Firefighters Park

Troy, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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ilya newell    3 days ago

Lost a black and green Envy in the creek off 18. Water was too muddy to see. Email on buttom, reward if found.


David Tomlinson    November 21 at 9:06pm

I left my green esp nuke on 18 today. It should be on the side of the creek north of the bridge. I pull it out of the creek and forgot to put it back in my bag. My info is on it.


David Tomlinson    November 21 at 9:04pm

I lost a powder blue z preditor in the creek about halfway up the fairway on 4 on Thursday the 19th it has a led on it and my info is on it.


Jay B    November 19 at 11:25am

Glow skins tonight at firefighters, tee off at 630 unless you let me know in advance that you may be late


Douglas Fresh    November 17 at 4:40pm

K.Biggs: I found your Comet in the water behind 11. Both phone numbers on the back were disconnected. If anybody knows this golfer and can get a hold of them, let me know. Otherwise this disc will be donated in a couple weeks.

Ryan Kelly   November 18 at 1:24am

happen to find a pro rhyno in the same spot?

Douglas Fresh   November 18 at 5:47am

Would have posted it if I did

Ryan Kelly    November 17 at 10:35am

lost pro rhyno in river behind 11s basket, ran out of daylight, has two pieces of glow tape on disc, cant remember if name or # is on disc


Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD    November 11 at 2:44pm

Lost disc: Yellow & green swirly Star VRoc3 was left on Sunday at Firefighters by one of our buddies, Brian Evans. It wasn't inked when I saw it last and was 180g. I'm sure a plastic trade is in order if returned, thanks!!


Matt Smith    November 5 at 5:33pm

Lost Pink Stratus in River about a week or two ago has my e-mail and DET in black marker *REWARD*


William Goeringer    November 4 at 6:36pm

Found a disc on Hole 9. Name the color and mold and I'll return it to you!

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William Goeringer   November 8 at 6:38pm

Nope, sorry guys

Chance Eigenauer   November 11 at 11:49am

orange zombee

William Goeringer   November 11 at 9:41pm


scott R    November 1 at 6:57pm

Lost a orange teerex on hole 11 today. and a orange with a purple stamp West side Sorcerer on 17.


Douglas Fresh    October 30 at 8:16pm

Lost a blue GStar Boss in the river on 18 short of the basket last night at glow league. Has Doug Watson 29336 on the back and an LED light taped to the top. Reward for its return


Jason Thumber Teachey    October 27 at 11:19am

Lost another 2012 memorial nuke on 15 looks like my profile pic w no ink at all reward upon its return!_!

Mike Neldrett   October 27 at 2:43pm

where? right side woods?

Tyler alfano    October 25 at 10:28pm

Anybody looking to shoot tmrw morning? 9ish tee time. Let me know!


Ron Jacobs    October 25 at 7:25pm

Left behind a blue Star Foxbat in the ditch on hole 3. Number is on it. She gone.


Douglas Fresh    October 24 at 7:01pm

Found a green blizzard something on 7 today. No ink. Tell me the stamp if its yours

Ron Jacobs   October 25 at 8:31am


Douglas Fresh   October 25 at 9:13am

Not a Boss stamp.

Jay B    October 22 at 12:16pm

Glow skins tonight! Tee off at 630 unless you call or message me letting me know youll be late

Jay B   October 22 at 1:13pm

Sorry 7pm tee off tonight

Justin Hall    October 21 at 1:07pm

I'll be out there with a rake and other various tools looking most of the day today. (10/21)
If anybody has any "requests" and by that I mean if anybody else has lost something there recently and would like to put out an APB with me, I will be returning all inked discs and specifically described discs (Jessica's Eagle). Just let me know what you're looking for. Wish me luck! Lol

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Jessica J   October 21 at 7:53pm

Hope you had great luck!

Justin Hall   October 22 at 9:38pm

Lol. No prob! I had ZERO luck tho. Lmao! There are so many F&#%!ng leafs!!!

Justin Hall   October 22 at 9:42pm

I'm pretty sure I know where I lost my Halloween Buzzz now. And it was picked up by the two underaged male casual vultures behind us that day. I'm quite sure.. :-/

Michelle C    October 21 at 12:15pm

For some reason, I can't reply. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm at work now or I would join you in your search. I will head out this evening to do another search.

Justin Hall   October 21 at 12:20pm

Yeah. This site is a little dated as far as it's messaging is concerned. I'll probably see you out there though. Lol

Benny G.   October 21 at 6:58pm

I spent all day at FF today and didn't see a cell phone. I'll still keep my eyes open tooZ

Justin Hall   October 22 at 6:27pm

No luck here either..

Michelle C    October 21 at 12:02pm

J. Matthew Hall: If you happen to find a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge out there, please let me know. My husband lost it day before yesterday. Still haven't found it. It's somewhere between hole 1 and 6. Thanks!

Justin Hall   October 21 at 12:06pm

Way ahead of you. I was including the phone in my list of items to watch out for. I actually ran into the fella looking for it that night. The night before my bonehead incident. Lol

Justin Hall   October 21 at 12:09pm

If anybody wants to join me they're more than welcome! I've got a couple rakes and a couple ponchos. Working on a backpack blower.. Let's make a soggy day of search n recover!

Justin Hall    October 21 at 12:54am

Lost a new LE Halloween buzzz with an orange/glitter stamp Tuesday night on hole 7.
Left it on the trail between 7 and 8 after throwing my putt as far as I can remember...
Thrown twice. Owned less than 24hrs and not yet inked. It scales at precisely 178.8, of that I'm sure.
Sticker says 177+. If you can help, please do. The disc golf gods will bless you.

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Jessica J   October 21 at 7:28pm

Unfortunately mine was not under or could be under any leaves :-( and I have definitely noticed my baby is missing from my bag. I as well know the casual faces and also will know my baby when i see her. So to whoever took it. Beware. :)

Justin Hall   October 22 at 12:44pm

Lol. "I hear that renegade!"

Justin Hall   October 22 at 12:45pm

No luck yesterday anyway. Put the word out about the phone and the eagle tho. To anyone interested in what I was doing with a friggin rake. :-)

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