Cass Benton Hills

Northville, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Jason Kirkaldy    November 25 at 10:34pm

Coming home soon get my trophy ready

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Jeff "Hep-A-Ler" Hepler   November 28 at 11:14am

oh boy. Coming home filled with humility!

Jason Kirkaldy   December 1 at 12:52pm

Lol, just playin

Jason Kirkaldy   December 1 at 12:52pm

Miss my courses though

Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common    November 25 at 4:09pm

Found a pearly orc on hole 6. Describe the ace written on the underside and ill get it back asap

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Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common   November 26 at 8:11pm

Not correct unfortunately

Shane Bates   January 4 at 6:36am

By chance is it yellow PFN with a black stamp? I lost it DEEP right on hole 5 several months ago. I had got it in a trade and don't remember what ink was on it, just that it was inked up a little bit

Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common   January 4 at 9:42am

It is not unfortunately. Still holding on to it. Hope i can return it to its rightful owner some day

D Schultz    November 17 at 4:22pm

Lost a orange PFN Star Wraith custom dyed on hole 6 on the left side by hole 7. Reward if it's found. It's the disc I am using for my profile picture


Scottie Reslock    November 3 at 12:00pm

Lost a clear green crystal buzz with with battle at the belle stamp. Would really love it back, let me know!


Neal Bachert    October 12 at 3:47pm

Found a MVP Volt on Hole 6 a while back. Tell me the color to get it returned!

Gerald "Pops" Gulyas   October 14 at 12:18pm


Jeff "BigUgly" Johns    October 12 at 11:32am

Lost a pink Pro Katana yesterday on Hole #3. Went right from the long tee pad. May have gone over the road. Check in the "Grow area" with no luck. Would love to get it back if possible. Thanks!


Daryl "the eauge" Ballios    October 6 at 6:30pm

Left a blue Star Wraith in parking lot on way to 13's tee. Name/pdga # on bottom. Reward if returned to me. Please let me know if you see someone w/it.

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Bo Fought   October 6 at 8:59pm

Looks like u already checked under the basket.

Jason Kirkaldy   October 7 at 6:50am

Who the fuk is dragon hulk lol

Daryl "the eauge" Ballios   October 7 at 11:01pm

HAHAHAHAA AH AH AH. Hopefully you will only see it on the links Jason. Jason Kirkaldy, yawn... Boring name! LOL

brendan kretzschmar    October 1 at 9:52pm

Lost a pink MVP fission photon from 3 long. Looked like it was going to be by hole 4's basket. Reward if found.

Shawn Vena   October 8 at 7:35pm

Found it. You can have it if you want it. It was in the field by the pavilion across the river.

Kayla MacRae    September 30 at 7:21pm

Lost a red yellow and blue force I think it was on hole 5 in the right hand woods. Let me know if you find it please


Neal Bachert    September 21 at 11:33am

Lost a White PFN Sidewinder on hole 3 from the am pad. It cut rolled into the bush on the left side of the fairway. Name and number. Reward if found.

Neal Bachert   September 22 at 2:46am

I found it. It had such a weird angle in one of the bushes by the bridge

Ryan Kelly    September 21 at 11:12am

lost orange teebird on 2, has my ink on it, Reward


Ross Robertson    September 15 at 2:47pm

Found a disc hole 4 let me know what it was and I will try to get it to you.

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Ross Robertson   September 20 at 11:07pm

Not an inspire. A boss no ink.

Ryan Kelly   September 21 at 11:11am

lost a orange teebird couple days ago on 2, rolled somewhere down the hill, has my ink on it

Brett Piziali   September 23 at 8:34am

green buzzz?

Tim Corwin    August 28 at 9:54pm

Lost a green nate doss surge on hole 3 left woods if found please let me know thank you.


Levi Cavender    August 27 at 1:52pm

Ill be selling off my discs Sunday 8/30/15. Got maybe 20-30 discs, mostly Champion and Z plastic. $5 bucks a pop.

Levi Cavender   August 27 at 2:07pm

Ill be posted up by hole 12 after I shoot a last round so feel free to stop by and get some discs for cheap!

Miles smilez Campbell   August 27 at 6:32pm

what time? going up there Sunday morning

Miles smilez Campbell   August 31 at 11:39am

was out there ready to spend some money but didn't see you

Chadd Scruggs    August 24 at 6:19pm

Friday at Northridge Church don't miss out!!


Neal Bachert    August 19 at 3:27am

Lost a Pink Star Destroyer on Hole 3 from the Long pad, turned it over a bit too much. Reward if found.

Brett Piziali   August 19 at 6:59am

I'd assume you turned it over towards hole 4?? or towards 3 Am pad?

Neal Bachert   August 19 at 10:44pm

3's AM pad

Zack Cardenas    August 11 at 10:44pm

Lost a blue s line TD. Reward if found number on inside rim


Jessica Ferris    August 6 at 6:20am

Lost a yellow prodigy D2 on hole 2 couple days ago. It's either a proto or a first run, can't remember. My name and # is on the rim. Also, lost a green pearly 4x Valkyrie on hole 8 yesterday. No name or # on that one I think. Reward if found for either


David P    July 20 at 8:08pm

i Dustin Johnson the last hole and let my friend Rex win but anywho my disc went soaring across the road (where you normally park at for the 1st tee) in those cattail things or whatever they are called.. just a blue innova long distance nothing special. if you find it keep it because I don't deserve it back. thanks.

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Derek Scobie   July 20 at 9:01pm


David P   July 21 at 7:17am

tell me about it. find it and burn it for me.

- Buckwheat   July 21 at 11:42am

Thats kick-ass.

brendan kretzschmar    July 17 at 5:37pm

Lost a pink core, blue rim axiom inspire on hole 4 today. Looked like it was behind the basket near the river. Reward if found.