Big Portage Lake

Grass Lake, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Ben Ross    May 19 at 11:33am

Throw For a Cure IV is this weekend! Sign up today to reserve your spot. Forecast for Saturday is 75 and mostly sunny, perfect weather for disc golf. Only one MPO player is currently signed up, let's get some more open players out to fight for that cash!


Bo Fought    May 5 at 8:05am

Found a pretty nice Valkyrie Sunday morning, no name or # on it. If you lost one this weekend PM the description to get it back, pretty sure you are going to want this one.


Garrett McQueen    March 19 at 1:48pm

just wondering if any one has found a green force ( white stamp) and a red/pink crank (chrome stamp). really missing my throwers

Bo Fought   March 19 at 2:23pm

Didn't find them today when I did a walk through. Didn't find my missing Mamba either (Hole 4). Still a bunch of snow out there and I was only able to walk the fairway in my shoes. Hopefully Sunday with a little more melting and LDT playing Dubs.

Bo Fought    March 19 at 1:16pm

Had a chance to do a quick walk through today after some melting, ended up finding 5 more discs. I am off to Colorado tomorrow so I am hoping to drop them off at Ben Ross house tonight so he can bring them to LDT Sunday Dubs. - Ninja Nate, Pinkish/Red Champ Wraith w/blue stamp - ??? (no name/#) Star Beast (provide disc color/stamp color to get it back) - M.K. (Matt Klein?) Tie-Dye Champ Groove - Jeff Lozowsky, Orange Blizzard Boss w/blue stamp and blue LED - Justin Dean, White/Grayish JK ... more

Ben Ross   March 19 at 3:10pm

Thanks Bo! I'll be around tonight after 5. If you can drop them off that would be great or I will come scoop them up. All will be returned!

Ben Ross    March 16 at 5:31pm

Found a star Atlas and a Westside Sword today. If you think one of them is yours pm me the color and distinguishing marks and we'll ship it to you free of charge :)


Jeff Hepler    March 16 at 11:49am

Lost yellow star wraith on hole 2 last Sunday during LDT winter dubs. Spotter said he heard it hit a tree left side before the basket, but didn't see it. Name and number should be on it. Return would be greatly appreciated.


Ben Ross    March 15 at 6:04pm

Found a Champion Ape on hole 14 and a Champion Roadrunner on hole 18. Both have distinguishing marks. If you think one of them is yours pm me the color and distinguishing marks and Lost Disc Tribe will ship it home to you free of charge :)


Garrett McQueen    February 23 at 11:31pm

had a rough round at the course. i lost a green force on hole 18 should be on right side of fairway. also i lost a red crank with a silver stamp around hole five that is on the left side of course close to the pin. reward if found. thank you


Bo Fought    February 17 at 8:15am

Lost an orange star Mamba in the snow on #4. Just past the 3 trees in the fairway, hyzer'd left at the end right where the rough begins. Has initials (RJF) and my PDGA # on it, reward for safe return. Thanks!


Ben Ross    February 11 at 4:28pm

Only 11 days until the Ice Bowl at Big Portag Lake on 2/22! Tell your friends so we can fill this thing up! For those of you who plan on coming and haven't signed up, remember to cashless pre-reg in the talk section of the tournament so that we can get an accurate count of how many are coming. This will really help in preparing for the day of cause I have a feeling this is going to be a BIG tournament. I've gotten a lot of verbal confirmations from people that I see haven't put their name in yet ... more


Rob DeHaan    February 7 at 4:00pm

Lost a blue champ firebird on 9. name and number are on it.


Bo Fought    February 3 at 11:04am

Big thanks to Jason and Ben (Lost Disc Tribe) for shoveling and salting all 18 tee pads prior to league play on Sunday. Much more enjoyable round when you have good footing on the pads. Job well done guys!

Ben Ross   February 3 at 12:30pm

Thx Bo! It's a lot of work, but worth it ;)

Ben Ross   February 3 at 12:31pm

And thanks for bringing scorecards out yesterday!

Nick Pacific    January 22 at 9:36am

Saturday we be discin - same bat time same bat channel.

Ben Ross   January 22 at 11:33am

I'm down...teepads should still be in good shape from Sunday..we put a bunch more salt down. As long as the snow holds off we'll be good.

Ben Ross   January 22 at 11:46am

Created a group for it on the home page...

William Gilbert    December 26 at 8:40am

Our Friend and yours, CJ's party store is running a sale check it out. CJ’s Disc Golfing Year End Clearance!!! 20% off almost everything Disc Golf! Friday December 27th,2013 – Monday December 30th 2013 Bags, Straps, Chairs, Discs, Dry weave Shirts (XL & 2XL only remaining), Towels, Hats, License Plates and frames, GLO Lites, UV & Blacklight flashlights, GLO tape, Mini’s, Golden Retrievers, Bottle Openers, Ript Revenge card game, Patches, DG Stickers. No other discounts or specials ... more


Ben Ross    December 24 at 11:07am

If you lost a disc out here recently shoot me a pm cause I may have it...several were found recently that have no ink or were too faded to read. THanks!


Bo Fought    December 5 at 4:20pm

We are going to have another Glow night this Friday around 7:30 pm at Big Portage Lake. Open invite to anyone interested in playing Glow or even trying it for the first time. We have a few extra supplies for those in need as well. Please dress warm as the temps are going to be pretty low Friday night. Nothing us Michiganders are not used to by now. :)


Bo Fought    November 21 at 3:28pm

Looking like Friday night is a go for Glow! Come on out around 7:30/8:00 pm Friday night for a chilly round of Glow DG. Have 9 basket lights ready to go and will try to hang them up before we begin. Please spread the word to anyone interested in playing Glow at BPL! Thanks!


Bo Fought    November 19 at 3:59pm

Friday Night GLOW round? Will keep an eye on the weather and see how it looks as we get closer, but if it is not too bad I am hoping to get a GLOW round or two in. Maybe 7:30 pm start time? Check back here later in the week and I will post a formal group on the Home page if we are a go.


Bo Fought    November 15 at 8:20am

Any GLOW interest this evening? Hoping to sneak in a round tonight before the Tournament tomorrow. The park closes at 10:00 pm, so I was thinking of starting around 7:30 pm and playing for a couple of hours. I will post a group up on the Home page to see who may be interested.


Ben Ross    November 13 at 8:39am

This Saturday the 16th at Big Portage Lake in Grass Lake, MI is our Off The Chain BYOP Doubles event. Cashless pre-reg is welcome...just post names, division, and team name in the talk section of the tourney page. This is an unsanctioned event and it's gonna be a blast! Looks like the weather is gonna warm up for the weekend, so put your coats back in the closet and come out to have some fun!! Plenty of CTP and other prizes for each division will be awarded. See you all out there!


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