Firefighters Park

Troy, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Matt London    1 day ago

My buddy lost his new Leopard on 18 to the left of the basket last night. Hadn't even inked it yet. Just started playing. He'd love to have it back. Thanks


Nate Buban    3 days ago

Left a red star Vulcan on 18 last night at leagues, a new disc for its return!

Jay B   3 days ago

Shoulda sent me a message i woulda went and grabbed it this morning

Justin P    5 days ago

Lost a pair of keys for a Ford fusion today on the course. It has a yellow key strap attached.


Dale Gosselin    5 days ago

My buddy lost a set of keys today. Not sure what hole. Please contact me if found

Justin P   5 days ago

Made account dale

David Tomlinson    June 23 at 8:34pm

Lost a 12 time Ken climo champion teebird in the creek in front of tens tee pad. Last night. No name or number.

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David Tomlinson   June 24 at 4:08am

can you bring it to league tonight?

Jay B   June 24 at 7:01am

If im going to be there ill bring it

David Tomlinson   June 24 at 7:27am

I got you covered for league, thanks.

Branden Burak    June 23 at 10:37am

Lost an orange dart on 18 at leagues last night, overthrew the basket into the drink. Would love to get it back!

Jay B   June 23 at 12:37pm

I have it, you can look for it at the reg table next monday, ill leave it up there

Branden Burak   June 23 at 7:58pm

You're the best dude.

Ryan ChimChim Bauer    June 23 at 8:17am

lost a blue surge on 4 last night had Evan "sleepy" bradley's name on it would love it back.

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Jay B   June 23 at 12:37pm

No banshees

Jay B   June 23 at 12:40pm

.....except the ones crying "bagger"

Douglas Fresh   June 23 at 6:37pm

Ohhhhhhhhh SNAP

Branden Fulton    June 23 at 6:21am

lost a blue wizard in the river on hole 11 last night would really like to get it back i dont remember if my name or pdga number was on it or not it was to the right of the basket by the drain is stamped as gateway karma


Mike Burton    June 21 at 10:36pm

left a pink Big Z comet somewhere.


brian van loon    June 21 at 4:10pm

Found one left behind on 16 today

Mike Burton   June 21 at 10:32pm

Pink Big Z comet?

brian van loon   June 22 at 9:50am

Nope sorry

David Aron    June 14 at 7:21pm

Left a yellow wraith on the other side of 17 river. Someone who played the tournament picked it up, reward.


Bart Kowalewski    June 14 at 7:20pm

Left a pink destroyer on hole 2 up against a tree. Someone picked it up. Pretty sure my name is on it. Reward if returned.


Paul Doherty    June 14 at 2:32pm

Lost a blue champ eagle with a huk lab dye in the river on 4. About 50 short but the water was raging


Justin Burns    June 12 at 9:41pm

Lost a light blue champion destroyer on 4 today. There are the initials "BS" on the inside the disc. $$$ Reward if returned

Jake Steinbrecher   June 13 at 12:43pm

found it!

Brian Schoening   June 14 at 10:06am


Marcus VanPoppelen    June 11 at 1:42pm

Was playing yesterday and lost an orange 2015 ace race disc. Friend was throwing it off of the 18th pad and hyzered out before the bridge into the trees/brush by the little stream, weight was between 160-175 and may have had my name on it. Let me know if anyone finds it, thanks!


donny v    June 11 at 11:38am

Firefighter's getting too busy with casuals and chuckers? Looking for a REAL challenge this summer on a course that demands a complete game? Well, we have you covered at Mill Creek Disc Golf Course with tourneys and special events through October! Save all your Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays for the established leagues and tourneys at Firefighters, and take a nice drive up to the country and play some Saturday tourneys and special events at my private course "Mill Creek", ... more


John Minicuci    June 9 at 12:30am

The 14th Annual Firefighters Classic this Sunday. PDGA B Tier. Come see what we do to this course for the event. 2 rounds of 24 Holes. Long and short tees pads all over and an additional 3 basket placements. Only 5 holes on the regular course remain in play for the tournament. Lots of added prizes and give-a-ways!


Marcus VanPoppelen    June 8 at 8:05am

What is the leauge information for this course?

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Marcus VanPoppelen   June 8 at 8:39am

Any like base pay or just show up and play?

John Minicuci   June 8 at 8:42am

show up, pay, then play. You choose what you want to participate in at registration. Get there before 5:30 pm

Marcus VanPoppelen   June 8 at 8:44am

Alright, thanks for the info

Lawrence Leonardi    June 6 at 8:46am

Holy Oaks PDGA event at Addison Oaks next Saturday June 13.


Skyler stoker    June 5 at 10:48pm

Apparently I lost a supreme flight stamped color glow P2 somewhere out there on Wednesday. I just noticed today when I got my bag out. Would really love to have it back. No name or number sadly. Aqua blue or turquoise in color with red stamp.


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