disc Golf Course
Davison, MI, USA
Favorite of 367 players
Robert Morris
Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Favorite of 361 players
Ludington, MI, USA
Favorite of 358 players
Memorial Park
Frankenmuth, MI, USA
Favorite of 352 players
Chippewa Banks
Midland, MI, USA
Favorite of 348 players
Willow Metropark
Willow, MI, USA
Favorite of 346 players
Tittabawassee Park
Freeland, MI, USA
Favorite of 324 players
Sleepy Hollow State Park
Laingsburg, MI, USA
Favorite of 323 players
Portland Lunchtime DGC
Portland, OR, USA
Favorite of 320 players
Whitehall Township DGC
Whitehall, MI, USA
Favorite of 318 players
Burchfield Park
Holt, MI, USA
Favorite of 316 players
Wagner Park
Royal Oak, MI, USA
Favorite of 313 players
Oakland University
Rochester, MI, USA
Favorite of 312 players
Bandemer Park
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Favorite of 312 players
BlueGill Disc Golf Course
Wayland, MI, USA
Favorite of 308 players
J.C. Park
Kentwood, MI, USA
Favorite of 308 players
Adair Park
Corvallis, OR, USA
Favorite of 299 players
Arboretum-Spiker Park
Canton, OH, USA
Favorite of 296 players
Champoeg State Park
Newberg, OR, USA
Favorite of 284 players
Riverdale, UT, USA
Favorite of 284 players
Roscoe Ewing Park
Medina, OH, USA
Favorite of 275 players
Riverside Park
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Favorite of 275 players
Creekside Park
Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Videos of

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Roof Top ACE
My 8 year old son hits one from the roof..........who lets there kids do this anyways
this guy chucks a frisbee into MT ST HELENS when we climbed it in 08
Tasi was a putting machine @24 Chains
24 Chains- Lakeshore 07/30/10
wife making the putt
Dolese disc golf course OKC
nice throw, but missed the bird(see: missed bird) DGOD Super Tag
Haley Putting
My GF's Daughter tossin' some putts
Future Disc Golfer
18 month old throwing disc
Getting Snaky
@ The Pines
P.O.M.A.P. making baskets
finished installing basket # 9 @ P.O.M.A.P. field... it needs an inner set of chains but all in all w/ the freebees donated to me the total cost of th...
Friendly squirrels at FF
6 makes it
the 6 year old makes the putt
TK near ace on 1 at Valley Springs
Waterfall Disc Golf
Driving off an 80ft waterfall!
The 2nd Annual Michigan Amateur Open disc golf tournament June 25,26 2011
Having a great time at Holly Woods Disc Golf Course - Holly, Michigan
Markus Mika driving Solitude hole 10. 7/10/11
Markus Mika driving Solitude hole 10. 7/10/11
Markus Mika driving Solitude hole 18. 7/10/11
Markus Mika driving Solitude hole 18. 7/10/11
sirosis rollin'
Rolling some discs between holes!
Avery Jenkins
2009 Pro Worlds Disc Golf Champion
MyThrow Presents Axldog Acres DGC
MyThrow roadtrip to Boyceville, WI to play Axldog on Christmas Day 2011.
Climo triple bogie
Thanks to DGTV for this video showing that the champ is human
Video 90374
bruno drouillard ace hole 5 @rolling hills
timmbos kiddy park putt
nice shot by timmbo and ballin watch close
Trojan water putt
Tim Malone makes an awesome water putt
First time bird on this hole
8 year old TROJANS longest water hole
never doubt an 8 year old on a 200ft water hole
Bob Robertson Memorial 2009 | Disc Golf Tournament
A very short video of some footage captured by CoolDaddySlickBreeze
Disc golfing back at home with friends. Played the Sinks, White Oak, Cloudland Canyon, "Steady Ed" and W.R. Jackson.
Acerbinky Mini Disc Golf Club at Luckies Bar & Grill April 26th 2010 part 2
Acerbinky Mini Disc Golf Club at Luckies Bar & Grill April 26th 2010 part 2
Acerbinky Mini Disc Golf Club at Luckies Bar & Grill April 26th 2010 part 5
Acerbinky Mini Disc Golf Club at Luckies Bar & Grill April 26th 2010 part 5
Winter Warm Up | Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Tournament
This is the 3rd stop on the 2010 Dirty Dozen Tour. It was played in Lewisville, Texas. For more info go to http://DynamicDiscs.com Video powered...
manchester ct wickham park
my birdie...... mulligan tho, par 3
wubanga invitational
noel long range, nice throw, good distance
Me putting
Putting in my basement
Hole 6 / Star Orc 169G
Tee-Off from hole 6 Goldenrod Disc Golf Course
Sean goes big
Sean puts a Meteor out there on the reverse looks at the Moose Pretzel during the Fall Classic, 2010
Jeremy teeing off on 18
Jeremy throws a Firebird out there on reverse hole 18
hole 8 juneau
Hole 8 juneau disc
team challenge trash talk,
mason doing his part to stir the smack talk.
P.O.M.A.P. making baskets
finishing touches to tom's proto leo basket...
P.O.M.A.P. making baskets
in this video i show you how i make my "chain loops" i hope you dont judge but it's a pain in the ass... i just wanted to show how much i put into th...
Video 91734
brian getting the bags at pair
Video 92168
TREES!!! are shaggys friends :)~
more minis
man it was the last shot and joesia makes a real tough hole its over the lights and on 2 the pool table and it also a island shot :)
mini mini minis
so this is the one thats an island shot
What happens when you take discs to work
A week in LA with no time off to play a course forced us to come up with interesting alternatives. We putted into boxes all week, but after 6 days I h...
new basket
me putting on the new basket from tater :)~
ript at east rooster
par attempt with bucket talking about it
grace in motion
putting and falling
Hole 8 - Herzog
Stan slips one on in slow motion!
Skinny Driving a mini
Skinny bombing a mini at the sizzle
Winning Putt @ Wandering Pea****blind pairs
The Shuler couple took the blindfolded round with this final putt. A close call.
Video 110286
nice uphill shot
Sean Kelly driving Solitude hole 15. 7/10/11
Sean Kelly driving Solitude hole 15. 7/10/11
Dave Roper driving Solitude hole 17. 7/10/11
Dave Roper driving Solitude hole 17. 7/10/11
Buzzzn' Out
Herbert Hoover Hole 5
Flying Lea Championship
Highlights from the Flying Lea Championship at Bancroft Bay Park in Albert Lea on Aug. 28, 2011.
Buzzzn' Out Pops
Dallas Hole 3 (Parked)
Dallas Hole 12
Dallas Hole 12
Mom's a Huckn'
Mom at Dallas hole 12
Pops 'a' Flickn'
Flick at Dallas hole 16
Katana Time
First time throwing Katana...little low but Ill get it...still parred though
Electric Forest Glow Course, Rothbury, MI July 3rd, 2011
Basket #2 Black floodlights on every tee and basket, so your disc was always glowing!
Kicking it at Kirks: Disc Golf Trick shots
ThePolishRifleXII gets together with Kirk for a day of disc Golf trick shots on the homemade basket. South Georgia Disc Golf Association Bag Tag Challenge
Wednesday Night Putting League Final Round For First in Doubles 2/29/12
Winners Jeff Schropp/Josh Shulte 11********Second Jay Binienda/Justin Hundich**********6 Rickey Weeks Putting League
Flip City - Hole 11 - Almost ace
almost near perfect shot on hole 11 at Flip. disc drilled the chains, circled basket 1.5 times, popped out and rolled down the hill for the coolest pa...
Tuttle montage
Just some drives, pictures, and putts all in one.
Disc Golf in Africa - "Its All about the Kids"
I travel to Stellenbosch and run into a group of local kids who are uber excited to learn about Disc Golf and how to throw.
Putt through some trees
Hole #18, Bellamy Park - Dover, NH - Carl Fusco
Dave Feldberg at the Disc Caddie Training Clinic
Dave rips a nice easy 600 drive
MysteryRanchOpen putts
damien hoffman video...
Bo finds his T rexx
scuba diving for discs........bo finds 1 of his
2nd ace
threw a star wraith
disc shooting
Back Flip Putt
Tyler K-R. draining a putt while doing a back flip!
Olin Drives
Olin Drives
Video 64748
birdie at vance hole #1
Video 91720
brain with the bags being put on him at levrich for bag tags
Casey crushed this from like 65 out with that drop off behind the basket!
Video 98027
Runnin it
Homemade basket 2
basket I made from home depot items
Straight to Facebook!
knee plant, facebook, count it. Gorilla Tag Invitational
Dabney disc golf.
A good day frolfing at Dabney .
2nd disc golf
threw a NUKE backhand but had no view of Basket.... all I could hear was the chains rattle. Thankfully there were some fellow players playing behind m...
Homer DGC
2011 Homer Disc Golf Championship, Moose Pretzel
Dean Rudibaugh Putting Machine
Under 2 year old world putting champ...unofficially, but likely:) he's a disc golf addict already. Makes mom and dad proud.
Snow Disc Golf Ace
Hole #1 at the Flint YMCA course in Flushing, MI. Hole is about 160 feet and I threw a 12x KC Pro Aviar. Solid 5 inches of snow or so and it was sti...
Ace on a beautiful temp hole
Thanks again to DGTV
Acerbinky Mini Disc Golf Club at Luckies Bar & Grill April 26th 2010 part 1
Acerbinky Mini Disc Golf Club at Luckies Bar & Grill April 26th 2010 part 1
Acerbinky Mini Disc Golf Club at Luckies Bar & Grill April 26th 2010 part 3
Acerbinky Mini Disc Golf Club at Luckies Bar & Grill April 26th 2010 part 3
Acerbinky Mini Disc Golf Club at Luckies Bar & Grill April 26th 2010 part 4
Acerbinky Mini Disc Golf Club at Luckies Bar & Grill April 26th 2010 part 4
Hole 13 / FLX Surge SS 174G
Tee-Off from hole 13 Goldenrod Disc golf Course , Davison,Mi
ace hole 20 kensington
10:30 TEE TIME
Rode jetskis from camas to rooster rock FUUUUUUN
May 2, 2010
John McAskin Putt
John hits a good putt on hole 5 at Cass 2010 Cass Monday Night Leagues
1st Person putt view
This was in my front yard and it was about 40 feet. Summer '09
My Putt in Lochna Course in Pilsen in Czech Republic
it tryed to climb in the basket
CCCG Scarboro-Snake Rock Mountain
CCCG Scarboro-Snake Rock Mountain
Trick shots from a 5 year old .......1
having fun around the house
Dirty found the perfect location for a new DG course in the Salt Lake valley.
Choppy but understandable video of a soon to be DG course.
Adult and Junior Doubles Disc Golf Tourney 7/6/13 -- Stan hole #9
Stan the Man throwing a bomb on hole #9 during the final 9 of the tourney.
Putting at its best
No one can put if the camera is rolling. ha.
Kevin Morgan Ace - Hole 3 Monster
Kevin Morgan aces Hole 3 on the Monster Course at Hudson Mills Metropark in Dexter, MI.
Putt Jam
Just playing around @ Lunch Time.
Bills ace run at frankenmuth
He actually aced later that day
Peter Charron Drive 1 Crane Hill
Me and Pete playing crane hill
the ranch in reno
hole 13, 506 feet to the basket
Video 106997
Sean Kelly putting Solitude hole 4. 7/10/11
Sean Kelly putting Solitude hole 4. 7/10/11
Disc golf in winter
Disc golfing in winter is fun!!! (except searching a disc in snow...)
The Three Sisters Disc Golf Course
Urban disc 2
me givin it a little too much Honey mustard.
DeWalt Disc Golf Glow Box
I love gisc golf.. Ever since we recently started a Glow League with Acerbinky disc golf club I had an idea to use some recycled materials i had layin... ABDG TUESDAY GLOW
Waterford Woods Disc Golf Compilation
Family ace race at our backyard course in Michigan with a couple discs each. Limited by space but definitely some challenge with the tight fairways an...
Royal Oak High School Hudson Mills/Flip City Trip
Clips from ROHS's Disc Golf Club's trip to Hudson Mills and Flip City. May 2010.
Three Sisters Disc Golf Course Hole 6
Fishing for discs
Wet discs!
Melt Down
Jeremy melt down Santa Cruz hole 11
The Fake
Tasi= Putting Machine
24 Chains at Lakeshore
Tee Rex in the wind!
Leverich Park With RAK
Richard "Side-Arm-ageddon" films his buddies at Leverich park Hole 9
My Whammy of a shot!
Just me, broin' out at the ol' gwen h dgolf course. This is just one of my many great drives which i do on the reg.
Disc Golf Ace! TigerWoods pga tour 11 Wii -Online Disc Golf match
TWPGA 2012 WILL HAVE DISC GOLF!! These are highlights from my online disc golf match at TPC Blue Monster, tiger woods pga tour 2011 for the Wii.
dgod league day
last hole
louie at the goon
Louie O driving at the Goon
Mountan Flyer
My brother in law gabe throwing a pro starfire off the porcupine mtns in the U.P. of Michigan.
Tully Ace
Second ace within a month :)
Jim's amazing up shot
thumber over the trees lands right next to pin. saving par DGOD Super Tag
hole 9
just a look of the hole. METRO DETROIT DISC GOLF LEAGUE
homemade basket 5
items were from home depot
Falling Creek Disc Golf - Bedford, VA
Full 18 holes from Falling Creek Park in Bedford, VA.
Video 40692
test video
Hole 1 The Three Sisters
Tournament Drive
If you play in this tournament you will drive like this!
Rockburn Hole 18
Bad clarity, the shooting is a little better. 3 righty shots, 1 lefty. You cant see the basket but you can hear me hit chains on my second throw.
test video
D.U.D. Vol 1
urban discgolf bloopers
Easy Putt
Nice n easy
Milt Putt
Milt Putt
Milt Tees it Up
Milt Tees it Up
Lohse Drive
Lohse Drive
Doug tees off
View from behind the #9 Long tee pad at Oshtemo.
Cary tees off
#14 Long Tee pad at Oshtemo - side view.
Doug tees off 2
#14 Long tee at Oshtemo - back view.
Lakeshore 13 Blues
steven segal pimping the pond hole
electric visual
We have Electric Visual at the Disc Golf shop location.
Brian on hole 18 reverse look
Moose PREtezel 2010 fall
Urban disc
me throwin at my buddies basket in rain
Frozen Toes Open Parma OH
Various clips from thurout event and the majority of the ace fund toss
Video 82621
pam at delavega
vern at delavega
vern at delavega
Priesker Park
Little breezy
Hole 9 juneau
Hole 9 juneau
DGOD! Frozen Tundra Tag Match
Disc Golf or Die! tag match at Horning's in the snow.
20 ft practice hole
i can move it up to 35 ft
2010 Player's Cup Match Play Championship DVD Preview
This two disc set is surprisingly compelling. I found myself unable to stop watching while doing the final check (which I suppose is a good thing.) Yo...
Video 91737
mikey making a par save at hornings
Video 91738
birdie putts for the bucket & jimbo at leverich
Video 91739
mikey on 18 hornings
Video 92167
warm up putts at vance
Video 92169 [untitled]
old man bob is in this one and he was in hes 80s and still a dame good golfer
manic in the dome. throwing from press box
you can see crazy written all over this.....i'm the pyscho throwing my whole bag
6 first time at basket
this 6 year old in my apt can bang chains
dog trying for a bird dog at benson RIPT and hits me with the disc
chads re-throw
chad made an ace and the dog made him re-throw in the RIPT revenge tournament
Kimball Pines Nuke Drive
Little winter DG with a nice, straight Nuke drive
Video 98308
Lake rip by Walmart
Video 98446
Urban disc over by Kenai airport.
$300 spit out
ctp for a discacther basket and 7 disc
One of my favortie short baskets.
My brother Fred, my gf Sam and myself. Tee shots.
good birdie
blind bird
long bird
benny hole 3
110 ft birdie putt
one of the downhill holes @ seasonal course @ Mont Avalanche, Quebec. I threw a bit far of the basket...
Is that a fountain?
Hole 15 Fountain Hills
Worlds 2011
Jarad sinking a putt at Worlds
Worlds 2011 2
Brian sinking a putt
Worlds 2011 2
J again...:)
Close long shot
Close duce on #8 at MRDGC by clint walker
final 9 skins at ludington
hole 1 top of beast to basket on slide
Disc Golf Gifts from www.RocPile.org
Keep team roc pile on the road by sending disc golf gifts to those you love. Shipping and team donation included in pricing.
Field test
2014 PDGA Am Worlds Flag Parade
Flags of the 7 countries represented at this year's 2014 PDGA Am Worlds