Scera Park

Orem, Utah     1 course · 9 holes     Driving directions

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-  +0 votes  + Ryan Ranes › May 25, 2014
-  +0 votes  + Robert Hair › July 4, 2014
I really enjoyed this coarse. It is on beautiful park. Not any elevation changes, but for a quick game, we loved it.
-  +0 votes  + Royce W › October 21, 2014
Definitely a beginner course. Realistically all the holes should be par 3 at most, but it's great for getting new people into the game and for practicing your short game (And the baskets are new and great quality). My only complaint is how busy the park gets. Most people could care less about a disc golf round going on and look at you like your crazy when you ask them to watch out.
-  +0 votes  + David Jordan › May 25, 2015
Being new to the sport I really enjoyed this course. Beautiful grass fields, few obstacles, and a nice mix of short and medium length fairways. Great place to learn and practice. Excellent for beginners and families.
-  +0 votes  + Todd Wilkins › March 30, 2015
-  +0 votes  + Ken Williams › August 12, 2015
Course was good, trees are great height to add challenge on throws, baskets are visible and teepads are marked. Downside is that some holes are very far from each other. Would play again.
-  +0 votes  + Seth Hejny › October 14, 2015
-  +0 votes  + Riley Risto › September 16, 2015
Fun place to play when the crowds aren't there. Redesigned course is MUCH better. Definitely an easy round though.
-  +0 votes  + Travis Welton › October 26, 2015
Course was recently updated and changed. Course is marked out really well.