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-  +0 votes  + Chris Arnett › January 11, 2014
-  +0 votes  + Thomas Tederington › November 22, 2013
Open course, not too busy. Mostly wide open. It's rare to lose a disc here.
-  -2 votes  + Jeremy Moran › January 9, 2014
Concerted effort by the local club but far too difficult for a visitor to follow at its current state! Baskets spread mostly through an undulating field with a few wooded holes. 3 holes play to basket-less finishes and the majority have multiple baskets in sight from the tee. The marking flags that doubled as tee-signs were placed well but starting to deteriorate which led to stress-inducing navigation and an incomplete round. Didn't get to play any other courses in the area but I'm sure they're more visitor friendly.
-  +0 votes  + Dan Chando › September 26, 2013
-  +0 votes  + Mike Spagnuolo › May 14, 2013
-  +0 votes  + Terry Arnold › June 14, 2014
This course is unique. There is a lot of wind b/c its quite a bit more open with less woods cover to block the wind so you have to really be aware of the wind all the time and learn to play it. There are some some tree's, hills, ponds, and agricultural related obstacles around. Very cool course :)
-  +0 votes  + Tom Soupal › April 29, 2013
-  +0 votes  + Chris TeBeau › April 18, 2013
Very windy and open course. A good mix of short and long holes. Good course for the average level disc golfer.
-  +0 votes  + Nate Ross › April 14, 2013
I am the VP of the MSU disc golf club and we have worked very hard to put this course up and keep it in working order. I know we are still missing some baskets but the course is very fun to play
-  +0 votes  + Connor J. Mikula › December 7, 2012
Now that the course is back up, three of the baskets are missing until the MSU disc golf club can raise money for them, and that made navigating the course really tough, especially because the tees aren't marked except for a patch of green fake turf. Besides that, the course plays pretty well. What few trees there are actually play a big role in the game, and each hole is really well laid out. The only complaint of how it plays is the variability; besides a coupe wood-lane holes it was mostly open grass field.
-  +0 votes  + Dan Hultin › May 25, 2013
Edit 5/25/2013 The course is pulled again. I'm guessing it is for the agricultural show. Probably wont be in the ground for 2 months or so. Edit* 12/2/2012 The course is back in the ground. I remember when I first played it I didn't think it was that great. Im going to go play it again soon since it is now officially the closest course to me. Re edit 12/2/2012 Went and checked it out. There were a bout 10 groups of people on the course... guess news moves fast. I actually enjoye ...
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-  -3 votes  + Joe Knopic › April 14, 2011
As far as I'm concerned this disc course was an after thought. Its set in the middle of an open parking lot for campers and RVs. Its closed half the year for events and other activities. Make shift shotty tee pads one of which is set right next to a basket. Some cool shots like 6 and 8 make this course playable about once a year. Otherwise its good for
beginners or when the other 6 courses in the Lansing area are packed.
-  +0 votes  + Ryan Boelter › September 30, 2010
-  +0 votes  + Jason Karle › September 29, 2010