Fallasburg Park

Lowell, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Eric Austin    January 29 at 12:15pm

I'm looking to form a team of people that would like to film the top card of a tourney here at fallasburg. 2 cameras would be sufficient. I could film but I'm also a skilled non-linear editor and could I could cut the footage together and add pro style graphics. adding commentary from an area pro or two a la spin TV would be a nice touch and could be done after the filming. just an idea to grow the sport and bring some exposure to the best course in the area.

Doug Diekman   January 29 at 7:13pm

Im very interested!!!! doug diekman 616-299-1760 - pro photographer 17 years

Chad Hutchison   6 days ago


Corey Matthysse    January 4 at 1:23pm

On December 25th, a few friends and I went out and played a round. I am just realizing that I left two very important discs out on the course somewhere. The first is a White and tie die 11x Eagle. The bottom has a black strip of ink covering a previous owners ink. The second is a yellow Mcpro Roc3 with a small bite mark, from a cannine tooth of a dog, near the rim. I'd really like to have them back if anyone has them.

Frey Gerard   January 5 at 10:01am

I have not found any recently.

Fred Vocino    November 19 at 9:57pm

Is there a par 5 hole among the longs for holes 1, 5 and 16? That would explain how par for 18 longs is 58, and par for 18 with 1, 5 and 16 as shorts is 54.

Randy Shreve   November 19 at 11:21pm

Looks like holes 1 and 5 are par 4 hole 16 is par 5 in the long positions

Randy "Shide-arm" Shideler   November 20 at 5:35am

Yes sir, 16 is a par 5

Jim Knudson    November 10 at 10:26am

Found a Buzz last Saturday. Color and hole #?, and I'll return it this Sat. to you.

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Jim Knudson   November 10 at 1:38pm

Sorry, wrong color

Jim Knudson   November 10 at 2:03pm

No name or PDGA# but has an interesting ink design on the underside.

Jerrid Warner   November 26 at 7:54pm

Either red or yellow?

Andrew Karasiewicz    November 9 at 9:45am

Yesterday at league I lost a red pro beast on 11. Also lost my ray bans on 16. 75$ reward if the glasses are found in ok condition. 100$ if they're found in great to perfect.

Andrew Karasiewicz   November 9 at 5:18pm

I found my glasses, still looking for the red pro beast on 11.

Jordan Cassady    November 6 at 1:29pm

Great White Buffalo Fall Travel League is playing Bertha Brock in Ionia on Sunday Nov. 8th at 2pm. Singles. $7 buy in. $2 ace pool is included. Ace pool is currently $194. 100% payout. CTP and long putt prizes. Proudly sponsored by GR Hobby and Disc Golf at 44th and Kalamazoo in Kentwood.


Amy Markel    October 26 at 5:43pm

The basket for 14 is in the lower placement.

Eric Austin   December 2 at 1:06pm

the most wonderful time of the year

Chris sias    October 18 at 7:49pm

lost a orange pumpkin stamp gstar thunderbird in the deep brush to the left of the basket at hole 4.

Jacob Stahl   October 19 at 12:30pm

Ive got it up at the shop Chris, was going to get in touch with you today. Im open 11-6 M-F and 10-5 Sat

Kory Pollock    October 18 at 11:45am

Lost a red hatchet a while back to the right of hole one. Past the first set of bushes.


Dave Nyhuis    October 17 at 4:49pm

Lost an orange Nuke with red shatter stamp in the woods on the left on hole 18. Has my name on it, I'd love it back!


Andrew Karasiewicz    September 21 at 9:40am

Just an FYI: There is a ground bees nest in between hole eleven's basket and twelve's teepad. It's located in a stick pile roughly 25 feet north of eleven's basket. These guys got me pretty good right after my putt. My hand is swollen pretty badly even after 20 hours from the sting. I had a killer migraine and felt nauseous roughly fours after the sting. I'm not allergic and haven't had problems with stings before, but they messed me up really good after only one sting.

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Andrew Karasiewicz   September 21 at 12:52pm

Also, these weren't the normal small yellowish ground bees we frequently see. These were bigger and black.

Fred Vocino   September 21 at 3:52pm


Jason RDZ   September 21 at 10:47pm

Thanks for the heads up . Playing here in the AM.

Fred Vocino    September 19 at 12:24pm

On Tuesday Oct.6 you can join with a crew to help clear the overgrowth at Fallasburg. 10am will be the early start. People can come later. Bring any cutters etc. First target is 16 then 5.


Nick Simon    September 16 at 5:03pm

Only 12 spots left for the first ever Riverside Open!!! PDGA C-tier. Sunday September 20. Sign up today!! And be sure tell all your friends as registration is sure to fill up!!


Koby Ekholm    September 16 at 2:25pm

Lost a yellow pro boss on hole 16. Should have my cell number on it.


Parker Cavender    September 7 at 4:17pm

With incliment weather forecast for tomorrow Fred Vocino and I have postponed the cleanup crew. Thank you to those of you who were willing to help, a later date will be set then posted on here.


Amy Markel    August 30 at 5:05pm

Fallasburg Winter League starts Sunday October 4th.


Parker Cavender    August 17 at 12:17pm

ATTENTION! Please beware of the HORNETS NEST located approximately 150 ft. From the pad on the left of the Fairway on hole 5. It is the size of a football and they are lively and very aggressive. Hole 5 is already a (insert angry adjective), no need for anyone to get stung on top of it.

jeremy woodward   August 18 at 7:24am

thanks for the heads up

Fred Vocino    August 15 at 10:24pm

LOST: Purple Crank. Where...not 5, but that's a good guess. 16 of course...went in left about 250. I will reward with new plastic. My 8 hours of prior trash-plant removal on 16 did nothing for me spiritually or physically to help me locate my main driver. I will return but not until I have joined a work crew organized to satisfy the expectations associated with groups calling Fallasberg their home course. 16 is my nemesis hole, but, 5 sure could use some attention. My chainsaw is hungry.

Parker Cavender   August 17 at 12:10pm

Hey Fred, I proudly call fallasburg my home course and would be more than willing to help do some clearing and what not. message me and we can start working out a time then we can work on recruting.

Fred Vocino   August 17 at 7:58pm

I often refer first to Fallasberg when non-local players ask about top level courses in/near Grand Rapids. We can post some dates on the naturally allied group pages to gather volunteers. I have schedule flexibility. Let me know what you prefer in the near future (before the next tournament). Thanks!

Nate Libra    August 3 at 12:09pm

Lost my red destroyer last Monday on 16. I'll be there today with reward $ if someone found it. Vaguely has my name and number as well as "zig" on it. Pretty beat up but she means a lot to me haha. Thanks


Scott elzinga    July 27 at 10:12pm

Left a red champion tern on hole 16. 171 gms. No name. Reward if returned

Mike Durco   July 28 at 12:48am

I found it Scott! Put your name on your discs! ;) LOL