Seymour Lake Park

Oxford, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Ryan P    November 17 at 2:39pm

Well I'm guessing whoever hacked my flag dye riot never saw these posts up here. Karmas gonna get ya


Tommy Mullin    November 12 at 9:40am

I left a tie dye blizzard destroyer somewhere out there that I would love to get back


Ryan P    November 12 at 9:15am

If anybody sees someone throwing a red white and blue gold line riot with a green stamp it is mine


Ryan P    November 10 at 2:56am

Yesterday I left my flag dye riot that I've had for 3 years under the pine trees on hole 1, I think two kids swooped it up because by the time I finished #5 it was gone. Super frustrated. That was my favorite disc. My name and number are on it so if you see anybody with a flag dye riot it is most likely mine.


Jeff Hulet    October 26 at 12:58pm

I lost a very, faded yellow Dragon in the pond on hole #2. Yes, they are supposed to float; but this one did NOT! Would like to get it back.


Vince Herr    September 29 at 8:40pm

Flipped over a green D3 on hole 18, hugged around the tree off to the right and it got pitch black out while looking for it. Could be on #5, #6 #2 or in the tall grass on 18 past the tree. Have lots of plastic to give for its return, will give 2 for it of your choice.


Miles smilez Campbell    September 29 at 12:34pm

Who is "swamp man"? I've found out recently he has multiple discs of mine marked smilez.

Vince Applegate   September 30 at 5:56am

You are not the only one sadly by the time I got to him he claimed to have no knowledge

Kenneth R    September 28 at 7:13pm

Lost purple blizzard dominator right side hole 6 and also a blizzard day glow dominator in pond hole 2 couple mo. Back.. Thought i put my info. On them like the rest of my discs But idk

Jeff Hulet   September 29 at 1:38pm

If it warms I will look again. I did not find a any Dominators this year. :(

Kenneth R   September 29 at 5:58pm

Ya landed in middle so its 're ally a destroyer with a dominator stamp has ds on back wanna say was 158 in ink neon day glow yellow blue stamp. w/silver f2 factory second bar

Jeff Hulet    September 28 at 11:05am

I took a "Cold" dip in the big pond and found 2 discs. One has been claimed, but the other has Not. It has a "weight" sticker on it like a Disc Craft, but it is Not Disc Craft. ID it and I will return it to you. :)

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Miles smilez Campbell   September 29 at 2:36pm

could give me a description of him?

Jeff Hulet   September 29 at 2:38pm

About 5'11 has brown hair and may have a "Shaggy" short beard. He drives a small car...don't remember model. It was about a month ago. :(

Miles smilez Campbell   September 29 at 2:58pm

ok thank you Jeff

Zach Emery    September 14 at 12:16pm

Found a Mini Cooper key fob on hole 4 or 5. I couldn't find anyone looking for them so they are at the local sheriffs department. hope they find who the owner is!

Jeff Hulet   September 14 at 1:33pm

Wish you would have found my White DD Freedom on hole 9. :(

Jeff Hulet    September 9 at 7:17pm

I went in the pond and "swamp" of Seymour today. It was Mucky and visibility was less than 2 feet. I did find 3 discs in the pond. One could have been there for a while. The pond is way down from it's normal levels.

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Nathan Eurick   September 13 at 10:53pm

Star mamba or gstar Vulcan ?

Jeff Hulet   September 14 at 12:45am

Still have Not found any of those. I hope to look some more when we get a Warm spell in a few days.

Spencer Morris   September 14 at 12:25pm

pink star boss out of the swamp?

Jeff Hulet    August 29 at 2:13pm

I still have many discs that I have found at Fire Fighters and Seymour Lake park in it's pond. Provide the right description and I will return them to you! :)

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Jeff Hulet   September 2 at 8:11pm

I found another one in the small pond today.

Vince Herr   September 4 at 9:07pm

still looking for that pink tern

Jeff Hulet   September 5 at 2:41pm

I am not directing this at anyone specific, but Please put your Name and cell # on your discs! I have many that will not get back to their owners because they are not Marked. If I find one and you have spoke about it here, I will contact you, but a cell # would be much easier to work with. :( :(

donny v    August 26 at 3:26pm

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Matt London    August 23 at 9:08pm

A week late but found a generic mid range "golf disc" on face. Hole 11 left side. Probably a kids disc. Love to get it back to them.


Ed Stack    August 23 at 8:54am

Lost a green echo katana with my name and number on it. Lost it on the swamp side of hole two. Also found a crank on the swamp side no name or number. Tell me the color and stamp I will get it back to you!!!

Matt London   August 23 at 6:52pm

purple first run z plastic? I hope

Ed Stack   August 23 at 6:57pm

Sorry no it is not Matt!!

Jeff Hulet    August 22 at 5:36pm

Now I guess it is "My" turn. I lost a White Dynamic "Freedom" on hole #9. It went into the brush on the right side of "Fairway" about 20 yards from the basket. Myself and my partner looked for 15 minutes and could not find it. I would like it back and my cell # is on it. Thanks!


Vince Herr    August 17 at 11:00pm

Lost a new pink champ tern in the mini pond in front of #3. Reward for return!

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Jeff Hulet   August 21 at 2:15pm

I'm sorry. I will look again tomarrow and get back to you if I find.

Rick L   August 22 at 11:22am

Vince any chance of an off white Star T-Rex almost mint colered underneath

Jeff Hulet   August 22 at 5:16pm

I went there today and found the pond drained to 2/3 it's depth and a person already diving it with a breathing system. I asked him if I could look through what he found and found many discs with #'s on them. I asked if he called the people. He said " when people lose discs they are l ... more

Jacob Turner    August 15 at 3:53pm

Lost a pink heat with my signature on it would love a return. Reward

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Matt London   August 15 at 6:54pm

Gotcha. That blows.

Vince Applegate   August 15 at 8:32pm

I was there this evening and no pink heat laying in any fairways or baskets

Jacob Turner   August 15 at 11:04pm

Thanks man I knew it was a long shot

Matt London    August 14 at 6:56pm

Looking to get in two rounds tomorrow. One early one afternoon. Another early round Sunday. Anyone wanna join me?

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Matt London   August 15 at 8:59am

Probably 10, 10:30. Im running behind. had to clean up storm debris this morning.

Vince Applegate   August 15 at 9:32am

I'll be there 10:15-10:30, gonna bring some goggles, get ballsy and go for a chilly dive in that pond. See if I can get those discs out.

Matt London   August 15 at 11:35am

Good luck man! Let me know! Sorry I missed you. Catch up with you in the morning.

Matt London    August 13 at 8:14pm

Any fall tournaments planned?