Holly Woods

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Matt hatchew    March 23 at 6:18pm

Any idea when leagues will start?

David Lonteen   6 days ago

April 6th i believe is official start date but people will probably start unofficial a week early or so

Matt hatchew   5 days ago

is it still tue night?

Miles Campbell    March 21 at 9:11pm

Anyone have a condition update?

Casey Feta Cheney   March 21 at 10:12pm

My boyfriend played it yesterday, said it's definitely playable conditions, some mud but drying up.

Matt hatchew    March 19 at 8:16am

Anyone down for a morning session?

maliki hager   March 19 at 4:01pm

I was at school but I would have

Jon Camp    March 15 at 10:26pm

How is the course looking and is the park accessable by car or do you have to park off dixie?

Mark Stephens   March 15 at 10:38pm

The fate is open. The road is still rough ad could be icy in the morning. It is pretty muddy but not unplayable muddy. However the really warm day tomorrow could make it VERY muddy but that is just a guess. There is snow on th shady holes and I woudl expect that for at Least another week as a minimum. Probably 2 with it not being too warm next week

Jon Camp   March 15 at 11:32pm

thank you for the info

Miles Campbell    March 15 at 10:57am

Had anyone played holly this weekend? Wondering what the course conditions are like

jeff j   March 15 at 3:04pm

i cant belive one one has been there after the beatuiful week we have had

Eric Trantham    March 9 at 7:11pm

If anyone plays please post, wondering how much snow is out there after tomorrow.

Mark Stephens   March 9 at 7:33pm

Due to how the trees, the fairways, and the angle of the sun the snow that is out there will take a while to melt off. A lot longer than you would think...

Josh Childers    February 28 at 7:06pm

Lost a orange nuke today playing the frozen flyers tourney. By the beach by boat launch. Don't know if name and number is on it


Jeff Hulet    January 16 at 5:21pm

Is the Course closed for the season? I have not seen and tracks from Dixie going along course and a friend said the Gate was "Locked" when he went in Today!

Mark Stephens   January 16 at 5:49pm

You can park off Tindall Road and walk into the park and start on Hole 6.

Mark Stephens   January 16 at 5:50pm

They don't plow the road into the park so once the snow sets in the close and lock the gate as people get stuck on the hills

Jeff Hulet   January 17 at 3:58pm

Ok, thanks! That is about what I was thinking, that I would walk in.

Josh Cook Broken Oak    December 10 at 9:45pm

Hey guys, If you have time please go check out brokenoakdiscgolf.com

It's our brand new website/store. Let us know what you think, and grab yourself some new plastic!


Ryan P    October 30 at 7:33pm

Anybody wanna throw with me around 1030 tomorrow?


jeff j    October 24 at 8:19pm

is the park open ,if not how and where do I enter at . thanks for any response.

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David Lonteen   October 24 at 9:12pm

Enter off McGinnis Road

Jeff Hulet   October 25 at 12:41pm

Drive straight and watch for sign on right for the course.

David Walter a.k.a. Ranger Dave   October 25 at 1:11pm

you can always park on Tindall and walk across Dixie to hole 6.

Ben Jackson    October 22 at 3:41pm

The Waterford Putting League starts tonight (Wednesday nights). Sign up by 6:45pm, 1st round starts at 7pm. $5 buy in random seeded doubles tournament. 2100 Scott Lake Road, Waterford Township, MI 48328

More details here:



Jeff Hulet    October 20 at 4:20pm

I lost a Red MVP "Skull Boy" at Holly Woods yesterday on pin #12 if anyone finds it my cell is on it. There may be a reward if still in good shape. Thanks!

Jeff Hulet   October 30 at 2:45pm

It is a VOLT. I am thinking by now I won't get it back.

Jason Van Sickle    October 2 at 7:10pm

Hey all, I am holding a disc golf tournament to raise funds and awareness for Relay for Life. I tournament will be held on November 1 there is a posting g in the tournaments section of the site with all of the details. Please come out and help raised funds and have a great time.

Zach Emery   October 3 at 9:55am

how much will this be? and is this a bring your own doubles, doubles or single play?

Jason Van Sickle   October 18 at 2:49pm

its 20 a person to play and it is a singles tournamenr

Zach Emery   October 27 at 1:01pm

wish i could make it but i have to work/:

Mark Stephens    September 9 at 8:05pm

This Saturday (Sept 13) Black Ace Disc Golf's Memoriam Tournament at Holly Woods. It is the final PDGA Sanctioned event at Holly Woods this season. We will be playing the popular Jumbo 18 layout. It skips some of the easy deuce holes and adds in the extra 6 holes which leads to better round ratings. We are raising funds for Philip Smith the brother of BADGs Travis Smith. He had been hospitalized for many weeks now due to a rare autoimmune disease. For every AM player that comes ... more


Miles Campbell    August 21 at 10:29am

Planning on playing there Saturday. Should I get there early to avoid a tourney?

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Mark Stephens   August 21 at 11:38am

If you click on the EVENTS tab above, you can see what events are scheduled.

Miles Campbell   August 21 at 2:47pm

thank you kind sir.

Christopher Bence    August 15 at 11:53am

There are 2 discs I have lost recently at Holly woods. 1 is a blue star vulcan that looks fairly used with the stamp coming off....(threw it in the swamp on hole 9). 2nd is a purple prodigy that I left on hole 4 and just kinda walked away from it. The prodigy has C.bence on it with my number and the vulcan not so sure if I did or not, so if anyone can please return it to me that would be the most generous thing ever with possibly a reward :) thanks!!


" Young " Tye Krukowski    August 12 at 7:00pm

I lost a preflight green star firebird on hole 19 (according to the pictures on here ) early release and went right into the bushes before it made it over the hill, reward if returned!

Christopher Bence   August 15 at 11:54am

Did it go right or left of the hill? Right?

" Young " Tye Krukowski   August 15 at 3:05pm

it went right, I threw it forehand. about 35 feet before the top of the hill

Randall Kaszynski    August 9 at 10:03am

Ladies and Gents - I know leagues were last night, 8.8.14, and people are moving fast through the links... If anyone lost a Discraft distance disc last night (no name or number)... Let me know the name of the disc and color and I'll get it back to you!