Cass Benton Hills

Northville, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Ryan Kelly    February 14 at 3:51pm

Left a red champ roc3 ff classic stamp between 1 and 10
Reward return


Jessica Ferris    January 31 at 4:52am

Does anyone know how bad the tee pads are after the snow we had?

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Jessica Ferris   February 2 at 5:32pm

no kidding, lol. I was just thinking of ice before but now...think I'll wait a few days

Justin Wehrheim   February 6 at 12:09pm

We kick-cleaned a lot of the pads yesterday.

Nick Oliver   February 8 at 5:14pm

And that is why you got an ace good sir!

Rob Schultz    December 2 at 9:03pm

Found a putter on hole 2 yesterday. No name/number. If it's yours and you pm me what kind and color you can have it back.


Nick Oliver    November 25 at 4:10pm

Thinking my Surge SS (red, with ink) is somewhere near the Swamp Monster parking lot. By now I am sure someone snagged it, but hey, never hurts to ask!


Nick Stock    November 17 at 2:13pm

Hey guys, I'm just shooting out a heads up in case anyone happens to come across my stolen grip bag. It was almost brand new, new version. Grey with topography pattern. My whole arsenal was in there. I would give both of my legs to any man that found the bag or a fraction of my once complete line up of plastic. Appreciate the help. My name and number are on the inner rim of almost all my discs. Two new additions were bird bird roc3 and first run roc 3. Couple of beat in champ bosses in there as well that are going to take another season or so to replace.

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Nick Stock   November 19 at 4:02pm

That grey topography one is the exact model. I think my serial number was 8081. Wooden tag comes on every grip bag with its serial number. The bag has been included in my police report. Thank you guys for the tips. Oh also the car was stolen from my loft in Detroit. (Shocker.

Nick Stock   November 19 at 4:03pm

...Last Monday. Car was recovered Wednesday.

tony mitchell    October 23 at 9:57pm

threw it from the short pad so its almost pin high


tony mitchell    October 23 at 9:57pm

i lost a ten year anni buzz on hole 5 on the right.. its pink.. if anyone finds it.. please let me know....... stupid leaves

Ken Mango   October 24 at 12:21pm

oh no! ive still got its twin. come on over and get it.

tony mitchell   October 25 at 12:41am

on my way... might take me till spring to get there..

Douglas McIntosh    October 2 at 12:38am

This Saturday, October 4th - Cass Benton
Huron Valley PDGA sanctioned singles league is going to at Cass Benton for a round from the long tees Anyone can get a rated round for $1
for those that would like to play for cash. we will have $5 Pro and $5 am2 divisions. There will also be an optional $2 cash CTP and a $2 Ace pool


Jason Kirkaldy    September 12 at 11:03pm

Tournament that was scheduled for tomorrow is cancelled

g lane   September 12 at 11:17pm

im in!

Jason Kirkaldy   September 12 at 11:37pm

Haha dik

mitchel kiefer    September 5 at 4:02pm

Lost a white lucid enforcer on hole 4 in the woods to the right of the basket number on it please return if found


Douglas McIntosh    September 3 at 2:27pm

This Saturday, September 6th - Cass Benton @ 11am Huron Valley Disc Golf will be running an 8 week PDGA rated singles league every Saturday in September and October. Each week will be at a different course. Anyone can get a rated round for $1. There will be an optional $5 per person Open and Am2 divisions. (We may offer more divisions depending on the size of the turn out). There will also be an optional $2 cash CTP and a $2 Ace pool. So you can play for as little as $1 or $10 all in. http:// ... more


Dave Milewski    August 26 at 8:15am

Left behind brand new pink Z first run Nuke deep on 16 yesterday. Not sure about my name or any ink on it. Reward

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Jessica Ferris   August 26 at 12:19pm

did it have a gash on the rim?

Dave Milewski   August 26 at 1:05pm

very possible? Just pulled it out of my collection and put it in the bag, did you pick one up yesterday?

Jessica Ferris   August 26 at 1:24pm

had one traded to me yesterday, don't know where the guy got it. it's new other then the gash

Jason D'Haene    August 25 at 2:46pm

Lost a yellow Nuke OS on Hole 4. Not enough hyzer, should be in the woods in the right, about 20 short of the hole. Name and number are on it, thanks.


Derek Tzay    August 25 at 11:41am

Left a yellow star boss on hole three from the long. It turned over to the right and disappeared in the trees. Keep an eye out plz/thanks


Jason Kirkaldy    August 10 at 3:24pm

Tornament at Northridge Church on 8/16/14 this Saturday!!! Be there at 830 to sign up early. Check the Tournament Page for more Details.


Jay B INSANITY DGC    August 10 at 3:10pm

Possibly left a pink star monster out there last week on Monday, reward for return


Jason Kirkaldy    July 16 at 9:31pm

Hole 2 has been cemented and looks great!!!

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Brett Piziali   July 18 at 11:13am

Sam, do it on Sunday. I work weekdays

The Man Who Wears Orange   July 19 at 12:44am

I can help this Sunday. I may be able to rope in DK and a few of the regulars as well. Vader was the one who cemented it I hear.

samuel smith   July 19 at 7:06am

sunday i have league but all next week ill be out there early mornings. I put it back in the ground at 8 am last monday. i had to chip out old cement on the bottom to get it back in the spot then built it up with sand with a made from what was out there retaining wall. i havent been back to see the ... more

Steve Albert    July 15 at 8:21pm

The league 2nd shift is here tomorrow at 10 AM. 100% payout day of league. $5 day fee to play. Optional $2 ace pool $3 ctp and $15 one time fee for overall points for the duration of the league. This is the 1st day to win points as well don't miss out. We will meet in parking lot off front entrance.


Steve Albert    July 8 at 1:50am

Come play the new league 2nd shift! It's starting July 9 at lakeshore 10am. League will be every Wednesday at 10am switching between Northridge, Cass Benton, and Lakeshore. Check out the league here on discgolfscene for more details.


Christopher Kortman    May 30 at 10:50pm

Hey fellow discers I'm from out of town and wanna play an early round at like 8 am Saturday anyone wanna give me a tour of the course